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January 30, 2019


Passage: Romans 14:13-19
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When God is about to do a great thing, He always reveals it to His accredited servants. It was unveiled to the man of God (the angel of the Church of Watchman) that a New Watchman has been born, and the features of the new ministry are non-negotiable. One of the features that must be found in the lives of the people that must belong to the New Watchman is that they will be an instrument of change to themselves and others.

Early this year, the Lord announced to the Watchmen in this Diocese that their Light is Come, if that Light must not go out/quench or go dim we must take time to live a life of purity/holiness (Isa.59:1-2, Eccl.10:1-2). In the New Watchman, the Lord wants us to avoid everything that will mar our relationship with Him thereby giving room to Satan to attack us.

Prayer Points

  1. 92:1-5 – Ministering to the Lord is a good thing because of His loving kindness, miracles and greatness. Let’s lift up our voices to praise and worship Him that has made us.
  2. 32:5-6 – Consider your ways, look inward, are there things in your life that don’t give glory to God. Let’s acknowledge them and confess them to God, asking for His mercies and forgiveness.
  • 1:1-7; 9:1-2 – Let’s repent and confess the sins of the brethren in the Church (i.e. covetousness, lust, anger, immorality, cheating, wrath, bitterness, malice, backbiting, lying, gossip, unforgiveness, unfriendliness, disobedience, stubbornness etc).
  1. 3:8 – Ask God for forgiveness and mercy in the area of your unfaithfulness (if any) and that of others in obeying this commandment of tithing, delay in redeeming pledges, evangelism and follow up, relationship with our life partners, etc.
  2. 1:5-6; Jer.7:3-7 – Let’s restitute every wrong we have done to one another/Church of the living God. Ask God to purge your heart, soul and spirit with the blood of Jesus and deliver you from every yoke of sin (be it besetting or presumptuous).
  3. 15:10, Eph.2:8-9 – Pray for more grace upon your life and that of others, so that we may remain faithful unto God and continue in the exercise.
  4. Present the Man of God, Diocesan Pastor and all the Pastors with their families to the Lord, ask God to carry them through His grace as with eagles wing (Isa.52:11-12).
  5. Personal prayer points.


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