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January 31, 2019


Passage: Lev.11:44-45; 1Pet.1:14-16
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The rebirth of the New Watchman calls for the life of holiness for all that must belong to this movement. The holiness injunction is a command and not a suggestion, so God’s people that want to be preserved and fitted into this New Watchman must live holily.


Holiness is all about living a separated life from sin and the world; living as God has stated or required. It is about keeping off from things that God has commanded men to keep away from and living to please God always. When God called His people out of Egypt, He gave them precepts to keep and rituals to carry out in order to make them different from other nations around them.


In this new era, the Almighty God wants the Watchmen to be separated from the world and cleave unto God’s cause, seeking always to grow in the kingdom (Rom.12:1-3). Any person that returns to the way of the world will not enjoy the privileges of the kingdom because he has estranged himself in the kingdom. Therefore one’s position in the New Watchman is secured by living according to the demands of the Lord (Isa.1:18-19).


Prayer Points

  1. HSCF 5, 9 – Worship God who has created and formed us by His great power, He is the Holy One. Appreciate Him for all His goodness upon our lives.
  2. Job 34:32; Ps.139:13-14 – Pray and tell God to search and carry out some examination in your life through His Spirit so as to reveal all hidden things in your life that He frowns at. Ask God to uproot those sinful habits and make you whole, as He purges you of every unrighteousness (Prov.25:4).
  3. 32:40 – Let us ask God to plant His fear in every heart in of the Watchman assembly so that we will walk in the ordinances of the Lord.
  • Pray that the righteousness of God would be the heart desire and pursuit of every Watchman brother/sister, so that what He has ordained to do will not be hindered (Prov.14:34).
  1. 23:23-24 – Pray that there will be no hiding place for sinners in the Watchman assembly, let the Holy Spirit convicts youths, men and women as soon as they step into the church.
  2. Ask the Lord to visit our youths and children by granting them the knowledge of God, His fear and salvation.
  • That the Lord will make them numb to the evil influences of this generation; let God’s fear cover their heart so that they will develop interest in the things of God (Isa.8:18, 1Tim.2:4).
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