January 29, 2019


Passage: Neh.9:1-3; Dan.9:1-5, 16-19
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There are different situations that necessitate fasting and prayer in the believer’s life. It is wise to spend some quality time seeking the face of the Lord vis-à-vis the current tension in the nation. The forth coming election is raising a great dust in the country, and the daily evil occurrences are making the future look bleak.


At such a time like this, was the Watchman ministry raised as God’s instrument of revival and restoration and warning to the entire world having Nigeria as her base (Ps.11:3).  Such fasting and prayer programmes cannot be dismissed if the mandate received from God will not be a far cry. The Watchmen must rise up to the occasion with fasting and prayer telling God to show His attribute of justice in this country and bring back peace and tranquility (Deut.32:4; Ps.119:126).

There are other personal needs and that of the Watchman Church that can motivate us into fasting and prayers, so as to have those needs attended to.


Prayer Points

  1. 59:16-17 – It is time to minister unto the Lord in appreciation, thanksgiving and praises as we ponder anew our journey so far.
  • Thank Him for the Man of God, the Diocesan Pastor, the Pastors and all the Watchman brethren.
  1. 15:5; 1Cor.1:4 – Knowing how frail we are, that without the help of God and His abounding grace we can do nothing; let us begin by asking God for more of His grace to enable go through the fasting exercise and come out victoriously.
  2. At such a programme, the devil always wants to stop us by all means, therefore let us pray against every distraction, obstruction and confusion that may arise during this spiritual exercise. Let the glory of God overshadow us in the places so that God’s purpose will be actualized.
  3. 17:29 – David knew why he came to the battle field, as a result he was not discouraged by his elder brother and the king of Israel. In the same way, let’s pray that God will reveal to us individually the importance of fasting exercise, what we stand to gain at the end, so that it can become a habit.
  4. 32:8 – Ask God to guide our G.S on daily basis, to lead the Diocesan Pastor so that we shall be guided and led by them.
  5. Present your personal needs/requests as we go through this journey, so that at the end you will come out with testimonies.


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