June 26, 2018


Passage: Matthew 28:1-10, 17-20; John. 20:1-22
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Bible Text: Matthew 28:1-10, 17-20; John. 20:1-22 | Preacher: PST. A. C. OHANEBO, PST. PROTASE OPARA

Last week, we introduced this topic, by showing the Background and Authority of the statement Go ye therefore as was ordered by our LORD Jesus Christ.

Today, in the second part we, shall consider two points also namely (1) The Pre-Resurrection Jesus; His Authority And His Command (2) The Post Resurrection Jesus; His Authority And Command.

1. The Pre-Resurrection Jesus; His Authority And His Command (Lk. 9:1-6; 10:1-9, 17-19)
During His earthly ministry, our Lord Jesus Christ was fully human, and as a result had limitations occurring from the flesh He was carrying (Matt. 26:39-41). In the flesh, he could feel hungry, weak and sleepy. He felt sorrow, agony and pain because He was human (Mk. 4:37-39; Matt. 26:36-39). While in His pre-resurrection, human nature, Jesus knew that He had limitations regarding the full manifestation of His God-nature (Jn. 17:1-5). He knew also that He had a glory which was suspended because of His mission on earth. However, with all the limitations, Jesus still walked on the sea; rebuked the wind, cast out demons and they all obeyed Him. But more significantly, Jesus gave orders to His disciples, “go ye therefore, do miracles, heal and also cast out devils” (Lk. 9:1-6; 10:1).

The disciples went as He ordered. Recorded great success and testified of it (LK.10:,17). Jesus also remarked that He saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven, (LK. 10:18-19). All these happened in the pre-resurrection ministry of Jesus when the devils still had their position, and could challenge Him and even killed him.

2. The Post Resurrection Jesus, His Authority And His Command (Matt. 28:18-20; Jn. 20:21)
Jesus was crucified and buried. He resurrected the third day after He had dealt with the devils in their kingdom (Matt. 27:50-54; 1Pt. 3:18-22). Disarming the devil, Jesus returned to the Father for the glory He had with Him before (Jn. 17:5). In His post-resurrection ministry, He came to His disciples and issued a fresh post-resurrection command, “Go Ye Therefore…”

He never did so until He had first announced to them His present status of possessing all the powers in heaven and earth (Matt. 28:18-19). The argument then is this, If in the days of His limited earthly ministry, the devils were subject unto His disciples by His name, what shall be the case now that He has conquered all, and all the power in heaven and on earth have been given to Him? Invariably, His post-resurrection order/ command when He has got the name above all names, and all power in heaven and earth have been given to Him, must be much greater (Phil. 2:10-12)

Ours is His Post-resurrection command Go Ye Therefore, and I am sure no forces or powers or authority can stop us.

If you agree with these, then rise up, and let us demonstrate the mandate.

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