February 8, 2019


Passage: 1Kings 13:1-5
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God Who has no rival will never agree to share His glory with any one, whether it be man or deity. Israel, the northern kingdom was very comfortable with her new religion with King Jeroboam as the priest. But then the spectacle was interrupted by a man of God out of Judah who had a word from God. The altar was designed by man who referred to golden calves as god but the acceptable altar is the one designed by God himself.

Today, we have so many representatives of the multitudinous altars of this world like Jeroboam’s altar that cannot deliver anyone. The Watchman has been sent by the Lord to prophecy against the false altars that have filled everywhere and cry against them.


Prayer Points

  1. HSCF 12, 4 – Our God is a great King and all praise and adoration must be given to His holy name. Let every living soul rise to praise Him.
  2. 6:24-26 – Gideon after his encounter with the Lord, built an altar of true worship unto the Lord. Pray and destroy every evil altar in your life that has been standing over these years (i.e. sinful habits, evil tendencies or presumptions sins etc).
  • 29:5 – Re-dedicate and consecrate yourself and your family unto the Lord afresh, asking God for the grace to walk worthy unto all pleasing in His service.
  1. 6:25-26; Jer.1:10 – Let’s exercise the authority of the Lord upon our lives to destroy every altar of falsehood, religion, false miracles and prophecies etc.
  • All the altars where the blood of human beings are being sacrificed in this nation must experience the thunderbolt of the Lord, His fire and earthquake.
  1. Micah 3:5-7 – Pray that God will disgrace all the false prophets and seers, let night come upon them that they will not be able to see vision again (according to our text).
  • All the people they have deceived and held captive, let God open their eyes to see the evil of these people and then escape for their lives.
  1. Micah 4:1-2 – Let’s pray that the truth of God’s word will prevail, and that God will create a great thirst for the truth.
  • Men and women should flock the Watchman fellowships to hear the truth of God’s word.
  1. Obadiah 17 – As bound people come to the Watchman, let them get speedy deliverance
  2. 2:6 – Let’s pray for immediate deliverance of any involved in this fasting exercise that is under a yoke of such altars.
  3. Personal request.

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