Is there a slow down in your life (academic, health, finances, etc)? Use the catalyst of prayer!

Are you terrorized by demons at night? Are you faced with the problems of failure, poor memory, difficulty in some subjects, etc? Use the catalyst of prayer!


What is that mountain standing right in front of you and refusing/resisting your progress? Apply the catalyst of prayer!


Pick up the tool of prayer today and you’ll see serious reaction that will produce fantastic results (2Cor.10:4-5).


Prayer is a spiritual key that goes straight to the spiritual armoury of God, pulling out strong and spiritual irresistible weapons of warfare, unleashing them against the enemy demons and the mountains of life in order to produce positive or desired result for the person praying.


Pray today! Cause uproar in the spirit realm and produce results (testimonies).


You can transform your family and school today.  So, do it now!

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