July 2, 2018


Passage: Ps.100:1-5; 138:1-8; Rev.3:7-8
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Bible Text: Ps.100:1-5; 138:1-8; Rev.3:7-8Series: THE LORD WILL PERFECT MY CONCERNS

The Lord has taken us through the first half of the year and we are now in the last half, the seventh month of the year (seven symbolizes Perfection). It is imperative for us to open the month with a fasting programme in order to break through into this perfection and obtain benefits and grace at this time of diverse challenges and especially the present day perils. (Heb.4:14-16; 2Chro.7:13-14).

Today, we shall begin by appreciating the Almighty God for our journey so far with Him and all the benefits received from Him.

Prayer Points:

1. Let us appreciate and thank God for our individual lives our families and the brethren (Ps.100:3).

2. Ps.103:1-4 – There are lots of benefits that the Lord has loaded us with, therefore let’s thank Him for the salvation of our souls and spirit and that of our beloved ones including our brethren (Deut.26:3).
Apart from saving us by forgiving all our iniquities, He continues to heal us from our infirmities/diseases, so let us thank him for that.
Let us appreciate God for His deliverances which He is granting unto us day by day, especially during the just concluded outreach, BESOTH. He frustrated all the wicked plans of the evil ones and brought the Movement to lime light.

3. The Lord’s provision/providence upon us, His mercies and tolerance toward us is great (Ps.103:8-14). We need to thank and praise Him for that.

4. Ps.103:7 – Let’s thank Him for the General Superintendent, the Abraham of our time whom He had revealed His ways to at this end time. Let’s thank God for the health of the Man of God; also for the grace/strength of God upon him.
Let’s appreciate God for the life of our Mummy GS, His grace and protection/healing upon her life, for the life of the children of the Man of God and their salvation.

5. Ps.103:17-18 – The mercy/grace of God upon the Diocesan pastor calls for great thanksgiving to the Lord. His health and that of the family, God’s guidance/wisdom. Let’s exalt God for His servant.

Also let us glorify God for the entire Lagos Arch-diocese and the Watchman all over the world, the vision of the Movement; the messages; the grace in operation.

6. Zech.12:10 – Let’s ask for grace to fast and that the Spirit of supplication and intercession will overflow our meetings throughout the fasting period and beyond.

HSCF: 3 & 13

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