1Chro.12:32; Lk.24:13-32


The church is ‘sick’ and apparently in captivity because members are ignorant of their position, provision and purpose (Hos.4:6). But as soon as knowledge is imparted, freedom follows as members return to their Maker; the confused will be clarified; outstanding blessings are realized and joy of faith is fulfilled; multitudes will leap over hitherto stubborn obstacles to their expected ends. (Isa.49:5; Jn.8:32).


From our texts: there were a group of leaders that followed David who were uniquely prosperous because of an advantage – they had understanding of the times and knowledge of what should be done. The second text portrays the state of many disciples whose eyes are blind to truth: the men could neither recognized their Master nor understand the signs irrespective of the several occurrences.


Awareness is ‘having knowledge of, ‘knowingness’, ‘cognizance’. The disciples on the way to Emmaus had an encounter that transformed them from moody and miserable messengers to merry ministers of God. Moses’ serious reservation against the Israelites was that they negated all the signs manifested by the Lord to create awareness (Deut.4:32-36). Young Samuel was ignorant of the ways of the Lord until tutored by a more experienced Eli; and grew to be a great man of God (1Sam.3:3-18; 9:6). The Jew did not know the time of their visitation and so lost a great opportunity (Lk.19:44), while the disciples maximized their privilege except for Judas Iscariot.


The Lord Jesus was a man of incomparable and unequalled awareness such that He could readily decipher signs (Jn.12:20-27) and face the most excruciating death for mankind (Heb.12:2,3). The Apostle Paul hazarded his life for the gospel and transversed the then world selflessly because of the awareness operational (Acts 15:26; 2Cor.12:1-12). This uncommon apostle prayed for his Ephesian flock to receive divine awareness (Eph.1:17-19; 3:14-19).


When one’s eyes of understanding open to know the hope (the divine guarantee or confident expectation) to which one is called, there will not be any room for backsliding or entertaining any means of sin. When one’s eyes open to the exceeding greatness of power produced in Christ when raised from the dead which works in our favour, there will not be fear or acceptance of failure in any battle. Insight into the love of Christ will yield the fulness of God with the attendant impeccable lifestyle, and insurmountable authority/power or command (Eph.3:18-19)



Prayer Point

1 (a) Thank God for the man of God who has been elected to lead us in this Movement.
Pray for more insight into the mysteries of the kingdom
(b) Pray for our mummy in the faith, that God will also bless her with divine insight
(c) Pray for the children of the GS for insight into the mysteries of the kingdom

2. Isa.49:5; Eph.1:17 – Open my eyes to know who Jesus is and my purpose of existence.
3. Eph.1:18 – Open my eyes of understanding to know the confident expectation of the believer
4. Eph.1:19 – Open my eyes of understanding to know the unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power
5. Eph.3:16-19 – Lord give me insight into the law of Christ.
6. Pray that the eyes of your brethren in the church be opened in these various areas

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