Prayer is an instrument of gathering and conveying resources from heaven to the planet earth. It is when one has broken into heaven that he can command and control on earth. Hanna broke through and attracted the high priest who made the declaration that changed her destiny (1Sam. 1:9-20). And Elijah broke through and altered the season on ground (1Kgs.18:41-45).


The Psalmist narrated his ordeal stating that he couldn’t enter into an argument with the Lord (v.1-4). He then made reference to the testimonies of old (v.5) and, his thirst for God (v.6), his commitment to trust God (v.8) and his desire to know God’s will (v.10). He invoked God’s faithfulness and righteousness in his plea (v.1,11).


The believer must not get into an argument with the Lord, but rather present his strong reasons for his request (Job 38:1-4; Isa.41:21) Making reference to God’s previous deeds boosts faith, and indicating one’s commitment, following God is a plus to his appeal. And presenting one’s reasons based on God’s qualities/nature like righteousness and faithfulness, guarantees positive response from Him.


We shall progress today to ask Him to answer us in His Faithfulness (reliability) and Righteousness (that which is right in His sight).


Prayer Points

1. Let’s praise and worship God for the Man of God who has passed through a lot of experiences successfully.
2. Ps.21:1-13 – Let’s tell the Lord that His righteousness demand that if one allowed to grief, the person should also be given glory. Let the Lord therefore visit His servant as promised in Ps.21.
3. Isa.8;18 – Let’s pray for the family of the GS that they will be healthy, focused and prosperous in all their endeavours.
4. Ps.20:1-9 – Let’s pray for the Diocesan Pastor and his family that the promises of God made be realized soonest and without fail.
5. Ps.18:11 – Pray for all Pastors and their families that the Lord will keep and prosper them.
6. Gen.2:15-18 – Pray for the matures to get life partners. That every obstacle responsible for delay be taken away.
7. Ps.37:25 – Pray for the widows that need assistance that the Lord will stay by them and meet their needs
8. Gen.21:17-19 – Pray for the poor, weak and needy brethren that the Lord will connect them to a source of supply or sustenance

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