February 14, 2019


Passage: Micah 7:14-20
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Our text portrayed  a very pathetic situation in Israel, just as we see in our land today. The prophet could only watch as chaos reigned supreme throughout the land, destroying every inter-personal relationship. But he had great faith in God that things would turn around for the better. He proclaimed that he would wait upon God Who hears and saves at times of trouble. He was confident that when help would be needed, God would see His people through.

Today, we have come to a situation where only God can intervene because of the atrocities that are being perpetrated in the society: the killings, kidnappings, ritual murders, oppressions and suppressions, threatenings, etc (2Kgs.6:25-26).

The Lord through His Chief Servant has announced to the Watchmen to fear not instead that they should “Ponder anew what the Almighty can do”. So we must not be intimidated by the socio-political upheavals in the nation, neither should we be perturbed by the economic crises.

Prayer Points

  1. 25:1-5 – God in His faithfulness has ever been the defense and deliverer of His people. Let’s appreciate God for His keeping power and grace that have seen us through all these years – HSCF 12, 13.
  2. 6:26-28 – The help we need comes from God Who is our only Hope, let’s ask Him to assist His Chief Servant as he gets into the ministry this year. The health of the Man of God and that of the wife and children must be stable.
  • Every distraction must be taken care of by the Lord on the behalf of His servant.
  1. Pray that help will come from above for the Diocesan Pastor and his family. All the Watchmen at this time of trials should receive help from the Lord so that God’s given mandate will be accomplished.
  2. 94:1-7, 16-17 – Call upon God to rise on our behalf in this nation so that justice will prevail. Tell God to visit His vengeance on the evil people who have mercilessly impoverished this nation, so that the righteous may rejoice.
  3. Isa.22:25 – Pray that the Lord will remove all that have fastened themselves in this nation as gods, squandering the resources and dictating what happens in the running of the government.
  4. Isa.22:22 - .Pray that the Lord will raise His anointed to rule without opposition. There should be a new Nigeria where there is hope and future for the youths.
  5. Job 42:1-3 – Let’s begin to talk about the greatness of our God and His great acts. Tell yourself that this year you will always ponder anew what God has done and can do, begin to confess them to yourself and to others.

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