February 6, 2019


Passage: 2Samuel 10:9-14
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Joab displayed in his arrangement the place and power of unity and cooperation as he divided his army into two; the spirit of interdependency should play in our families and in the Church.

There must be a balance in life between our actions and our faith in God. Joab said, “Be of good courage”. In other words, do what you can, plan the battle strategy, use your mind to figure out the best techniques and use your resources. But he also said, “The Lord do that which seemeth Him good”. He knew that the outcome was in God’s hand.

As we stand in the gap for our needy brethren, bearing one another’s burden as the Lord commanded us, we must at this time live by faith and trust in God for the outcome (Gal.6:2, Prov.19:21).


Prayer Points

  1. Thank God for His grace so far in this journey (fasting exercise). Appreciate Him for the brethren, our father in the faith, the Diocesan Pastor and all the Watchman Pastors.
  2. 10:12, Gal.6:1 – Let’s pray for our brethren that the wicked one brought down in this journey, ask God to strengthen and recover/restore them back again to the fold.
  3. 74:1-2, 4, 9-10 – Let’s call upon God on the behalf of these brethren (those whose health is in jeopardy: epileptic, sicklers, the barren, those who are supposed to have settled down in their husband places, the poor/needy whose lives have brought reproach to the body of Christ, the unemployed, oppressed/suppressed etc).
  4. 49:24-26 – Ask God to deliver all the captives of the mighty in our congregation, let every yoke of the wicked ones upon their lives be taken away – break the curses upon brethren.
  5. Tell the Lord to contend with all that contend with our G.S, the Diocesan Pastors, our Pastors and the entire Watchman.
  • Let all plans and agenda against our properties and Church receive the judgment of the Lord (Exod.23:22).
  1. Let us pray for those undergoing persecution, that God will give them grace to stand their ground and that the Lord will arrest their persecutors (Acts 9:1-5).
  2. 74:21-22 – Let’s pray for those being attacked by witches and wizards leading to different forms of strange experiences. Let’s join hands to deliver them from the demonic webs of entanglement (Eccl.4:9,10; Matt.18:18-19).
  3. Personal matters

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