Prayer is an exercise that fosters spiritual detoxification of a believer and imbues the beneficiary with the nature of God, in the course of the spiritual exchange at the interaction. And when one is filled with the nature of God, then does he have unwavering command – for as the divine nature rises, so does the command level (2Pet.1:4; Jn.14:12).


This generation of youths and children is apparently the most abandoned of all generations as parents focus on making ends meet and gratifying their desires of entertainment in their addiction to social media. No quality time is spent on parental sharing, counselling and prayers (Pro.3:1-2; 4:1-6). Yet these children are left most vulnerable as the hosts of darkness entangle them with alluring demonic resources delivered through advanced affordable technological infrastructure.


But parents have a duty to protect and preserve their offspring. Prayer is an infrastructure that can comfortably take on the weight of the demonic escapades against the young minds (cons. 2Tim.1:1-3; 1Thess.1:1-2). It is an instrument of generation of protection to offsprings (cons. Job 1:5)


In our text; after the Psalmist had asked for divine deliverance from the hand of foreigner (strange children), he proceeded to pray for his offspring (v.11,12). Intercessory prayer is like an art in which the petitioner acquires skills over time (v.1,5).


We shall rise to pray for our children to bud, blossom and bear fruit.


HSCF: 144,140

Prayer Points

  1. 17:17-18 – Thank God for giving us the children that we have and for the ones that are yet to come
  2. 18:19; Acts 16:31 – Let’s strengthen the cord tying them to heaven. They cannot break free of it.
  3. 15:17-22 – Pray for the conviction and return of all estranged children of this Movement. Let the Holy Spirit drag them back to their parents
  4. Job 1:7; 1Pet.5:8 – Let’s pray for ministers’ children for they are targets of the devil. They must not be like the sons of Eli or Samuel
  5. 23:22-25 – Let’s pray that the children shall bring joy to their parents
  6. 128:1,3 – Let the Lord beautify the children with resources that will make them unique.
  7. 27:6 – Pray for the children/youth fellowships: that the Lord will equip their teachers to discern, discover and deliver the possessed
  • That the youth fellowships will begin to team with life and the talented be discovered
  1. 127:1-6 – Pray for LOGISS: that the vision of Academic Excellence and Godliness of youth be realized.


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