December 4, 2018


Passage: John 8:1-5; 11:44
Service Type:

Charismatic Hour (04/12/18)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                                     BUT WHAT SAYEST THOU?  


Texts:                                                  John 8:1-5; 11:44


The only answer to a purposeful existence in this life is Jesus Christ. He gives us a reason for living. Life is not always peaceful, because sometimes, things happen that are beyond our control. The woman caught in adultery was to say her last prayer; and Lazarus’ death was one of disappointment, weeping and sorrowing; but Jesus the Word of God personified, uttered words that changed their destinies for good (2Kgs. 20:5). Are you here wounded, weeping, burdened and in a helpless situation? Be rest assured that Jesus will meet you at the point of your need in Jesus’ Name.


For full benefits from this message, we will be looking at it under the following sub-headings: (1) The Situations Examined (2) God’s Command (3) Our Response.




  • The Situations Examined (Jn. 8:1-5)

On a closer observation, the act committed by this woman attracts punishment by stoning according to the law (Lev. 20:10; Deut. 22:22). True to the claims of Jewish leaders that the woman should be stoned, but Jesus saw same differently. He neither ignored nor condoned her sin, but was concerned with the motive of the Jewish leaders, for by God actions are weighed (1Sam. 2:3). The accusation was more of fault finding, and entrapment of both the woman and the Master. But Jesus asked a pertinent question that showed the empty claims of the Jewish leaders (Jn. 8:7,10) showing that Jesus came not to destroy life but to save it (Lk. 9:56). The one whose judgment is final on all issues of life set a woman at the verge of death free.


There may be people listening to me now whose cases are like that of the woman or Lazarus (Rev. 12:10). One of the major weapons of the devil is the weapon of false accusation. This he does by reminding people of their past, thereby filling their hearts with guilt and condemnation (Job 2:7-9). Little wonder many come to meetings without healing, prosperity and growth; scared of witches and wizards instead of trusting in the all-powerful God for their deliverance (Jer. 10:1-11; Rom. 8:34).


“Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. Hear the truth.  Jesus has discharged and acquitted us. He has removed our sins like a thick cloud. He defeated Satan for us when he died and rose again (Rom. 8:1). What do we do? Let’s hear the Lord’s command.


  • God’s Command (Jn. 11:4)

The Jewish leaders in their positions could judge and sentence to death, confiscate property, imprison people at will, etc. But they had to seek Jesus’ approval or opinion before stoning the woman, showing that they who are your enemies (human, spirits) are limited in position, and power. What was the Master’s answer? Let’s see Jn. 11:44. The word, “loose” means free from yoke, untie, release, dismiss.


The prophet Isaiah was shouting and crying to all that cared of His time (Is. 40:1). He saw ahead, the coming of this Mighty Deliverer and what He will accomplish for the people (Lk. 4:18; Isa.61:1-3). The divine result that accompany the preaching of the gospel is the release of prisoners from the prison. The question this day is “What Sayest Thou, Master, in this my condition?”  Hear His reply, “loose him and let him Go” (Num.23:20). The pronouncement of this blessing of the LORD on you this day shall be permanent. No power can reverse it, in Jesus name.


  • Our Response (Lk. 1:38)

Brethren, God has the answer to each of your problems. But He is waiting for you to turn to Him, for He is in position to help you (Heb. 4:2). No matter what your situation is, you can be set free (Ps. 124:7-8). Our help, strength, victory or progress is not in man, but by His provisions. His blood, word and testimony are evidences of sure mercies of God for you. Rise and walk in to your dominion.


HSCF: 144





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