1. Ps.103:1-5- Appreciate God for His faithfulness and keeping power towards the G.S, entire watchman, and your very self.
  2. Prov.28:13 – Repent of your sins, confess and forsakeHeb.12:1 – Present besetting sins to the Lord (if any) like anger, hatred, boastfulness, lying, talkativeness, arrogance, pride, selfishness, worldliness, gluttony, greed, fear, anxiety, worry, lusting, evil imagination.
  3. Jer.10:23, 13:23 – Express your incapacitation to the Lord and your confidence in the work of Calvary (Heb.10:10,12).
  4. Ezk.36:25,26, Isa.6:5-7 – Pray for purification of your heart even Isaiah’s experience. Purity is the key to Gilgal dimension (the realm of power).
  5. Phil.4:6 – Let’s thank the Lord for all he has been doing for us individually and as a body. Remembering the man of God and his family whom He has sustained.
  6. Zech.4:6-10 – Let’s ask the Lord to remove the mountain of COVID-19 and the attendant problems from our nation.
  7. Jer.50:18-20 – Let’s ask the Lord to execute judgment on Babylon (all oppressors in this nation) and restore our nation.
  8. Acts 16:31 – Let us pray for the salvation of all members of our family/household.
  9. Ezk.37:1-10 – Make your personal request to God and prophesy life and success to your program and those of the church.
  10. Ps. 95:1-7 – Let’s magnify the Lord for His greatness and care for us. Thank Him for the grace given you to go through this exercise. Bless Him for our GS and what He has used him to accomplish in our lives.
  11. Isa.40:28-31 – Ask the Lord to renew your spiritual and physical strength having waited on the Lord. Let Him place you in the realm of unceasing fruitfulness (Gilgal dimension).
  12. Matt.18:18-20, 16:18,19 – Let’s join our faith together and ask for the neutralization of the plans to the enemy to stop the church in this nation.
  13. Jer.10:11 – Tell the Lord to humiliate all those that have made themselves gods in this nation and all over the globe.
  14. Isa.5:8,20 – Pray that the Lord will decisively deal with all those taking other people’s land, and those supporting them.
  15. Zech.7:8-14 – Pray the Lord to scatter the terrorists, bloodletters and ritualists with His whirlwind.
  16. Zech.10:1 – Ask for the rain of revival in the Church at this time
  17. Isa.2:2,3 – Ask for an inflow of people into the watchman
  18. Neh.1:9 – Pray for the needy in the Church that the Lord will meet their needs beyond their expectation. Pray against affliction rising a second time.
  19. Matt.7:7,8 – What else do you need? Ask the Lord.
  20. Ezk.37:9,10 – Let’s prophesy health, wealth, success, and growth to: the GS; His under pastors; members of the Movement and your nuclear family.

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