July 4, 2018


Passage: Ps.138:8; Isa.14:1-6; Jer.29:11-14; Rev.3:7-8
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Bible Text: Ps.138:8; Isa.14:1-6; Jer.29:11-14; Rev.3:7-8Series: THE LORD WILL PERFECT MY CONCERNS

To enter into a strong man’s house and spoil his goods, one needs to first bind the strongman, (Matt.12:29). Having contended with our contenders, it is now time for the Watchmen to rise to the spoils, taking possessions of what the heavens have brought e.g. salvation, sanctification, Holy Ghost baptism, healing, deliverance, promotion, protection, favour, etc (1Cor.3:21-23; Rom.8:31-32).

Let us go to God in faith to take what belongs to us (Matt.7:7-8; Jn.14:13-14; 16:24; Heb.6:9)

Prayer Points:

1. 1Tim.2:1-4 – Lets us ask God for the salvation of sinners in our neighbourhood, etc. Let the Holy Spirit bring conviction and God’s fear in the heart of men, women and youths around us.

2. Isa.27:6 – Let us cry unto God to save and establish all that have ever attended our church (the Watchman). God should fill our churches with the souls that are thirsty for salvation and recover the backsliders/feeble ones. Remember the products of our outing in April 2018 (BESOTH), that they should be established.

3. Isa.49:13-24 – Let us present Watchman youths and children. Tell the Lord that all our children who have strayed must return at this time of recovery, and those within must wax strong like Timothy.

Let God cause the revival He promised us in every Watchman location, directing people to the Watchman Church and granting salvation/miracles to them.

4. 1Sam.30:8 – Let us request for the recovery of the glory of God in the lives of brethren: health, fruitfulness, zeal and commitment/consecration, promotion, prosperity (spiritual, financial, material). (Zech.1:16-17).

5. Psalm21:1-7; 71:21 – Let’s pray for our GS that God will keep him and grant unto him all his heart desire concerning his family and the church (the Watchman). Let God prosper the vision in his hand and make him grow from strength to strength.

6. Josh.1:6-10 – God should encourage and empower the Diocesan Pastor on daily basis. Let all his works (personal and church wise) prosper, he should grow from knowledge to knowledge, etc

7. Deut.19:7-13; Gal.6:7 – Let’s ask the Lord to expose and righteously reward the sponsors of blood shedding groups like Bok-Haram, Herdsmen and ISIS. Let the Lord neutralize their foot soldiers, and terminate their agenda permanently.

8. Matt.7:7-8 – Pray for your personal needs.
HSCF: 138

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