April 28, 2024

Transcribed: Before the communion


Let us pray. Gracious Father, we want to thank you for the time like this. Let the Lord, the Spirit of the Lord know everything.


Thank you very much. There’s no creature, but it’s not manifest in your sight. But all things are naked and open unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.


And it is the Lord that is referred to with whom we have to do. Lord in heaven, all the people that are going about in all the cities of the world, all the cities with that exception, they are all in the monitor. There is a monitor that is in the heavenlies, and their minds are known, their activities are known, their thoughts are known.


There is not anything that you don’t have information about. Thank you very much. That is the one we are dealing with.


Thank you very much. You are not a human being. The human being in their sense, the design things, is it not because of the knowledge of God concerning the ability of human beings, that ability was not there when the book of Revelation was written.


That ability of human being was not there. But the spirit of Revelation knew that ability. There is going to be two witnesses that will testify, and then they will come fire from heaven, and whatever they said will happen.


And then eventually they will be killed, and their bodies will lay on the streets of Jerusalem. And then you said all the world will see, and see how they suddenly got revived and went to heaven. Now, how is it that something happening in Jerusalem will be seen by all the world? Is it not by IT? Right now, the things that are happening in Jerusalem and all the war fronts in China, they are all known.


We know all of them. Because you know that human beings will become very bright and very knowledgeable in the course of time. And if human beings can develop such mechanisms, Father in heaven, I thank you, because your mechanisms are more scientific, are more articulated, more detailed than the mechanisms of human beings.


You know all of our hearts, every person that is here. You know our credo. I used to tell you that you knew me from October 1943, when I was conceived in Teresa Honey Booth’s womb.


And then through to July 1944, when I left that place, I didn’t know anything when I was in the womb. I didn’t know where I was when I was pushed out from my mother’s womb, and nobody here knew. But God knew.


Thank you very much. That’s the one that we are dealing with, so to thee be the glory. Because we’re not dealing with human beings.


We’re dealing with the Almighty God. The Father of all creation. The Father of all science and technology.


Thank you very much. Bless and redeem. I say thank you very much.


What I’m asking is that insight will come from the heavenlies, because do we take those that have insight to do this business? If we take those that are revived, that have knowledge to do this business? There is nobody who is not blinded, that can be involved in this business. Thank you very much. All the time of the life of Jesus, he had insight.


And he maintained insight, he encouraged them to maintain insight. And then at the end of the day, when he knew that he would have passed insight, sufficient one, he said, occupy my business till I come back. Thank you very much.


How can somebody occupy in something that he doesn’t know anything about? How can somebody occupy in a thing that he has lost interest in? He has lost grasp of it. How can you occupy? Bless and redeem. How can the person occupy? Lord, as we get into the new thing, there are some people, new season.


This is new season. This is new era. And the people are shouting, new season, new era.


You will let your enemies flee. Yeah, new era. It is my season.


Lord, let the watchman understand what we mean by season. It is our season, season to have insight and go about the master’s business. Thank you very much.


Anybody that doesn’t have insight is not my child. That’s what I said. Anybody that refuses the insight is not my child.


Anybody, beginning with our Lord’s shoes, I can be claiming this and that. But if I lose it, you will take another person. Nobody is indispensable.


That’s what I know. So, Lord, I don’t want to lose insight. I don’t want to lose the insight that betted the watchman.


The insight that bound the watchman. Precious father, the knowledge, the awareness, the mindset that betted the watchman. The awareness, the strength, the refusal, the refusal to say no, the never say die insight and mindset that created Israel.


That’s why Netanyahu said, Iran, we are strong. I’m going to retaliate, even though he was persuaded not to retaliate. Now, Lord in glory, Esau couldn’t have yielded Israel.


He couldn’t have yielded Israel. The person that yielded Israel, Jacob, that fought with the angel. Thank you very much.


Lord, I pray that this watchman people should have knowledge because it is necessary. Because it is inevitable. Lord, it is inevitable.


Precious father, there is no way somebody wants to now be a pilot and pilot 777 or 747 jumbo jet. And he didn’t go to flying school. And it’s not sufficient to go to flying school.


The person comes out with the knowledge of flying a single engine, a plan. And then he graduates to a flying 737 and on and on and on and trends and trends and trends. Until he can now captain these jumbo jets.


His knowledge increases, knowledge of avionics, knowledge of hydraulics, and so on and so forth. And knowledge of the weather conditions. My Lord and my God.


Lord, is it not knowledge? Is it not insight? That somebody that was not born in Nigeria. Somebody that’s not a Nigerian comes from Canada and then just enters the plane from Lagos and landed the plane in Calabar. But he never set his foot here.


This is knowledge of geography. Precious father, let somebody that didn’t read geography and didn’t read the Gwant enter there. And he will rule in the whole of Nigerian airspace.


Lord, I thank you. Lord, in heaven I pray that the watchman people of the present day should be people who listen and then get the message and say, Lord, I am among your children. Make me one.


I don’t want to be here and be lost. I don’t want to be here and be re-marrying. Lord, and when that is the case, Grandfather in heaven, then we can hear the Lord Jesus Christ saying, carry go.


We can hear him now say, occupy. Go ahead. And then, Lord, I don’t care.


Circumstances of life are there. When your child was praying, a lot of circumstances of life. Didn’t you know them? Didn’t you factor them? Didn’t you know that I will turn 80 shortly? I tell my father, and the strength that I had when I was playing football, mesmerizing the people.


When I was 16 years, that I don’t have it now. Blessed Redeemer. Precious father, you know it.


You know the circumstances. You know the degeneration, and you have factored the degeneration. Can anybody here tell me that God has not factored the degeneration? Can anybody sincerely say God did not know 2024 from when you were born? Father, I thank you.


I pray that you make Washington out of the people, and that will be sufficient. Thank you for answer to prayers. In Jesus’ name, we have prayed.


And amen. I want to begin this exhortation with what happened toward the end of last segment of the Lord Jesus’ ministry, before He went to the cross, and before He said, you, you people occupy until I come. Something happened when He was meeting with them, and we have what we want to begin with in John’s Gospel chapter 14.


Reading from verse 1. John’s Gospel chapter 14, from verse 1. Let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my father’s house, that is in my father’s kingdom, there are many mansions.


If it were not so, I would have told you. Now, you know what he was informing? The father’s kingdom is an estate. Just imagine a large estate, expanse of where people have built and they are living, having houses.


Now, the heavenly Jerusalem is an estate. The size of that estate is given in the book of Revelations. Pay attention, listen to me.


Listen to what you are hearing, because that is how to get it. If you don’t listen, you don’t get it, and if you don’t get it, you are not in. It’s an estate.


The size given in Revelation. With that estate, I constitute the heavenly Jerusalem, going to fuse into the new heavenlies. The new heavenlies, the expanse, immeasurable expanse, and then we fuse with the new earth and the new heavenlies.


But meanwhile, that place is measurable. The measurement is given, and then he said there are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you.


I go to prepared places. He didn’t say, I’m going to build your houses. I’m going to prepare apartments for you.


When I’m finished, I come. I’ll take you to myself, so that where I am, you’ll be. Then, in the course of the discussion, then Thomas asked a question.


Fast five. Thomas said unto him, Lord, we know not without thy wisdom. How can we know thy way? In answer, he said, what are you talking about? I am the way.


The way to that place. I am the truth about that place. I am the embodiment of truth.


I didn’t say, I know the way. I said, I am the way. I am the truth, and I’m the life in that place.


And then, if you had known me, verse seven, you should have known now, verse six. You don’t say, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the father.


Now, Philip says something, verse eight. Philip said unto him, Lord, show us the father. And then, so five said to us, verse nine.


Jesus Christ said unto him, this is where I’m going. Have I been so long time with you, and yet has thou not known me, Philip? So, all this while that I’ve been with you, you have not known who I am. That’s what he was saying.


You have not known all this while. You have not known who I am. Who I am.


If you had known who I am, you wouldn’t have said, show us the father. All this while. See, what makes a people to be servants of God pursue a particular vision is their understanding of what they should understand.


If you don’t have understanding, you may be in the midst of people that are pursuing a program, but you are not there. You are not one of them. You are a figurehead.


A figurehead is somebody who is inside a place, but it doesn’t belong to the place. Philip, so Jesus said, have I been so long time with you, and yet has thou not known me, Philip? You’re asking me, show us the father. I am in the father, the father is in me.


I represent the father. If you had known who my personality, if you had known that I am the embodiment of the father, the father sent his spirit full scale, 100 percent, and he resides in me, and I’m manifesting his characteristics, manifesting his power and knowledge and wisdom. If you had known that I am an express image of the father, you wouldn’t have said, show us the father.


What is the application here? If somebody does not know what the watchman is, then the person is floating. If somebody does not have insight as to what the watchman is, what this ministry is all about, you will be like Philip. You may not be asking questions, but you’ll be floating.


You’ll just be in peace, going about doing some things, but you don’t understand what is this place that I am all about. What is it about, this place that I am? What is it about? What are we doing in this place? What is the ministry of the watchman about? I come to tell you that I am postponing the communion service in order to be able to take my time and show what the watchman is all about, and to try to do a reorientation, turning the minds of the people around, and I’m talking about every one of you. I’m talking about from me to you, to the rest.


That’s what I’m talking about, from me to you, to the rest. Because I discover that everything is not there. The people are like people like Philip, show us the father.


I don’t know what we are talking about, but the Lord is a person that will enable me, enable us to get knowledge, insight as to where we are. And when we get insight again as to where we are, there are things that you cannot do again, which you have been doing. There are words that cannot come out of your mouth again, which are hitherto been coming out of your mouth.


There are attitudes. Listen to me, see all these people that are walking here, see all these people. I told Mike, tell these people that are doing these things, and everybody that is involved in what we are doing, not to kid with the watchman.


Did you see all the people that are involved in technical work, what we call support ministries? I warned them from time to time, you need to understand where you are so that you don’t go against this, because if you go against the place, you will pay the price. I opened my mouth very wide to it. Why is it that we are struggling? Struggling with the marriage circumstance, struggling with children, the way we send them to Jamaica.


What we have done so far, including me, we have been stupid. Did you mark my words, including me? Then Canada, UK, all that. Now, you know, the oil bean tray poured.


That’s what has happened. And then they have their seats scattered one mile, half a mile, all around, and they don’t go to church. And you say you’re going to heaven, you want to take communion.


You want to take communion? Not at my hand, so that you don’t die. Not at my hand. I am telling you what God makes me to know.


So, I postponed something so that we let come and repent. Again, what else do I want to inform you? Now, why we haven’t had problems? You know the reason? Everybody is in his tent. Everybody is on his own.


Fight it alone. Fight it alone and win. Every person is close up.


Before, it was not like that. See, it was because we are not close up, that is why. Where is, where is, she is not, why? It’s not feeling strong.


Let the, let the ear hurt, not be, let the ear hurt, be ear hurt. You know what? Yes, no, I’m not saying that she’s not, she’s well. I said let it be ear hurt that is sufficient enough.


I told the people that were with me that there was some ear hurt that I had that was cured. When I said I wanted that ear hurt to kill me, be it. You had asthma and it was when you said asthma, kill me, I will be in the walk of God.


Kill me. What are you waiting for? Where is asthma? It left you. I had, I had crisis in my ribs, a thing that developed while I was in technical college.


And I wouldn’t bend, no, not to bend like this and put my stomach on bed to pray. Impossible. And then two years into being born again, one day I came in after hearing the message.


I wanted to pray, but I couldn’t kneel down. To put my stomach on the bed. Oh my God.


But I needed to pray. You know what I said? Now I want to die. I will kneel down and put this, this body, this stomach on the bed.


Now let, let the risk break to pieces. What am I living for? As soon as I did it, phiam. 1976.


And I told our people, let the, I’m not well. Let it be that you are not well. Let it not be headache.


I made a person not to come to meeting. Let it not be headache. Let it not just be, ah, some, my arm is paining me.


See, my arm has been paining me. I’ve been using somebody to massage my shoulder. I could say I’m not coming.


Because this place has been paining me. So anyway, what I’m telling you is this. Why? I told, I told them, why are we struggling? Because we weren’t individually.


I am telling you. And then I said, okay, you people do not know about communal life. You don’t, the thing that you had before, you left it.


And you think that you have arrived. Okay, struggle alone. Yes, now, struggle alone.


See, you see, all of you here. I am the person that will tell you about wash man. It’s not you to tell me.


If you don’t agree, you have a problem. Are you there? I said, if you argue this one, you have a problem. I am the person that will tell you what God is saying concerning the wash man.


It’s not you. I didn’t say God does not speak to you. Are you there? Now, was Joshua a child of God indeed? Was he a child of God? Now, why Moses was there? And then you refused Moses and you went to Joshua.


It is what Joshua said, that is what you will take. While I was saying it, talking, I told Michael. Michael was one of the people I talked with.


We engaged ourselves. I said, the day we were going to Israel, didn’t you tell them that there will be no problem? Why didn’t they believe you? They believed you, but their belief in your knowledge was checking. They were waiting for somebody.


Was it true? Were you there? Was it true? And when you saw me rise and began to enter the plane, what happened? Why? Why? The head that was marked and the cap was built for the head. That’s what you were saying. That’s what they were saying.


And even the unbelieving people, even my wife made a friend of one Indian woman, and they were all waiting to know what this man and his group will do. Am I right? When they saw that we moved, they all moved and followed us to Ethiopian airline. What am I trying to say? Please, when I come and God begin to lead me to say, to tell us our problem, don’t argue.


We have gone the way of the yam and the way of the addo. I don’t know what addo is called in English. Does anybody know? What’s the name? Wild? Wild yam.


Wild. Okay, thank you very much. Wild yam.


And then some are bitter. They are not as big as yam. Small.


This way. Some very bitter, some good. But listen to me.


Now, the tendrils of this wild yam go anti-clockwise. If you put the stick, now you must get it around the stick anti-clockwise. If you make the mistake of letting go clockwise direction, it will come down on the ground.


It will not climb. Yam goes clockwise. This is the way you do the yam.


And it will follow that way and go and go and go and go. But if you make the mistake of taking the yam tendril anti-clockwise, all will come down to the ground. So, watchman people have gone, yam go clockwise.


Wild yam go anti-clockwise. And they are not in trouble. That’s what I said.


And what God tells me to tell you. And so he left them alone. Let them struggle.


I have said it before. And I said, I am the person that will tell you what God is saying to the watchman. He will tell you something in your location.


But what he will tell me, he may not tell you. Are you there? The details, he may not tell you. This is true.


I am not the person that made it so. That’s the rule of the game. So then, we are coming to become watchman.


Before we take communion. Yes. We must do that.


And the way to do that is for everybody to understand what we are saying. And now we have had this illustration that I made. And somebody said, child, this is true.


This is true. Nobody’s saying to the other person, I have a problem. I have a problem with my children.


I have a problem with my wife is ill. Come and help me pray. Nobody’s saying that everybody’s on his own.


Everybody’s closed up. Because they’re afraid if I tell this person, then you’re going to announce it. I haven’t said that much.


God makes me know that we must endeavor to be children of the ministry. It will begin with the big people, the elders. It has to begin and has to be manifested.


It has to be sung. It has to be that is that oneness has to be. Now, I will review the first communion.


So you see what happened there. And then I will, I will contrast it with the charismatic Corinthian Christian communion. All fake, charismatic, invited commerce, Corinthian Christian, all invited commerce, communion, all invited commerce, meaning that they are what? Fake.


Did anybody hear what is charismatic Corinthian Christian communion? I don’t agree with the charismatic, charisma of Corinthians. Paul, the apostle didn’t agree with it. He said something is altogether wrong.


He said, you people are crazy. Something’s altogether wrong with you. You are speaking in tongues.


I don’t, I don’t care. You are speaking in tongues, but you have envy. You are speaking, and somebody will be saying, but we are speaking by the, by the, by the spirit of Satan.


That’s the question. A very intelligent person will ask me, a logist, who will they speak? Give me a chair. Give me this chair, somebody.


I had demonstrated it before. See, when you are zealous and you are a babe, you do not know much. That will not prevent the Lord from giving you the earnestness of the spirit.


He will give you the earnestness of the spirit because you have developed faith in the Lord Jesus. You have repented of, of what we can call cardinal, cardinal sins. You are no more into your cardinal, cardinal sins.


Now I give you the earnestness of the spirit, and then you can go there and develop and begin to fast and pray. And then the next moment, begin to speak in tongues. And the earnestness of the spirit is still there, but you did not allow him to do anything.


And that is what we have. They didn’t allow, come, go to, you have your mind separate from the spirit of God. I have my mind.


You have your mind separate from the spirit of God. You have your spirit separate from the spirit of God. I demonstrated it the other day.


You invited somebody into your house and he came and your children and their wife, everybody, husband, and then, and he came and you didn’t allow him to do anything. What would the person do? I’m asking you, keep quiet. I went to somebody’s house, a relative.


The person had made some comment and I had that comment and I took somebody, took my junior brother. I said, let’s go so that I can tell the person that the comment you made, you are wrong. Went and the lady received me with my brother.


I was sitting down here. Siprem was sitting down here and the lady, and it was a relative, close relative, a Christian person at home. And then we sat down here.


She sat down here and took over. After receiving us, they did not allow me or my junior brother to say A or B. From this one to this one, to this one, to this one, and 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour. You know what I did? I didn’t say A or B. I didn’t say A or B. At the end of it, I said, we’re going, Siprem.


And I left the place. I came to the husband, got the husband letter and I said, I came to your wife to tell her, look at the comment you made, but you didn’t allow us to talk. So we stayed and I went my way.


That’s what happens. When the spirit of God stays there and you are hearing and you are not wanting to improve and you are growing in that kind of thing, listen to me, you will sneak out. Okay.


Why is it that people that cause commotion and fighting in church, why are they still doing miracle? The spirit, the genuine spirit of God left them and the religious spirit entered and the religious spirit will speak the tongue. The person was speaking when the genuine spirit was there. If you refuse to believe this one, you don’t know anything and you don’t want to be taught.


Religious spirits mimic. So if we refuse then and we are not, we are not following, I will begin to doubt the spirit that is in the people. I will begin to genuinely doubt the spirit that is in the people.


You know, the prayer I prayed the previous night. I shouted, screamed. I said, God, you must deal with, I didn’t say kill them or anybody.


I didn’t say let them not go to heaven. But I said, you cannot afford to leave the house to be destroyed. Because if you allow these people to continue, then every other person.


See, Amos, now we are together here and then you are a leader. Then I could say, who are you? Get out. And I boss you, who are you? Some nonsense.


Are you the only person that is a man of God? And then I go and start my own here and God didn’t do anything. God is giving me license and another person will come here and say, who are you? Get out. And then we’re going to start.


And then there’s something we continue like that. We continue that. I don’t believe us.


We said, look at them and they are saying it. So I tell the Lord, deal with these people. Close the churches.


Has he not closed the man that is before? And another person came up and said after this man that I am the person. But I’ve told the Lord, you must deal because this is your house. You can’t allow these fake things to continue.


Or you are encouraging it. You are saying, okay, do that evil that you did. I’m going to start and I’ll be with you.


Now, why do you talk about righteousness? I’m asking. It’s no longer necessary. Let’s fight and commence churches.


Let’s break one another’s heads and commence church. Or for this, I cannot be involved. Are you there? It is for us to know that we are in a place that I have knowledge of the truth.


I was telling a young person, I said, you’re tagged a previous generation. That was something that target, you know, the people who direct some terminology, they use for a previous generation. And this one, they call it a generation X, Y, Z, something like that.


I’m not saying this is my own coinage, but that is what they are saying. And I said to her again, I said, generation X, Y, generation X, Y, Z, that the truth, the rule is timeless. The rule does not know generation.


Do you agree? And the person didn’t understand what rule I said rule means the way things should be done and the way things should not be done. I stand this. God said, God said to a man, to the people.


I gave an instance that you have heard that shall not commit adultery. But now, I add something to it. Jesus was saying, I am the consummation of the law.


Now, I make it broad. If you look on the woman, the lust after the woman, you have committed adultery. And I said to the lady, now, no man, same man, can look at a lady that’s well-dressed and then covered up.


Women are not, I told the lady, women are not wired the way men are wired. If a woman wears anything and some parts of the body come up for people to see, a man, by the wiring of the man, listen to me, what will happen? That man will have problem. Now, if that woman does not bother and then says, I am in a generation XYZ, must I mortgage my pleasure? This dress that I wear is my pleasure.


I take pleasure in it. It gives me fitting. Now, it showcases all my bum-bum and all my hips and every contour as my pleasure.


And then, and then, must I kill myself because of another person? That that person is not doing right. That that rule is not a circumstantial etiquette. Circumstantial etiquette is something that you told somebody to do, but there are circumstances that you can excuse the person in doing it.


That’s circumstantial etiquette. That rule is timeless, meaning that a woman that is in church must package herself in such a way that generation, generation, generation ABC, and then generation XYZ, algebraic generation, and then arithmetical generation. That rule operated during arithmetical generation, and it’s operational, the XYZ generation.


That’s what I told the girl and shut up her mouth. It holds. Then I gave an illustration.


I asked the person a question. Somebody takes delight because he has driving capability. And then, but very, very articulated.


Very, very articulated. He sees what’s happening one mile ahead and what’s happening one mile behind, and then but he speeds and very, very articulate. It’s not withdrawn from driving.


Now, and then he says, I enjoy it. I enjoy it but it’s carrying a brother that knows the speed keys and the brother is saying, but this person is a Christian person, they are scandalized, this brother. How can a Christian be driving at 170 kilometers an hour? But this person has expertise, because you enjoy this and you have expertise, but because this person, this person is becoming already disgusted, you stop here speeding and come to 110 because of this person, that’s Christianity.


And I went forward to illustrate it to say that anybody that says this is where I cannot sacrifice my joy for another person, the person is not a Christian. The person is not a Christian, the rule of the game is Jesus Christ did not insist. The person you are following did not insist, I am here in heaven, I’m going nowhere.


I am here, the word of God personified, I cannot become your son. Because the first aspect of degradation is you become my son, second aspect is you become the son of man, but he could say I refuse, but he didn’t refuse and then died. And then the Bible says seeing that that happened, now let us go out to the field and bear his reproach.


What’s the meaning? Bearing his reproach is this thing, you will sacrifice like he sacrificed. So anybody that doesn’t understand the Christian or something, the generation XYZ, the Ojibwe generation don’t understand anything, and there are people that are following them, don’t understand anything, but with the few things that I have said, for instance, how that YDM, we have gone, the YAM, gone clockwise, the YDM gone anti-clockwise, that is the order of the day. Nobody knows what is happening to this other person, and nobody cares to know.


Am I right or wrong? The people that were there before, let them answer me, Joe Chick, was that how this ministry was born? Is that not an aberration? Is that not an aberration? Everybody’s on his own. Everybody’s God. And God said, okay, Chebi, you people, you know something, oh yeah, carry your cross, and you want to take communion at my hand, am I a fool? I’ve been thinking, been thinking, do we serve this thing? What is the situation? Now, let me go to that first communion so that we can see something.


That first communion was not served six months into their calling. Who disagrees? After he gathered them, six months after he served the communion, I’m asking you now, he served communion to babes. They don’t serve communion to babes.


Did you see the Corinthian people that just got it, and then they serve communion to babes? What did you see? Didn’t you see what happened? They carried the communion wine and poured it for one another. That’s what happened. And then this person doesn’t have meal.


I eat my meal. I am full of plenty. And then Paul said, you are mad.


And they were mad. I said they were mad. I don’t want Corinthian Christianity.


I don’t want Corinthian charism. It led to nowhere. So first is my man, Apollos, the other person is Apollos, my man.


These other people are talking from the pulpit, they’re nonsensical preachers. And then you tell me you are going to heaven. God allowed all those things in the day, but these people, okay, which retreats did these Corinthians have compared to the retreats that we’ve been having? All these people, did you see how they were raised and how far the apostle was? And then these were babes that didn’t know anything.


Can we continue to emulate babes that didn’t know anything? I’m asking. We can’t. Babes, the apostle Paul, you are crazy.


And then we remain in their condition, condition of crisis. I don’t agree. Then you ask me, you’re asking me, so we can improve? Yes, sir.


Are you there? So we can be better? Yes, ma. Yes, sir. We can.


And we have to. Did you hear what I said? And we have to. Everybody will sheath his sword and her sword.


Everybody will begin to think anew. That is what we want to do in a meeting that is coming. The meeting that is coming, the pre-communion meeting.


In that meeting, we take communion with the people that have been brought, the apostles and their wives, and everybody that wants to have a stake. Are you hearing me? If the person, by any means, is staying aside and you want to have a stake in this new wash man, if you are not in that meeting, that’s your end. That’s the end of the person.


You have to invite every person. Next year, January, anybody in the moon, operating in the moon, you know the moon is farther than Canada. The moon is farther than America, am I right? That’s why I began with the moon.


As a mean, somebody is operating there, and you refuse to come to this place or wherever we’re going to have the meeting, that’s your end. Because you know why? You don’t joke with what you should not joke with. This is a grave institution, and if you treat it with levity, God will go against you, and he will back out.


God is a jealous God. God is a being, and he’s jealous. They don’t come to the meeting.


You know, I shouted, some person is operating in West Africa coast, and was here in Imo State, and left here and went back. He and his wife. And they didn’t come to this meeting.


I was making inquiry. Somebody whispered to me that they were here. You joke with watchman.


Do you know where you are? Do they know where they are? Joking with the ministry, the ministry that God allowed to eat some people, and they lost their lives. That’s what people are joking with. It will not happen while I’m alive.


So, I told them, generally, you must come to this place. I was telling somebody, some of the people, don’t go to church. They don’t listen to the thing that we are saying.


But you see, I am the person that God used to speak it. If you were the person, I will listen to it, because I know that you are saying the truth. And if anybody does not follow, it cannot be my friend.


I wish the table should turn, so that anybody should be there. Yes. So, I will showcase what I mean.


You don’t joke with the thing that we say. I go back to them. How was I healed with blisters? How was I healed? And I was thinking I had cancer.


How was I healed? Everybody around me was afraid. How was I healed? It was those words that I went and began to argue. There are two kingdoms, and I am in this kingdom.


This kingdom is above this kingdom. The operatives of this kingdom are alive. The operatives of this kingdom are alive.


The spirit of Satan, Satan is a spirit. The Holy Ghost is a spirit. But this spirit is junior to this spirit.


And this spirit is inside me and knows my eyes. It knows everything about you. And I began to argue.


Now, and it’s at work. And it’s at work. Can’t you touch every part? Before you knew it, everything fizzled out.


But I am the person that was used to announce it. Why did you use it now? Now, if somebody that was used to announce it, to say it, now you used it and it worked. And you will not listen to it.


You will not go back to it. I went back to the message, don’t join issues with the ignorant. And then I made up my mind.


Even sometimes I said, oh my God, I joined issues with my children. Oh my God, nonsensical man. That was in the times of ignorance.


I will say to myself, see, if I remember any sin of old, I will call it a spade. I’ll tell God, you see, when I did that, I was stupid. Anybody that committing sin is stupid.


I was stupid then. Anybody that is committing sin is stupid. So I was stupid.


I know I was stupid. Forgive me my stupidity. That’s also the point.


Joining issues with the bad, with children that don’t know their left from their right. With the ignorant, with the newcomer, with the incapacitated, the incapacitated. And I go and then that tamed me.


But how many people listen to it? All the preachments, all the summons of the December 2023 and Easter 2024, I’m going to listen to all of them. Administrations of the officers. I am going to listen to all.


I read all their publications. All charismatic sign, Watchman News. In fact, I got hold of, somebody gave me Watchman News and I saw all those pictures of innocent.


I called for more. I read through them again. This is fantastic.


I’m going to repackage this and when we’re going to look at the second time. We’ll show them what happened when we came. And then you are there.


And then Watchman want to take communion. And then the things that we do don’t make any meaning. The people here serve communion, he first of all serve them something.


And it became integral part of him before he now is to tell them something. He didn’t do it in the beginning. And the sanga sung a hymn of unity.


And then he was arrested. I talk, I talk, I talk. I got hold of somebody.


Did you see the fantastic things that we are producing here? When you finish, walk on the roads. We didn’t invite Jilos Bega. All the roads you travel from Onitsha or Jilos Bega but they have failed.


But our own trucks of 900 bags of cement from time to time, they have not failed. Who is interested? Who has walked around and said, God, thank you. Then somebody that’s not a Watchman came here and saw the food that is being manufactured here.


The food that Watchman had, that’s called Kennedy Gary. That’s what Watchman had, that’s used to call the something that has had approval of US government. Kennedy Gary, they don’t patronize it.


A lady, a bank manager, that’s not a Watchman, a Christian person, came here and saw it, and saw our water, and then came to me and said, can I market? I said, go ahead. Bank money currently. And this woman went and printed T-shirts and got engaged people and they went to town.


Got an entrance with the water and we are now sending there. He’s not a Watchman person. Somebody came from Lagos and then when he saw the food, a Watchman person, he saw it in the truck shop.


He took the pictures and read every ingredient and then was wanting, where did they make this thing? I want to market it. Only yesterday evening or so, I called him and said, that thing is produced here. I called the person that is in charge, you can’t give him at all.


And he was shouting. But Watchman people are not interested in Watchman things. That’s part of what I’m saying.


Now, if we are not interested in the, you have gold and you don’t fancy it. What you fancy is the silver, the brass that another person is having. Who do you blame? If you don’t get patronage, who do you blame? Blame yourself.


We must return to be Watchman. We must return to be somebody. If we come to your archive, we can see.


I was very happy, one of you here, I was looking for an outline. I said, that outline was written. It was not just preached something.


A particular something, topic, where I read the Watchman, the origin of the Watchman. I said, it was written. And then somebody from among you went and brought his jotter, a jotter.


And then opened it, this long ago. And then we found a large percentage of the outline looking for, that he wrote in his jotter. Hey, I said, this is fantastic.


How many people, anyone here, that I talked about Jesus, the second Adam. Do you know how I got the message? I was looking for message to preach. Was praying and praying and praying.


What message do I preach in this meeting? And then, shortly, while I was doing that, Nnamdi from Wamuaha called me on phone. He didn’t know what I was thinking. I was telling him, daddy, the message of the unrecognized but great friend from heaven.


I took it, I took it and then serialized it to the people of Nnamdi and the thing did wonders. I said, do you have it? He said, send it to me. When he sent it to me, I said, I’ve got a message to preach at the end of the year.


That’s what happened. That’s what happened. Message that we have written on the knees.


You don’t call them in the places where you are. And you write your own. Now, you write your own.


That is, God can give you. Birth, see, spirit. Insight, pass insight.


Did you hear what I said? Did you hear what I said? Done. Lawyer, pass lawyer. Do you agree? Protest.


Doctor, pass doctor. Somebody, pass somebody. We must come to terms with that.


You must come to terms with that. If that offends somebody, you are proud. Now, for me, if I see somebody that is above me in anything, I want to emulate the person.


A boy that was serving the man in whose house I was living at, Ejecha. That young man is now in Israel representing one church. If you knew what that person did in my life, a new convert, and I came talking, talking to the brethren, what this boy’s life did in my life.


Next thing, 2 a.m., every 2 a.m., every 2 a.m., unfailingly, this boy will pray through to 7 a.m., every 2 a.m. Chime. And I was hearing this. I said, but I’m a pastor.


This man’s a new convert. Hey, I must do like him. Not only did I do like him, I came talking about him.


His prayer, that thing that he did, woke me up. And I said, I’m a pastor. And this boy woke up early and never failing.


And I announced it to the people. Why not I say, if I announce it, they will respect this person more than you, then you are proud. Something is wrong.


Anybody that wants to be a child of this ministry, you don’t have any ego. If there is somebody you can learn from, go and learn from the person. If there’s somebody that’s above you, you have to accept it.


So, let’s bow our heads to pray. Must be communion of the saints. Are you there? And we have shifted it.


And now I want you to think, okay, I must be, oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.


I cannot be the same again. We cannot be the same again. I cannot be the same again.


I need to check my life. I need to check my attitude, my lifestyle, the things that I say, the things that I think. Are there the kinds of things that I should think? Is God happy with me? Let’s sing this song.


And it might inspire us into prayer. Fading away. Let’s sing the song.


If you want to stand, you stand. If you want to sit, you sit. Fading away.


Fading away is song number 217. 217. 217.


Fading away like the stars of the morning. Losing their light in the glorious sun. Those who would wait past from the earth and is toiling only to be remembered by what we have done.


Shall we be missed, though by others succeeded? Ripping the fields we in springtime have sowed? Yes, but the sowers must pass from their labors, ever remembered by what they have done. Only the truth that in life we have spoken. See, brethren, the watchman that I’m talking about is the watchman that takes hold of the song.


And you are looking at the wardens and you are applying the, because that was how it was originally. Am I right? That was what yielded who we were. You are looking at the wardens again and you are applying the wardens to your life.


And you are looking at it and applying it because that’s what happened of old. If we are saying Jesus only is our message. The person that was singing the song was telling himself a truth.


And was saying Jesus only is my message. Jesus only is the person that I want to showcase. Was it not so? And that thing yielded great things in the hearts of the people.


These are the things that changed the people. But if those songs and those things don’t have any meaning today, if you have, if somebody has made his heart and mind to be as stubborn as this concrete column. Now, listen to me.


If you pour water into this concrete column, it will resist it, it will not enter. If you pour hot water into this concrete column, nothing will happen. In fact, if you pour acid, nothing will happen.


Not to talk of when it is a composite something that is have tension inside it. We must not allow that to happen. Are you there? You must, as you go, you go on your knees.


We did it before. You took the song. Search me, oh God.


And you are saying actually that God should search you. How can you stop that and God will search you? I’m asking. How can you stop that and God will search you? How we become just wrong, just wrongs? And worse, worse fat and rebel, nothing enters.


It’s the broken people that preach the broken gospel. The broken, Christ was broken. It is broken people that will present the broken Christ.


Youths hear it, youths that play music hear it. Youths hear it. We were youths.


Can I tell you about a brother that had first class in electrical engineering in UNILAG? He did his youth service at Enugu. And the day he was being sent forth from Scripture Union, oh my God, come and see the fellowship of that day. First class.


And then when they were wanting to introduce him, and then the Scripture Union leader, the person that was in charge, now said, I want to introduce to you people a brother from Lagos that came here to do youth service. And then he’s returning. And then, but there is something that I want to say about you, but I know he will not like it.


What was it that they had first class? He said, I’m going to say it however. And Brad Kim managed to accommodate that, first class. First class of 1978, electrical engineering.


And this young man will be talking to you and reveal a message that you were not there and would be crying in his handsomeness. Hey, one day we were in the vehicle going to Lagos and he was revealing a message that was preached. How that message touched him and he was crying profusely.


Child, that thing touched me. Okay, listen to me. Okay.


Now, what he did, all those things, the thing that I’m talking about, they have not left me. What is that somebody should be praying and crying and singing this song and is crying? What is it? The person returned the mind of the Christian irrespective of all the matters that we’re handling. And as soon as you carry this or carry the Bible and pray a little, you find yourself broken down, breaking down.


What is it? As I review my stupidity before I became born again and I begin, I say, Lord, you saved me at a share when I was 15 years. That’s where I would have been drowned. And I’m afraid whether anybody will come for my corpse because nobody knew where I was.


I didn’t have anybody that cared. I said, and you made me not to die. 1961, 16 years, how come that you safeguarded this individual and you safeguarded me so, so, you are gracious God.


And you saved me, preserved me. You restrained me from flying. You restrained me from getting the height that I wanted to get and to fly into the military and to die.


And you saved me, preserved me during the war. And you saved me to serve you and I cannot joke with it. Is anybody hearing me? Yet we have heart issues.


Does your heart issue negate the truth? Does your heart issue make what happened not to happen? So let’s sing, Fading Away. Sing the lines. ♪ Fading away like the stars of the morning ♪ ♪ Losing the light in the light of sun ♪ ♪ Those who weep us from the end and the starling ♪ ♪ Only remember by the beauty of dawn ♪ ♪ Only remember, only remember, only remember by the beauty of dawn ♪ ♪ Those who weep us from the end and the starling ♪ ♪ Only remember by the beauty of dawn ♪ ♪ Shall we be praised to by all the succeeded? ♪ ♪ In time of soul, yes, by my soul once was lost ♪ ♪ From the neighbors, then I remember by what they have done ♪ ♪ Only remember, only remember, only remember by the beauty of dawn ♪ ♪ Those who weep us from the end and the starling ♪ ♪ Only remember by what they have done ♪ ♪ Only the truth that in life we have spoken ♪ ♪ In the sea that on earth we have swum ♪ ♪ It shall pass on what then we have forgotten ♪ ♪ Through so many harvest and what we have done, oh yes ♪ ♪ Only remember, only remember, only remember by the beauty of dawn ♪ ♪ Those who weep us from the end and the starling, only remember by what they have done ♪ ♪ ♪ Oh, when the Savior shall come and walk through us ♪ ♪ When the crowns of rejoicing are worn ♪ ♪ Then shall his glory be heard through the silence ♪ ♪ Only remember by what they have done, oh, only remember, only remember, only remember by what they have done ♪ ♪ Those who weep us from the end and the starling, only remember by what they have done ♪ Lord I raise my hand, I have the calling and the gifts of the Lord that are without repentance I call myself.


I’m not the person that packaged the wash man. I didn’t package it. I didn’t come to be pastor.


I came to be saved. And when I got saved, I just decided I want to go to heaven. There’s a redeemer.


But you found something, not life, and then bettered the ministry. Unloading glory. You did not bet the ministry that he should die, that he should be a stillbirth, die premature.


My father, my God, how can he die premature? After that you have said, I bring you to that, for which I have called you, and that without measure. Precious Lord. That without measure means it’s 100% complete.


That’s where I stand. I remember the 16th of March. I was not sleeping.


That was the voice of the Lord. That is where my argument is anchored. Thank you, my father.


You know 2024, the year began the other day, but April is about to be over. First, one third of the year is gone already. Before you know it, we are hitting 2025.


And then by about this December this year, I will talk on the 50 years of foolishness. Grab Father in heaven, is it not still 50 years of foolishness that is making me strong at the age of 80? And all the people have died. Go praise him to Calabas.


And when they see me, they want to run. And they are yet going to run. Because ministry will begin this year, 17 July.


The ministry of Moses began at 80 years. And if we take the ministry of Abraham and Moses, for the average, the ministry began two and a half years ago only. And the ministry of Moses lasted 40 years.


Now, two and a half years ago, which means a half year to 30, 80 years and above. Thank you very much. Thank you, my father.


Thank you, my father. Thank you, my father. If there is Satan, there is Jesus.


Lord, go into the nooks and crannies of the watchman where the watchman had found. And let them resurrect. Let them resurrect.


Let there be fire. Set the places on fire. The fire of the Holy Spirit.


Lord, and I know that you have answered my prayer. Lord, what will happen is that as we go into activities, blessed Redeemer, as we go into activities, blessed Redeemer, as we go into activities, the activities we had no more number. He didn’t yield.


He yielded great dividend. Thank you very much. He yielded great dividend.


Even if there are only two people that were won, but we know that some strategic people have been won. Blessed Redeemer, it was thee that did it. Thank you, my father.


The watchman shall rise again. In Jesus’ name, we are praying. And amen.


And amen.

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