May 4, 2024

Transcribed: Joining issues with the ignorant

This is another time before the Lord, another time of inspiration, another time of getting into the presence of the Lord through His word. We may be what we should be, even the times we are in.

I encourage every person everywhere. Take note of the things that the Lord is saying to us. They are fantastic pieces of information.

I remember testifying to people in the recent past, how that after delivering the message, the two kingdoms are at work. I found that I was never the same again. I went to apply the message, go back to it, argue with it, great things happened in my system.

I found that before those great things happened, the system had a lot of trouble. Then I went to the Lord in prayer, saying, two kingdoms are at work. As you have told us, there are two instruments of yours that execute your mind unfailingly.

One of them is your spirit. The other one is your word. I told him, the spirit of God is not electric current, not mechanical energy.

I was saying these things with all my heart to the house. An intelligible being knows my organs, knows my brain. In an intelligible being, he acts, gives guidance, he takes out his lines, mechanisms, do great things, the system of somebody.

Then I said, the word of God on this part, is a word that joins with the spirit of God to execute God’s mind. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

The spirit of God was moving, hovering, in the face of the deep, misty waters, waiting for the word of God. Then I said, combination of the spirit and the word, yield the dividend. Therefore, let that happen in my life.

Then, guess what? In a short while, I didn’t know how the Lord repackaged my system. I urge every person, pay attention to what God is saying to us. If you were me, I were you, and I know that the truth is what you are dishing out.

I’ll take that truth, and will avoid anybody that will not want me to take that truth, irrespective of who that person is. Once more, welcome to the table of the Lord. The title of message and exhortation is, Joining Issues with the Ignorant, with the Babe, with the People in Like Form.

Joining Issues with the Ignorant, with the Babe, and the Like. I’m going to survey some characters, biblical characters. I’m going to look at Abraham.

From Abraham, we go to Job. From Job, we go to Moses. From Moses, we go to our Lord Jesus Christ.

We see how they did not join issues with the ignorant and the resolved. Then, if we draw from these characters, the better for it. The houses will be at peace.

Relationships will improve. Siblings to sibling relationship, husband and wife relationship, brother and sister relationship, and so on and so forth, will improve, and we’ll be the happiest. We’ll be the happier for it, and God will receive the glory.

Before we pray, open the talk, need to go join with our music ministers, as is usual with us. We’re going to sing the song that says, Touch me, O God, and know my life today. Song number 155.

After that, we go sing, Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land. Song 131. Then, we go sing the Church’s One Foundation. Song number 127. Then, we go sing, finally, Higher Ground. I’m pressing on the upward way. New highs I’m gaining every day. At the end of the exhortation, we will come back to the song that says, Higher Ground. Let’s rise up on our feet, wherever we are found, to join music ministers.

HYMN 131
1. Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah!
Pilgrim thro’ this barren land;
I am weak, but Thou art mighty,
Hold me with Thy pow’rful hand:
Bread of heaven! (2ce)
Feed me now and ever more. (2ce)
2. Open now thou the crystal fountain,
Whence the healing stream doth
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar
Lead me all my journey through:
Strong Deliverer! (2ce)
Be Thou still my strength and
shield. (2ce)
3. If I tread the verge of Jordan,
Bid my anxious fears subside:
Bear me through the swelling
Land me safe on Canaan’s side:
Songs of praises! (2ce)
I will ever give to Thee. (2ce)
4. Saviour, come! We long to see
Long to dwell with Thee above;
And to know in full communion,
All the sweetness of Thy love.
Come, Lord Jesus! (2ce)
Take Thy waiting people
home. (2ce)

HYMN 127
1. The Church’s one foundation;
Is Jesus Christ her Lord:
She is His new creation
By water and the word;
From heav’n He came and sought
To be His holy bride;
With His own blood He bought
And for her life He died.
2. Elect from ev’ry nation,
Yet one o’er all the earth;
Her charter of salvation:
One Lord, one faith, one birth;
One holy name she blesses,
Partakes one holy food,
And to one hope she presses,
With ev’ry grace endued.
3. Though with a scornful wonder
Men see her sore oppressed,
By schisms rent asunder,
By heresies distressed,
Yet saints their watch are keeping.
Their cry goes up, AHow long?
And soon the night of weeping
Shall be the morn of song.
4. Mid toil and tribulation,
And tumult of her war,
She waits the consummation
Of peace for evermore.
Till with the vision glorious
Her longing eyes are blest,
And the great Church victorious
shall be the Church at rest.
5. Yet she on earth hath union
With God the Three in One,
And mystic sweet communion
With those whose rest is won.
O happy ones and holy!
Lord, give us grace that we
Like them, the meek and lowly,
On high may dwell with Thee.

HYMN 154
1. I’m pressing on the upward way,
New heights I’m gaining ev’ry day;
Still praying as I onward bound,
ALord, plant my feet on higher
Lord, lift me up and let me stand,
By faith, on heaven’s table land,
A higher plane than I have found;
Lord, plant my feet on higher
2. My heart has no desire to stay
Where doubts arise and fears
Tho’ some may dwell where these
My pray’r, my aim is higher
3. I want to live above the world,
Tho’ Satan’s darts at me are hurled;
For faith has caught the joyful
The song of saints on higher
4. I want to scale the utmost height,
And catch a gleam of glory bright;
But still I’ll pray till heav’n I’ve
ALord, lead me on to higher

We’re in another time of blessing from on high through mechanism of your word and your spirit Great Father in heaven we have realized there is need for restoration that precedes the translation

We have seen it in what you have done you did in the life of Elijah There is no body, no reasonable person that can say that the situation that we find ourselves in does not call for restoration There is a lot of unfriendliness There is a lot of commotion here and there It is not the way it should be that it is Great Father in heaven There is feuding in the house There is lore in the house There is lack in the house There is lack of the operation that we had of the brotherly kindness

My father, my God who had when the ministry began But I present every person in the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement to you at this point I’m asking precious Lord as we go through these Bible characters on this topic the things will change for the better that we may become what we ought to be the church of the living God where there is soundness of mind where relationship blossoms

I thank you very much because I know that the divine sight look down from heaven Lord and see all the locations where the people are gathered see every person all the people that are hurting all the people that are grieving all the people that are passing through one hectic circumstance or the other Precious Father as a result of lack of what we’re going to talk about and make every one of us from the highest to the lowest to take your word and then as we take your word let the Lord himself as is being spoken of as is being informed be the one that walks in us go to will and to do of his good pleasure of ourselves we can do nothing Jesus Christ said without me you can do nothing

Lord I present the watchman and I say without you we can do nothing if you don’t come to the aid of the people we are done for I present everyone, every family every boy, every girl every pastor, every wife every husband, every walker before you at this moment I pray for the truth of these words even in the lives of the people that we’re going to survey grant sanctification and changes necessary changes in all of our lives thank you for answer to prayers in Jesus name we have prayed and I hear the people everywhere say Amen

First I welcome you to this great exhortation I told joining issues the babe the ignorant and the like and I know that God is aware of whatever situation that is found in the house of God in this kind of place where we find ourselves watchman, catholic, arismatic renewal movement and in any other place where he is in charge of where he has established knows what is happening and then from time to time he brings across things that will make the necessary amendments when amendments are necessary correct the things that are going wrong God is aware of the Lord that is how it was with the Lord Jesus Christ in his day while he was with his disciples remember that was an occasion where the people were thinking wrongly his disciples were thinking wrongly and then they saw their thought and then developed message to take care of that wrong thought that he found in them

and we find that in the new gospel looking at the Luke chapter 19 Luke chapter 19 and verse 11 and as they heard these things he added and spake a parable because he was lying to Jerusalem and because there disciples, apostles thought that the kingdom of God should immediately appear as he arrived in Jerusalem that was their thinking remember that he had said the kingdom of God is near even John the Baptist said that and so was coming to Jerusalem headquarters of God and then were thinking this thought and then he took a parable and said in verse 12 he said therefore a certain noble man went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return referring to himself as that certain noble man that went into a far country the kingdom of heaven proper to receive for himself a kingdom talking about the time that he was going to come for the millennial reign and to return and he called his ten servants and delivered them ten pounds and said unto them occupy till I come so as he gave the parable the people’s confusion or their misconception was taken care of understood that the kingdom was not coming yet by what he said

what is the inference? why did we get to that? got to that because we want to establish the fact that God knows how it is with his house mystical body of Christ and from time to time brings about information, word exhortation, teachings to take care of those situations or circumstances all is not to who excuse me for the jargon in the house of God all is not well and everybody knows that all is not well when you consider today and compare today with what we had of old we see a departure a departure that the people have gotten into the Lord will not want that we continue in any other thing other than old fashioned Christianity the old fashioned Christianity majority of people follow and as the majority of people follow the minorities counter something will not mean anything at all

I remember many many years ago in the old I was working for an organization and my position was somewhere high and I had some jobs that I was taking care of by those contracts were being carried out in another city from where we were by domicile and then I found that each time I traveled from the city where I was to the place, to the city where these jobs were were happening I would stay with the brethren instead of staying in the hotel if I stayed in the hotel the company would pay but I would stay with the brethren that was fantastic and my friend such things can happen today no relationships no friendship and staying with them I was not buying my food they would cook the food and we would all eat and those brethren didn’t have different kitchens they didn’t have different pots they were three young men and they ate together they didn’t contribute money this person brings also this person brings also this person brings also no, somebody goes out and purchases or whoever is able to purchase another person goes out and goes into the mall, purchases and comes to put in the house they cook and eat I’m afraid that such things can happen again in the house of God remember of old that somebody is persecuted and then by relatives and then is pushed away from the house and that person goes to live with another single lady and they stay there for two years, for three years and no issues whatsoever I’m afraid whether those things can happen again today and then somebody may ask why we have this depreciation it is the fact that in the places this time around everybody joins issues with everybody so one to now go learn from the people that went before this is biblical character,

Bible character study or exhortation as it were joining issues with the ignorant or the babe and the like we’re going to look at Abraham Abraham’s life in this matter in Genesis chapter 16 Genesis chapter 16 Now Sarai Abraham’s wife famed no children and she had a handmaid, an Egyptian whose name was Hagar and Sarai said to Abraham O now the Lord hath restrained me from bearing, I pray thee going unto my maid a babe that I may obtain children by her Abraham heard the voice of Sarai and Sarai Abraham’s wife took Hagar the Egyptian after Abraham had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan Abraham was now 85 years old and gave her to her husband Abraham to be his wife and he went in unto Hagar and she conceived when she saw that she had conceived her mistress was despised in her eyes as mistress Sarai and Sarai said unto Abraham my wrong be upon you I’ve given my maid into thy bosom and when she saw that she had conceived I was despised in her eyes the Lord judged between me and thee but Abraham said unto Sarai Behold thy maid is in thy hand do to her as he pleases thee and when Sarai dealt hardly with her he fled from her face

This is an occasion that we are now discussing when they went down to Egypt it is obvious that they got Hagar a maid from Egypt when they went there likely, very most likely that it was Sarai that championed the getting of that maid because she needed somebody to help in the house chores or something and now in the course of time persuaded the husband to take her take the maid as wife so that there can be a child in this house and when that happened the lady now became pregnant and now looked down upon her mistress you are a barren woman I’m a pregnant person I will soon have a child and you don’t have a child and then Sarai bounced on Abraham and said hard talk my wrong be upon thee meaning the wrong that I have suffered let it be upon you God judge between me and you that was hard that was rough but what did Abraham do?

Abraham charged back and said but you are responsible for bringing this maid when we went to Egypt and look at the nonsense you are talking look at the abuse look at the way you are talking to me I am your husband I am in charge here what kind of thing is this? and then with the back of the hand will give a smack on the mouth I will spoil that your mouth with which you spoke the rubbish Abraham did none of that Abraham knew that the lady spoke out of the grief that he had as a result of a maid coming to insult her coming to coming to showcase her pregnancy and coming to showcase herself as the madam of the house Abraham took it calmly and said I understand your situation I understand your situation I know you are in pain I am not going to join issues with you because if I join issues with you and make my argument and then it will be argument for argument argument for argument talk for talk and so on and so forth and we will argue and talk and then logic for logic until until this house will be on fire but this man did not do that he did not join issues with this person

now what is the lesson lesson is as follows let me begin with some women you are there and your husband not educated husband you are more intelligent you are more schooled and you are more experienced in one thing or the other and then somehow you loved him and got married to him and now on the basis as a result of his lack as a result of his not being schooled, not having gone to school and not knowing much then he begins to do some things and then you will charge then you will charge and then you will charge see the person that I’ve married and then you will charge it is now fire for fire it is now wrath for wrath it is now anger for anger it is now war for war it is now challenge for challenge it is now offence for offence and then you do that and then there will be commotion and there will be hell, let loose in the place or you are Abraham and then you are saying look at you you caused me to do this and then look at what you are talking about you are talking to a whole male like that and then you become a macho man and will not excuse the person because of the pain the person has gone into that made the person to do what he shouldn’t have done said the things that he shouldn’t have said

joining issues with the babe the hurting the ignorant the person in pain joining issues with the person will not yield anything other than commotion will yield catastrophe will yield hatred in the course of time will yield bad blood so then let’s ask siblings siblings and siblings mothers and their children children and their mothers fathers and their children children and their fathers some person may have a father the father did not know much but you know much and then you come to talk some rubbish and then you say you see now you are showing that you didn’t go to school and all that and then you speak violently now you are not behaving like Abraham and I will show how that every person that says I’m a Christian should follow the people that have gone the way that we are going if you don’t they will be your judge we are not kidding here this is not fanciful talk if you don’t you will be your judge if you knew the amount of prayers that were put in to get the message you were wrong to accept to receive the message and then and beat your breast in repentance

but I’ve been joining issues with my children but I’ve been joining issues with my husband but I’ve been joining issues with my wife I’ve been joining issues with my junior siblings and my senior siblings but they are at advantage what I have they don’t have what I know they don’t know I don’t give benefit of the doubt I don’t excuse them but here we have Abraham how he handled this matter and there was no commotion between him and his wife now think about it every person that is listening think about it think about your life woman think about your life your relationship with the ignorant with your little children with your children that are misbehaving because they don’t understand what you understand now think of your reaction what you do man think of what you do with your children and with your wife wife think of what you do with the baby with the ignorant with the person that doesn’t have what you have think of what your response has done that has brought commotion in the house and in the relationships Abraham was a fantastic man and then he handled it, he said look at your man, do what you want to do he didn’t go to argue he went to become logic they say logic doesn’t end he says this one, the woman says that one I say that one, the response to this what the woman said and the woman responds to what he said and then on and on like that now we are going to move from Abraham but it is believed that so much this much will have sent some signal to the people in church send some signal to the pastor the pastor pastor some people have come to church newly and didn’t know much and then they did something and then you’re charged

sometime ago a church closed somewhere and I was standing by and then an official of the church was standing by another big official of the church was standing by, two of them were standing and I was standing here and then a newcomer a person that looked distinguished but a newcomer, relative now came and then said to those people those officials, I want to see the pastor, and then one of them charged at the woman, the newcomer, which pastor which pastor and when on the note of that charge, woman bowed her head and then was scandalized and did an about turn and walked away and then this other official that was there when this person did this thing charged at the other official, you have done wrong what you have done is wrong he spoke in vernacular what you have done is wrong what you have done is wrong, two times and I was expecting this person that did the wrong to run after the woman, but he didn’t woman that just came

there was another occasion that somebody came to church listen to me it was in one of our locations and then some lady that belonged to a bigger place heard that this man came around and he left the place and came to church and then as he came to church went and sat down by the aisle and then an usher a jealous person a jealous lady went to relocate the lady he felt that this lady was not wearing she was not wearing but the woman was not wearing anything bad as such and then the man said I want to stay here because he wanted to see the man but the lady, the usher refused he didn’t understand he didn’t he joined issues with the newcomer, with the babe he said you must relocate and relocated the woman you know what happened the woman took her bag and walked out and went away and then somebody noticed what happened and then ran around and went to the office and called the pastor, look at what has happened now, and the pastor now went out and pursued the woman and pleaded and pleaded and pleaded until he brought the woman back to the church, yeah yeah joining issues because she was not wearing a mask she was not wearing a mask he just came, Johnny just came JJC, and he has not known anything and then but what she was wearing was not bad, but she must cover everything she must cover the eye joining issues with the babe joining issues with the ignorant and then doing great damage in the places doing great damage in the house, that’s it and now another case it was also a woman and the thing that I’m talking about, this case that I’m talking about happened in the watchman

and then this one that I’m going to say now also happened in the watchman somebody came and then she just came in just started coming and then somebody now decided to relocate her but she wasn’t wearing she was very psychedelic but was not wearing anything bad was just psychedelic and then this other person now said you must go and hide somewhere and when this woman noticed she went out and entered her car and began to cry like a baby, he took a marshal person to go and speak to her to bring her back to the church you are joining issues with a newcomer you are joining issues with the babe you are joining issues with the ignorant and then it will sometimes it will lead to exchange of words listen to me we have seen what Abraham did now later on I will show you who Abraham represents so you will know whether those people that are not following the lifestyle of Abraham whether they are really children of God and whether they are going to where Abraham has gone to we are going to see also whom the Lord Jesus Christ represents when we come to his case see how he did not join issues with the ignorant with the babe and saved the day

let’s go to Job Job and see what happened in Job chapter 2 reading from verse 1 again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them to present himself before the Lord and the Lord said unto Satan from whence comest thou and Satan answered the Lord and said from going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down let me branch and give this information from time to time we announce what we want to do and sometimes those things that are announced are delayed and some people think that because they are delayed they will not come to pass you are making a mistake they will come to pass of late the Lord began to lead me to go through the scriptures and then have studies bible studies on those difficult very very not readily understandable verses of scripture so that people will not be in any confusion one of such places is a place where a a wish of Endo called up Samuel we want to know whether it is Samuel that he called up or whether she called up a familiar spirit and then that familiar spirit said I’m Samuel we’re going to know now

here we have this case that the sons of God the angels obviously gathered and then Satan came to present himself unto the Lord we’re going to begin that and then I’m sorry for those people that are toying with with the house of God in this last day I don’t understand what you are thinking I don’t understand who you are I don’t understand the mind you are carrying do you think that God has chickened out do you think that God has now reneged on all who he is he is no more jealous if you were him would you not still be jealous so if you for no genuine reason no cogent reason you miss fellowship by the time that these things will be going on you will be missing the things that should build you and what you see you take Bible says whatever man that he will reap I don’t wish any person the watchman anything I wish you that at the end of the day when the Lord Jesus Christ comes all of us will be there without exception that’s what I wish but there is no I cannot do anything in the regard other than that which I can do

now I’m telling you what is going to come to pass so you don’t joke with the house of God now assuming somebody did not come to fellowship in the day that this meeting I mean this teaching is going on how will he benefit from the thing that was stated if he didn’t

go back to it one way or another come back to Job chapter 2 and the Lord said verse 2 unto Satan from whence comest thou and Satan answered the Lord and said from going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in it and the Lord said unto Satan hath thou considered my servant Job that there is none like him in the earth a perfect and upright man one that feareth God and escheweth evil and sinnetholdeth fast his integrity although thou movest against him to destroy him without cause and Satan answered the Lord and said skin for skin that’s an idiom yeah all that a man hath will he give up for his life they put forth thine hand now and touch his bone and his flesh and they will cut thee to thy face and the Lord said unto Satan behold he is in thine hand they serve his life let’s make sure that you don’t intrude into his life by taking thyself away so when Satan fought from the presence of the Lord and smote Job with a salt boil from the sole of the foot unto his crown and he took him a post shed to scrape himself withal and he sat down among the ashes then said his wife unto him doth thou still retain thine integrity you still fearing God you still saying God is good you still worship him you still praise him you still believe in him cause God and thy speak nonsensical things speak against him and let him become angry so that he shall die but he said unto her thou speakest as one of the foolish women speakest

what shall we receive good at the hand of God and shall we not receive evil and now did not Job sin with his lips did you see how this man did not join issue with a person that was manifesting ignorance listen to me let no woman say okay what we see that you’re wanting to tell us that it’s only men women that manifest ignorance that’s not what I’m saying men manifest ignorance men manifest in babes men manifest poverty boys manifest poverty there are some girls that are smarter and then are you there some people are smarter a girl is smarter has higher IQ than the brother and then we come together in the house and then he’s going on and passing and his brother senior brother or junior brother is not getting along very well and then you pass the girl pass jumping flying colors but this one didn’t pass and then night he turns around and say see you see you you were born before me see you or vice versa and the boy comes and begins to say see you so joining issues with the ignorant with the babe with the newcomer can be from this from the female to the male or from the male to the female from boy to girl from girl to boy from sibling to sibling and from friend to friend and from pastor to congregation and so on and so forth

we are reading these cases and we’re just learning from them but making general applications so but this man Job did not join issues he just made this comment and put it on and kept quiet and saved the day and saved the relationship I have I am somebody needs to tell me maybe I have not seen it that this wife of Job died at some point maybe it is contained in the story which I have not seen but it looks to me that this wife of Job did not die this person that said this thing at the end of the day it was this person that God used to bring the children that replaced the previous children for some people that are violent they will wish they will pray that the woman should die they will go to God and say did you see this woman wants me to curse you you should die take this woman out of my life take this woman out of my life take this man out of my life take this boy out of my life take this girl out of my life and then you see that mother you have children and they are crying you have lost employment and they are saying no food mommy and they are crying and then you smack and you shout you say can’t you see that I didn’t go out can’t you see that they relieved me of my employment can’t you see I used to pee and you will come with vulgar words and do many nonsensical things

what about somebody that is sickly and the pain is making the person what about the woman that is pregnant how don’t we know how there are some nurses that are nurses nurses but they are not nurses there are nurses but they are not nurses or medical people medical personnel but they went for them not for the business and then woman is laboring and then the pain the pangs the woman is shouting and then the other person shouted stop making your noise stop it when you were enjoying yourself you didn’t call anybody and then joining issues with the person in pain joining issues with the person that has some matters that are above the person that’s what people do in the present day and there is commotion everywhere and let’s learn from Abraham let’s learn from Job

now I go to a man that joined issues he did not learn from Abraham he did not learn from Job but he was a man of God he joined issues with the ignorant and paid the price Moses is his name joined issues with the ignorant Israel with the rebellious and paid the price let’s read from Deuteronomy Deuteronomy 34 1 to 5 Moses went up from the plains of Moab on to the mountain of Nabal to the top of Pisgah that is over against Jericho and the Lord showed him all the land of Gilead on to Dan and all Neptali and the land of Ephraim and Manasseh and all the land of Judah from the north through to the south on to the utmost sea and the south and the plain of the valley of Jericho the city of Palmtrees on to Zohar and the Lord said unto him this is the land which I swear from Abraham unto Isaac and unto Jacob saying I will give it unto thy seed I have caused thee to see it with thine eyes but thou shalt not go over tither so Moses a servant of the Lord died dead in the land of Moab according to the word of the Lord listen to me here is not fiction this is historical fact here is not fiction God is not electric power God is not mechanical energy God is a being God is a being that can be seen but we will be able to see him with our physical eyes our human eyes carving this tabernacle that we are living in God is a being everyone if you have read some book if you have read some philosophy or some book from argument and shows you that God does not exist then I’m sorry for you and then you are struggling with your mind

I’m sorry for you we are sorry for you God is a being his spirit is in the person that is talking with you and ministers to me and ministers to his children and give them guidance and open their eyes of understanding for them to know what they should know and see what they should see Jesus Christ is a historical fact Israel is a historical fact Jerusalem is a historical fact all those things are historical facts all the religions are historical facts and if the later religions are historical facts why is it that Christianity is not a historical fact it is that Christianity that many people attack they attack that religion to their detriment you write against Christ to your detriment you write against God to your detriment God is a being he created the heavens and the earth somebody has said I learned that some ruler of a nation in the forgotten nation world said somebody should prove to him that there is God then I said how I wish that these people will give me opportunity so I will go and prove to him that there is God what I will tell him is that he will die tomorrow and tomorrow he will die and will not know that there is God I became enraged when I heard that somebody should prove to me that there is God somebody should prove to you that there is God why not ask somebody to prove to you that there was a Socrates Socrates Socrates was your uncle why did you believe somebody should prove to you that there was a Jesus that you believe in Socrates you believe that there was a Socrates you believe that there was an Aristotle somebody should prove to you that there is God

I’m talking to you in church God is a being an influenceable being for that matter influenceable being means you can do things that will make him bless you and do things that will make him punish you you can do things that will make you live and can do things that will make him kill you and the Lord Jesus Christ said fear him because he can kill you and consign you to history and to hellfire consign you to history and to hellfire and there is nothing you can do about it there are historical facts of people who didn’t believe in God and died and they saw hell while they were dying that is for another day come back to what we are saying now this man of God joined issues with babes and paid the price what happened chapter 32 chapter 32 I’m reading from 48 verse 48 and the Lord spoke unto Moses that saith them there saying steady up into the mountain on to mount Nebo which is in the land of Moab that is over against Jericho and behold the land of Canaan which I give unto the children of Israel for a possession and die in the mount whither thou goest up and be gathered unto thy people as Aaron thy brother died in mount Hor and was gathered unto his people because he trespassed against me among the children of Israel at the waters of Meribah in the wilderness of Zin because he sanctified me not in the midst of the children of Israel what was it did not set me apart it did not show them what I wanted you to show them that they were used to power in your road for now show them that there is power in the world speak to the rock and then because of the foolishness of these people because of their nakedness because of their stubbornness of course they were stubborn

God knew that they were stubborn God called them rebellious house God knew they were rebellious he called them rebellious house at the time they met the calf at the time they met the calf to worship the calf now God disowned them and said Moses see the people you brought out from the land of Egypt see they have degraded themselves they have they have corrupted themselves they have corrupted themselves and Moses threw the thing back to God and said it is the people that you brought from Egypt you brought them don’t make don’t make don’t destroy them at once and make children out of me to replace them because that’s not what you said it was the people that was when he was careful but then at this point in time Moses joined Egypt with the ignorant they were rebellious you rebels must we fetch you water from this rock and then as a result of joining with the rebellion now he forgot what he was told to do pick the wood to the rock and then he hit the rock with the rod and water came out because power was in the rod but now he wanted him to show that power is in the wood and he paid the price somebody can pay a price pay a price like Moses if God did not respect Moses and he paid the price when he joined Egypt with the ignorant with the rebels somebody a pastor can pay a price and then you come all you are rebels all you wicked people and then you are talking and then your children all you are wicked people they could see you then the woman shouting a line of how one woman said concerning the children of God even people became offended and said Indara the watchman to call pastors call children of God mad people they are not afraid because they did something wrong that’s why Indara

so you must repent the person that you know who I am talking about you know yourself you know how you have joined issues and talk irreverently against the church against some mistake that people made and then you will not be right and you went went wild this man went wild rebels he paid the price and it serves him right see I tell everybody I have not arrived in fact I want to use this opportunity my children, my wife my brothers and everybody in the recent past there was somebody a very close relative of mine that I was telling God oh my God even this person is no more alive but I’m sorry because I didn’t I joined issues this was a bait and there were some things that I should have done some things that I should have kept quiet about yes because you don’t join issues with the ignorant if you join issues with the ignorant you are going to make the rent worse now we see Moses how about our master Jesus he did not join issues with the ignorant and that is fantastic in Matthew’s gospel chapter 26 with the bait with the ignorant with the people that didn’t know much even though they had been with him for these years yet they manifested ignorance manifested foolishness Matthew chapter 26 reading from verse 36 then coming Jesus with them unto the place called Gethsemane and said unto the disciples sit ye here while I go and pray yonder and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and began to be sorrowful and very heavy.

Listen to me listen to me who is Peter James and John Peter James and John described them as pillars of the church Peter James and John by Jesus Christ they were foundation of the church Peter James and John were those people who went to the mount of transfiguration with him they were the privileged few the inner circle Peter James and John were the people the inn people that he gave some special attention remember that Peter said we have not followed cunningly the vice-fables who were eyewitnesses of what happened in the mount of transfiguration when thou came a voice from excellent glory here is my beloved son hear ye him that was who they are Peter James and John and now the Lord Jesus Christ had taken them apart again even to help him pray at this point he was he was overwhelmed with the cross the death of the cross the worst death any person can die excruciating and he was overwhelmed with it he was a full human being but having fullness of the spirit of God the fullness of the spirit of God will not make you not to feel pain the spirit of God could do that but he didn’t do that and so he took this inner circle man

but as such he said then said he unto them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death Tarry ye here and watch with me and he went a little farther and fell on his face and prayed say you know my father if it be possible let this call pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt see the humanity in him began to play out oh my father if it is possible let this torturous torturous death let it be cancelled let the arrangement let the arrangement salvation arrangement let the standing provision that you want to establish with this suffering let it be cancelled they’re not my will but your will and he cometh unto the disciples and findeth them asleep ignorant babes your master is under some torturous some psychological torture some emotional torture and he is talking to you about it and then went to bed who was snoring and then he said to Peter what could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit is indeed willing for the flesh is weak now master somebody feared with the holy ghost is telling you now categorically the spirit is willing to carry this more the flesh is weak because the human flesh and then that didn’t make any meaning to this inner core and then he went again and they came back and they were sleeping what did they do what did the lord Jesus Christ do he did not join with these people when he now came he said you see that okay sleep on sleep on but as he made to go he said no I’m not going to join issues with these ignorant people these babes these human beings that don’t understand anything not going to join issues with them

come let’s go my friend I’m not talking fanciful things here in the church this message this teaching can save many many relationships and make the place fine again and somebody recognizing look I have the pines by joint issues with my children joint issues with my wife joint issues with my husband joint issues with the newcomer joint issues with somebody somebody that I should not join issues with tell me I tell you box me I box you you speak hard word to me I speak hard word to you you insult me I insult you you do me I do you nobody is recognizing but this person does not know what I know this person is a babe this person is somehow incapacitated this person is full of infirmities this person is sick this person is under some emotional turmoil that is the reason he is not responding

now in conclusion I want to ask is it not in the church that we hear people say oh yeah Abraham’s blessings are mine Abraham blessings are mine Abraham blessings are mine I am blessed in the morning I am blessed in the evening Abraham blessings are mine Abraham’s blessings are ours to do what Abraham’s attributes be ours? Shouldn’t Abraham’s attitude be ours in church? Is the church not different from the society? Do the things that ravage the society ravage the church? Do the relationships that are commutative and fair, as they do among the people, be the same thing? Should marriages be commutative and fair in the church? Have we not heard what the apostle said? Why don’t you allow yourself to be defrauded? Why don’t you allow yourself to be defrauded? You just said, let’s leave it.

Let me not push. Let’s leave it. Let’s leave it.

Let me not push. Why not allow yourself to be defrauded? Let there be peace. One go ahead to the law with others, and that before the unbelievers.

You know what he was saying? There is altogether something wrong among the people in church. I don’t have time to give you testimonies. I’ve lived with people.

I’ve lived with people. I’ve lived with a Christian who was poor, and no issues for the two years. I’ve lived with another Christian, fantastic.

One issue where this person is in trouble, he said, babe, because he still has some self-centeredness ruling his or her life. Yes. If your sister wants to have a peace with another sister that are living in the same apartment, sharing the same apartment, they can live in peace.

One person might not know much, and then manifesting some attitude, some attitude that will not really make somebody to go to hell. Maybe they are cooking together, and each time this sister cooks, now, it’s pepperish. The thing is not delicious, but each time you cook, you are a super cook.

You are a super chef, and then you bounce. I cook, and you eat, and then bite your finger and lick your finger. But you cook, and it will not be good, and then you bounce.

You should remember, two of you may not have had the same upbringing. Your mother was a super chef. Your mother never knew anything, and so she didn’t know anything.

There are those that are married, and then if there is anything that they find in their wife, they begin to curse, begin to curse their parents. They say they didn’t train you well. Now, you didn’t train well.

They train you well, but those people will not see all their errors. They didn’t train you well. Some people come to school, and a lady told me one of the times I came to this place, and Nelda was crying, and said, I’ve been telling the people that are teaching here, ruling here, that you don’t insult, don’t transfer aggression to the mothers and fathers of the children that come here.

You must know that these are children. You don’t begin to insult their parents, and kneel down and say, daddy, I’m sorry, because this is what has happened here. They join issues with children, and know not their left from their right, and curse their parents, and curse them, and say they are the house masters, and house mistresses, and matrons, and patrons.

I don’t agree with you. Now, what is the relationship between us and Abraham? Let’s see. In Galatians chapter 3, I’m reading verses 6 and 7. Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.

No ye, therefore, but they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. Is it not by grace, through faith, somebody came and repented of sin, and confessed sin, and then, through faith, now he said, Jesus died for me. I believe.

I receive him as my Lord and Savior. And then, as a result of that, that confession, that repentance, and the childlike faith that the person manifested, now the sins forgiven, them written in the book of life, and then, the earnestness of the spirit of God given to the person. Is it not faith? And then, Abraham was a person that manifested that faith of hope.

God said to him, to see all this land, unto thy seed will I give this land. I give, and they will be as numerous as the sand of the sea, when he did not have a child. And the Bible says, he believed what God said.

He preached faith. He believed what God has said, even though it was, there was nothing that should make him believe it. And then, it was counted for him for righteousness.

And then, he said that this man of faith, and we of faith, through faith, we became children of God, that we are children, spiritual children of Abraham. The question I’m asking is, you are in the church, shouldn’t you know the truth? You are in the church, shouldn’t you know the truth? You know, in the present day, people in church don’t want to know the truth. And there are, you know, there are people that they are singing, they are singing, and they are dancing, they are listening to musicians.

Those things are peripheral. Get the kernel of the matter. Get the kernel of the matter.

Get the kernel of the matter. Get the kernel of the matter as you look at these things, as you study them, as you listen to them. It says we are children of Abraham, we are spiritual children of Abraham.

And then, if we be children of Abraham, shouldn’t we have the characteristic of Abraham? Shouldn’t we imbibe the characteristic of Abraham, the attributes of Abraham? If we are singing, Abraham’s blessings are mine because of the relationship. Shouldn’t Abraham’s attributes be ours? If we are saying Jesus, our master Jesus, our senior brother, and Jesus Christ, and the Bible says we are co-heirs with him, and he said, you are my brethren. He has said to Mary Magdalene, don’t touch me because I have not gone to present myself to the father.

Go tell my brethren, I go to my father and to your father, and to my God, and to your God. And he said, you are my friends, you are my brethren. Go tell my brethren.

And now, at the seashore, now he said, children, he’s both our senior brother and our father too. Children, have you any meat? Now, and we are children of Christ, disciples of Christ, children will be like him. Some people are going periphery.

We’re talking Christian, Christian, Christian, my watchman, my watchman. I’m my watchman. Watch what? My watchman, let’s get to the carnel of the matter.

This is the carnel of the matter. Since this message was developed in my heart, I’ve never been the same again, and can never be the same again. I don’t join issues with anybody at all.

I won’t join issues with anybody. If there is anything that somebody has done that is sinful, that will, okay, see, look at what they have done. Now, all those things that we can overlook, we’ll overlook them and have nice days.

And let us go and overlook those things. Let us be children of Abraham. Let us be children of Jesus Christ so that we can have nice days.

Listen to me. Let me tell you this. If you begin to do this, you do this, you do this, you do this, you bang the door, then you talk hard, and then you didn’t cook food, I was sick, you didn’t visit me, and then you are doing all that.

The next moment, your heart will be full of bitterness. And you’ll be struggling with the bitterness through to death. Because you have brought in a lot of arguments and a lot of complaints, and then the heart is receiving all those complaints, and there is no way, there is no way that can be love.

There is no way that can be friendship when you are articulating all the things that your husband has done, all the things that your child has done, all the things that your stepfather has done, and stepmother has done, all the things that your stepchild has done, all the things that your stepmother, all the things that your uncle has done. You are articulating them and packing them and putting them into your mind and cogitating on them and then running them in the fabric of your mind until they will have just suffocated your mind and they are now inside the fabric of your mind. Then get ready for hatred.

Get ready for fighting. What is the way forward? What does the Lord require for this day? For this day that is working on restoration that precedes the translation. Never you ever think that these things are fanciful things, good preaching.

This is not good preaching. These are truths that nobody will look away from. Did you see? Joining issues.

You have, from what we have seen so far, you have seen the damage joining issues has caused. But now, somebody can fall down, repent and say, from this hour, oh Lord, I don’t join issues anymore so that there can be peace, so there can be friendship. The interest and the interest that you develop for somebody will last.

But if you join issues, that interest will win. That love will dissipate and something else will replace it. As we call back the music ministers, we’re saying, pressing on the upward way.

As we are singing it, every person is repenting. Every person is repenting of the occasions of joining issues. They ignore it.

And wherever there is need for restitution, to ask for forgiveness, let the person go and do it. Don’t insist like Judas insisted. I am Judas.

This is my life. This is me. You have the power to pray and be changed.

Pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining every day. Pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining every day. Still praying out a silent word bound, God plants my feet on higher ground.

God lifts me up and lets me stand. My feet on ever-stable land. By high up wind and high afound, Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

Let us know these are to stay, where doubts arise and fears dismay. Though some may dwell where these are bound, my prayer, my aim is higher ground. Lord, lift me up and let me stand.

My feet on ever-stable land. Now found, Lord, plant my feet on higher ground. Once to live above the world, though Satan’s blast has me ahoy.

Though faith has caused the joyful sound, the sound of sins on higher ground. Lord, lift me up and let me stand. My feet on ever-stable land.

Plant my feet on higher ground. Once to scale the Earth’s most high, and catch a gleam of glory bright. But still I pray till I’m not found.

Lord, lift me up to higher ground. Lord, lift me up and let me stand. My feet on ever-stable land.

But I am lame, but I am found. Lord, plant my feet on higher ground. It is time for everyone to reflect on the way it has been, it had to, the relationships.

Time to reflect. And if you take time to reflect, you will find a lot of indictment because of the things that we have had. And what does somebody do? Or somebody does it to repent, does an anxious cry unto God, and then do restitution where necessary.

And then hold on to the Lord, so that from this hour, then there is reconciliation, there is rejuvenation, and there is restoration. And friendship will flow again. Friendship should flow in the church.

Brothers should be able to live with their brother, and there are no issues. And two people should be able to do business together, and there are no issues. Nobody is hitting anybody.

That is what is expected. Nobody can afford to hear this kind of exhortation, this kind of sermon, then shrug his or her shoulder and go away. I am sure every damn person is indicted.

Pray to the Lord. We are not going to say, in Jesus’ name, we have prayed, after some 15 minutes. Let everybody pray through to the person’s satisfaction while they’re hearing even some songs from the music ministry, some soft tunes.

At the end of the day, after that, the people that are in charge of the locations will have been satisfied that the people have prayed sufficiently, and now round off the prayer. I make my prayer, commend you unto God. Let the Lord of heaven, the Father of the universe, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, let him take charge.

Let him walk in every person that watch Mambutu, we learn to do of his good pleasure. Let him change the circumstance. Thank you very much, Lord.

I pray that you bless whosoever that comes for blessing. Change whosoever that comes for change. Transform the pastors.

Transform women, the wives. Transform the workers. Transform the children.

Transform every person. Let everybody know what he should know. And to know by joining issues, for every damn thing, is to hatred, is to feuding, that don’t lead to friendship.

Thank you very much, Lord, because I know that you’ve answered. As the people call upon you, it’s certain to me that you answer their prayers. Because thou has said, I’ve not spoken in secret, the dark places of the earth.

I did not say to the seed of Jacob, seek ye me in vain, which means you have seen. Seek me and find me. Thank you very much, Lord.

In Jesus’ name, I have prayed. Let the blessings of the almighty God be upon all the people in the watchman. In Jesus’ name, amen and amen.

With all of my being told, I love to kneel. But I long to rise in the arms of faith and be closer drawn to thee. Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord, to the cross where thou hast died.

Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord, to thy precious bleeding sight. Consecrate me now to thy service, Lord, by thy power of grace divine. Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope, and my will be lost in thine.

Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord, to the cross where thou hast died. Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord, to thy precious bleeding sight.

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