February 7, 2019


Passage: Jeremiah 51:10-12, 33-36
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Bible Text: Jeremiah 51:10-12, 33-36Series: 21 DAYS FAST AND PRAY 2019 | INTRODUCTION:

When God steps into any matter, irrespective of the adversary’s might, He makes useless their confidence as He did to the military defense of Babylon. What God has purposed, He will accomplish without any obstruction/obstacle on His way.

There are many kings in our days that have lifted up themselves like Nebuchadnezzar, and in their pride they are saying who is lord over us that can bring us down? Let’s ponder anew what the Almighty God did of old to nations and kings that rose up against His own people, how He took vengeance  on them and delivered His inheritance (Jer.51:30,44).

It is the Lord’s vengeance, the vengeance of His temple, so let’s invite Him to do what He knows how best to do to all the Nebuchadnezzar’s in our country.

Prayer Points

HSCF 8, 4 – Exalt Him that is higher than the highest, the Creator of the whole universe on whose hands is power to kill and to make alive. Praise Him with all your hearts (Ps.30:1-4).
79:8-9; Hos.8:3, 14 – Let us cry unto the Lord for mercy because of the sins of the Church of the present day (the atrocities that are being committed in the name of the Lord), that brought God’s judgment upon His people.
79:1-7 – Ask God to avenge His house/people because the heathen have done wickedly (going to Churches and killing the children of God, burning God’s house and the houses of His people, and also killing His Prophets/Ministers .
79:10-13 – Tell God to render to these men who take pleasure in shedding blood and cause violence in the country according to their evil, so that we may have rest.
Pray that God’s judgment will come upon the sponsors of these evil people and their families. Let there be disagreement, suspicion and confusion in their midst (2Chro.20:23; Ps.83:17-18).
91:1-7 – Let us pray that God will preserve His people during this forth coming election especially those brethren in the volatile areas. The Watchman Family should be kept as in Goshen, that no evil must befall them.
Ps.75:6-7 – Let us pray that the Lord will neutralize every politician that has an agenda against the church.
Pray for the preservation of your household at this evil period – on the highway; at place of residence ; in the school, etc (Ps.74:18-20).
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