April 7, 2024

Transcribed Message: Its time to get out and to get in by Pastor Gideon

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Jesus, lead me near the cross, near the precious mountain, free to all the healing stream, flows from Calvary’s mountain. in the cross, in the cross, be my glory ever, till my raptured soul shall find rest beyond the river.


Praise the Lord.


We appreciate the almighty God for giving us another time like this to gather together in his presence. There are people that were with us in our December retreat, but as at this time I’m talking with you, a number of them have gone into eternity. So for us to see another time like this to meet is a great privilege.


And I’m trusting the Lord that every one of us will take advantage of this time and the opportunity it offers to us to address what we’re supposed to address in our lives, in our relationship with God. Easter period is a great time in the Christendom, a time that we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, which we all know is at the center of what is called Christianity. According to 1 Corinthians 15, from verse 21 to 20, verse 26, it tells us that if Christ did not rise from the dead, then our fate is in vain.


And so by God’s grace, we are trusting the Lord that as we celebrate this resurrection of Christ, every one of us will be brought into the experience of our personal resurrection in the areas we all need to be resurrected during this Easter period. And I also consider it a great privilege to be allowed by our Father in the Lord to stand in for him, to speak to the congregation. Now, before we go into the message, into the teaching that we have, I want us to sit down and listen to the music ministry as they come with the following songs.


Hymn number 158 and hymn number 54. Hold on to holiness, Church of our God Purchase of Jesus, redeemed by his blood Caught from the word and his idols to flee Caught from the bondage of sin to be free Holiness unto the Lord is a word for us all Holiness unto the Lord, as you’re marching along Sing it, shout it loud and long Holiness unto the Lord, now and forever Hold on to holiness, children of light Walking with Jesus in garments of white Praying and consoling, the church will sing God’s holy spirit arriving within Holiness unto the Lord is a word for us all Holiness unto the Lord, as you’re marching along Sing it, shout it loud and long Holiness unto the Lord, now and forever Hold on to holiness, praise his good name His blessings, he brings to faith, now make plain Lord’s our own, digest his plans, Christ within Lead me, the reigning, the sinning, proceed Holiness unto the Lord is a word for us all Holiness unto the Lord, as you’re marching along Sing it, shout it loud and long Holiness unto the Lord, now and forever Hold on to holiness, glorious start Up from the wilderness, wonder is brought Out from the shadows and darkness of night Into the game and above faith through light Holiness unto the Lord is a word for us all Holiness unto the Lord, as you’re marching along Sing it, shout it loud and long Holiness unto the Lord, now and forever Hold on to holiness, pride of the land Wait in the bridegroom’s returning again Lift up your heads for the day is drawing near When in his beauty the King shall appear Holiness unto the Lord is a word for us all Holiness unto the Lord, as you’re marching along Sing it, shout it loud and long Holiness unto the Lord, now and forever Just as God who reigns on high is made to many days gone by So the Lord is all in man today And my brother, this is true, whatsoever he says to you There is but one thing to do, just obey Just obey, just obey, just obey He’s the way, God’s way When his message comes to you, there is but one thing to do Just obey, just obey If you’re in the Savior’s side, you must do as he commands For there is no other God’s full way Never put your message by, never start to reason why When the Savior speaks to you, just obey Just obey, just obey, just obey He’s the way, God’s way When his message comes to you, there is but one thing to do Just obey, just obey If a man should stay aside, in the land beyond the sky Out of time with you has passed away Though the way you may not see, Christ is calling, follow me Faith and duty both we climb, just obey Just obey, just obey, just obey He’s the way, God’s way When his message comes to you, there is but one thing to do Just obey, just obey You are expected to talk to the Lord, ask him to speak to you directly as a person This time that we found ourselves, every one of us needs to talk to the Lord Tell him, talk to me, tell him to help you A blessed redeemer will come this moment to you Those who are bidding us to come, come unto me or you will labor a heavy laden I’ll give you rest This is a sublime invitation A man ought always to pray This is a clear instruction So as we come seeking you this moment As we come asking that you should talk to us Asking that you should help us I want to ask Lord to come and help us That we may, great father in heaven, receive the instructions from you Give us grace to allow the instruction to restructure our lives Help us, great father, to allow your word to influence everything about us These last days that evil is abounding Jesus Christ said, because equity shall abound, the love of many shall wash cold Obviously, that is what we have found ourselves into There is coldness, there is loss of interest, there is loss of zeal Blessed redeemer, there is loss of awareness And there is emptiness everywhere There is dryness, there is struggling There is no deeper understanding of the things of God Every one of us, great father, are just like floating in the air For this period that you have mapped out I want to ask Lord, what needs to be restored by your word Go ahead and let these things be restored Put us back to what you have in mind Even before calling us into ministry Blessed Holy Spirit, come and take charge And bring out your mind for the church Thank you, because I know you have answered my prayer At the end of this session, every one of us, great father Would have discovered the things you want us to get out from And the things you want us to get into To be, in order to be useful In order to be ready for the coming event Thank you for answer to prayers In Jesus’ name we have prayed, amen Once again, we welcome you We are happy that you are in the program And we are trusting that as we go through the word of God God will help every one of us to discover areas of our lives That we need to address For that is the reason for gathering When we come to God’s presence We are expected to discover where we are lacking And then take steps that will lead to restoration Now, the theme of the retreat, as we have been told Is a question, as well as an instruction The question is, where God’s heart or withhold His unsearchable and inexhaustible resources In the day of lack Where God gives back his inexhaustible, unsearchable resources and riches For children in these days of lack Also, join to it, it is time to switch camp That is an instruction But we will be dealing with an aspect of the message That God has given That is intended to help us realize The thing that God Almighty has in mind for us And it is titled, it is time to get out and to get in Time to get out Get out of those things that God is frowning at It is time to get out of wickedness It is time to get out of a lifestyle that is shabby Lifestyle that does not agree with God’s standard For those who are expecting rapture It is time to get out of anything that is queer Anything that is substandard And then get into God And get into godliness It is time to get serious with God It is time to get out of weaknesses Out of those things that shouldn’t be in your life That has found themselves into your life And we are going to draw from a number of scriptures In Genesis chapter 12 And let us read from verse 1 to verse 4 Now the Lord has said unto Abraham Get thee out of thy country And from thy kindred And from thy father’s house Unto a land that I will show thee And I will make of thee a great nation And I will bless thee And make thy name great Thou shalt be a blessing And I will bless them that bless thee And consume that consume thee And indeed shall all families of the earth be blessed So Abraham departed As the Lord had spoken unto him And the Lord went with him And Abraham was seventy and five years old When he departed out of Haran In Romans chapter 10 Romans chapter 10 Let us read from verse 11 And that knowing the time And now it is a high time to awake out of sleep For now is our salvation nearer than when we believed The night is fast spent The day is at hand Let us therefore Cast off the works of darkness And let us put on the armor of light Let us walk honestly As in the day Not in rioting And drunkenness Not in chambering And wantonness Not in strife Not in fighting and quarreling And envying For putting on the Lord Jesus Christ And make not provision for the flesh To feel the Lord’s fear of In Genesis chapter 19 And reading from verse 12 And the man said unto the Lord Dost thou hear any besides Son-in-law And your sons And your daughters Whosoever thou hast in this city Bring them out of this place For we will destroy this place Because the cry of them is waxing great Before the face of the Lord And the Lord hath sent us to destroy it And the Lord went out and spoke unto his Son-in-law Which married his daughters And said up Get you out of this place For the Lord will destroy this city For he seemed as one that Spoke unto his Son-in-law Son-in-law And when the morning arose Then the angels Saying arise Take thy wife And thy two daughters Which are here Let’s not be consumed in the Iniquity of the city And while he lingered A man laid hold upon him His hand And upon the hand of his wife And upon the hand of the two daughters The Lord being merciful Unto him And they brought him forth and set him Without the city And it came to pass when they had brought Them forth abroad That he said escape for your life Look not behind thee It has set thou in all the plain Escape to the mountain Lest thou be Consumed And in Ezekiel chapter Eighteen The eighteenth chapter of Ezekiel Let’s take The three Last verses Verses thirty to verse thirty-two Verses thirty to thirty-two Of Ezekiel chapter eighteen Therefore I will Judge you O house of Israel Everyone according to his ways Says the Lord God Repent and turn yourselves From all your transgressions So iniquity shall not be your ruin Cast away from you all your transgressions Whereby you have transgressed And make you a new heart And a new spirit For why will you die O house of Israel For I have no pleasure In the death of him that died Says the Lord God Wherefore turn yourselves And leave Again The discussion Will be on It is time To get out And to get in As we have said Get out of a lifestyle That does not Agree with what Is demanded by God And get into An expected And a designed and standard Lifestyle That is approved Now the first chapter that we read That is Genesis chapter 12 Talks of Abraham’s call By God And all that transpired In the course of time Abraham was called By God that he should Get out of His kindred Get out from his country And separate from his family And Abraham obeyed Abraham’s father was En route to the land of Canaan But settled down When he got to Haran which was not His original intended destination That we can see In chapter 11 Of Genesis 27 To 32 When Terah Abraham’s Father took off from Or he was Headed to Canaan But along the line Settled At Haran And died there It was after his death That the Lord came to Abraham and said Now you get out from this Place and Go to Where your father Was heading to which Couldn’t get to Let’s look at this in Genesis chapter 11 And Verse 32 And the days of Terah Were 205 years And Terah died In Haran Now verse 31 Let’s move back to 31 And Terah took Abraham his son And Lot the son of Haran his son’s son And Sarai his daughter In law his son Abraham’s Wife and they went And fought with them from all Of the Chardees To go into the land of Canaan The original destination And they came unto Haran And were there And verse 32 And the days of Haran were 205 years And Terah died In Haran So he couldn’t get to where He was going He died along the way And then in chapter 12 Now the Lord Has said unto Abraham Get thee out of your country So the Lord came and said to Abraham Get out of your country from your Kindred from your father’s house Unto a land I will show you So In the Discourse we are going to See the Lord’s Urgent instructions For every one of us In our categories The instructions that God is bringing to Every one of us According to the category That we belong to And after that we Will quickly see The blessed promises of the Of the Lord God to the obedient Blessed promises of God to the faithful And we move from there To look at The hindrances to obedience And compliance Why people don’t Comply with God’s instruction And directives And we’ll be concluding With the consequences Of non-compliance And Disobedience To God’s instruction Now in Genesis chapter 12 The instruction Was clearly stated And In Ezekiel chapter 18 Verse 31 There is also a clear instruction God gave to People And in Romans chapter 11 Where we read It is also stated that The time is fast spent And The instructions given On what We should do Let’s look at Romans chapter 13 Again The 13th chapter of Romans And let us look at Verse 11 And that Knowing the time The people were expected To know the time The people that Just as The people were expected To know the time in which They live It is expected of you and I To know that we are In the last days We are at the threshold Of the coming of the Lord Soon and very Soon he will appear And The commitment he has given us To live for him And to work for him When he comes He is going to ask us what we have done With our lives here And what we have done In the work he has sent us to do And so knowing the time And now it is time To awake out of sleep For now is our salvation Nearer than when we believed The night is fast spent The day is at hand Then instruction Follows Let us therefore Cast off the works of Darkness And Let us put on the armor Of light Works of darkness Every work that does not Glorify God In our lives We are expected To put them off These are days That evil Is growing like mountains Every day There is increase Of sin Everywhere is polluted And it is expected of you And I That those who have been overwhelmed By what is happening To get out of it And those who Are out of the work That God has called us to To quickly return to the work And then the night Is fast spent The day is at hand Then verse 13 Let us work honestly As in the day Not in rioting and drunkenness Not in chambering and wantonness Not in strife And in envying Not in quarreling Not in envy One another Another So everyone That is listening to me Must find out Where God wants him to get out And what God Wants him or her to get out of For Abraham He needed to Get out of his kindred Out of his country Out of the land For you As a pastor Need to look at What is God saying I should get out of And for you That are coming for the first time Need to look into your life To find out What does God Want me to get out of And for you That has been there for a very long time In the church It is your responsibility To search yourself This period It is your responsibility To be honest with yourself It is your responsibility To look diligently Into your life And my own duty also To diligently look Into my life To find out The area that God is Instructing That I should do something Now In Numbers chapter 16 There were These men That gathered together And ganged up against Moses Who ran The point came That they came together And they began to Talk against Moses And plan against Moses And said some Nasty things They were offended with Moses And When this got Into Moses, he called them for Reconciliation But they would not listen to Moses And so after all the Pleadings of Moses And they insisted in going their way Now Moses was instructed To tell the people That have joined Themselves with these Rebels to Get out of the Congregation of rebels In Numbers The 16th chapter Let us look at Verse 20 And the Lord spoke unto Moses and said And unto Moses and Aaron saying Separate yourself from among This congregation That I may consume Them in a moment And they fell Upon their faces and said O God, the God of the Spirits of all flesh Shall one man sin And without be wrought with All the congregation The Lord spoke unto Moses saying Speak unto the congregation Saying Get you up In other words, get out From about the Of Korah And Moses rose up and went Unto And the elders of Israel Followed him And he spoke unto the congregation Saying I pray you From the tents of these wicked men And touch nothing of theirs Lest you be consumed In all their sins So they got up From the tabernacle of Korah That and Abiram On every side And that and Abiram Came out and stood in the door of their Tents and their wives and their Sons and their little Children Now Moses instructed People That have ears to hear That they should separate They should move out from the Camp of evil men From the camp of rebels And so those who Have ears These days There are camps in the church These days There are people that Are taking side with unrighteousness There are Divisions in the church And God is Saying to everyone Of us Examine yourself In which camp are you Where do you belong to It is time That you have To separate From the fellowship That does not edify you From the friendship That does not add value into your life From the people That instead of Relationship with them Making you to increase In knowledge of God To find that they are Depicting your life They are making you to go down The Lord wants you To get out from Such association As a youth, as a pastor As an adult As whosoever you are To find out that The company you find yourself Now is not edifying It’s a company That runs down The church It’s a company that everything They are saying about the church About the ministry About the general Who pretended about the leadership Of the church Is nothing to write to them about Now if you find yourself In such gatherings It is time that you Should get out of that And then And take side With God Now When apostle Paul discovered That the Corinthian Christians Were yoked together With unbelievers Now Apostle Paul issued a clear Instruction That his people Should Stay clear from fellowship With men of darkness In 2 Corinthians Chapter 6 2 Corinthians The 6th chapter You need to examine The relationship you are keeping You need to examine Those who are your friends I’m not talking about Even friends outside the church I’m talking about people that are In the church You need to select who should be your friend You need to select Who you will relate closely with Otherwise you discover That The Poison of the last days That many people Have contacted The poisonous Things that Go with the last days That have infected Many people That soon become infected There are many people in church That are carrying infected minds And that is because Of relationship they are keeping That is because of Who they are listening to That is because of who is talking to them Now in 2 Corinthians Chapter 6 And reading from verse 14 Be ye not Unequally yoked together With unbelievers These Unbelievers are There may not be Unbelievers outside the church But unbelievers inside the church Today Unlike before We find few unbelievers Among us But as it is today It is like the number of unbelievers In the church Have overwhelmed Or overtaken the number of believers We find unbelievers Among the choristers We find unbelievers Among the ministers Among bible discourse teachers Among prayer warriors And among people That are handling One Business or the other In the house of God You ask me how do you know The report we are getting And things that are happening in the church They are happening because There are unbelievers In the church Why do we have quarrel Among the music ministers Why do we have people Trying for who to marry Among the prayer warriors Why do we have envy Among even Pastors wife Why do we have what we have today That are ugly things It is because Unbelievers have infiltrated The church and have even Gained Gained Access to the pulpit Access to ministering To others and God is saying You need to put your ears Down and put your eyes down To be able to find out Who you should be with And take a stand Otherwise You will become To be polluted And then And you will be punished In chapter Six again of Second Corinthians and let’s read Verse fourteen Do you not unequally yoke together With unbelievers For what fellowship hath righteousness With unrighteousness What communion hath Light with darkness And what concord Hath Christ with Belial Or what part hath he That believeth with an infidel What agreement hath The temple of God with idols For you are the temple of the living God as God hath said I will dwell in them And walk in them I will be their God and they shall be my people Wherefore Come out from among Them and be ye Separate says the Lord and touch not The unclean thing and I will Receive you and we be A father unto you And it shall be my sons And daughters says the Lord Almighty The condition for becoming A son of God Or a daughter of God Is to harken to this Instruction of Looking deeply to who You are associating with And then and taking a stand And for those that Bear the vessels of the Lord Those that are bearing the vessels Of the Lord in Isaiah chapter fifty Two verse eleven There is a clear instruction that the Bearers of the vessels of the Lord Should separate themselves from Everything unclean Isaiah fifty two verse eleven And so the question You need to ask yourself now is What is the wrong thing You are into Are you in a wrong Relationship Are you in a wrong marriage What is that wrong thing You are into what is that wrong group you have Found yourself and what is that wrong Activity you have found yourself It is time That you should get out of it That’s the point It’s time to draw the line It’s time that You Draw the line and then and take Advantage Of the Inexhaustible and Unsearchable riches of God’s Mercy and God’s goodness So as to become a partaker Of what God has arranged For this time Now when Moses came down From the mountain Mount Horeb Where he spent about Forty days and forty Nights the people Thought that Moses had died And so As they thought that he had died They went into abomination Many many Abnormalities came in They went on With that and when Moses Saw what was going on Moses called for a separation Moses called That people should take Decision and then He called who is On the side of the Lord You cannot be on the side Of the Lord and continue In activities that Will not promote oneness You cannot be On the side of the Lord And continue in activities That will promote quarrel In church You cannot be on the side of God And continue in activities That promote immorality In the church As It looks like immorality is overtaking The church You cannot be on the side of God And continue in things That rather than Defying the church Is defiling the church You cannot be on the side Of God and you are Using your mouth the way you are using It You need to check the way you use your mouth And decide Will I continue using my mouth This way In Exodus chapter 32 Let us quickly look at Verse Verse 19 And it came to pass As soon as he came near Unto the camp that he saw The calf and the dancing The calf that the people Introduced and the dancing And Moses anger works hard And he cast the tables Out of the hands and break Them in it the moment What have What are the things we are introducing When Moses was With them there was No dancing There was no Introduction of the calf But now that Moses has stayed Away for forty days and Forty nights Only and look at The damages that have been done I want to let you know that If there were Damages only for forty Days and forty nights that Moses stayed Away I want to let you know That if care is not taken A lot of damages Have been done even in the Church and in the movement All this period That our pastor Have been Indisposed now To these people That Moses Asked Aaron why did You make these people naked What evil have you brought Upon them and he gave him The answer he gave Now look at The instruction Look at the call Look at the command That was given by Moses In verse Twenty six then Moses Stood in the gate of the Camp and said Who is on the lost side Let him come unto me And all the sons of Levi Gathered themselves together unto him So when the call was made People decided In this Program God will have you to take Definite stand On certain things God will have you to be Decided about how You want to serve God And where you want to serve God If you want to belong you belong Fully You want to follow you follow fully Not that you are Following and you are not following Not that you are in the movement And you want to introduce Certain things into the place You want to change some things By your lifestyle You want to belong you belong fully If you don’t want to belong You do well to Take a stand And so Moses called on the people And said who is on the lost Side let him come over And then the Levites Decided and then And took side with Moses And then instruction was given And so for the seven Churches of Asia Minor And their angels that is Their pastors God Had an urgent demand An urgent instruction for each of those Churches The church of Ephesus Looked at the church and said You have lost your first love So You need to come out from where you are And then embrace the first love That is the chance for you And then to another church he looked at the work And said I have not found your work perfect To each of the churches He discovered Where they were not measuring up And then and gave instruction And threatened That except they do They need for He was coming heavily Upon them May the Lord not come heavily Upon you and upon me In the name of Jesus So what is the Lord asking you To get out of right now Think about it Do not delay Or hesitate to obey And to comply with it Isaiah chapter one And verse eighteen Isaiah The first chapter Let us look at Verse eighteen Come now let’s Resume together says the Lord So your sins be as color They shall be as white as snow So they be red like crimson They shall be as wool If you be willing and obedient Shall eat the good of the land But if you refuse and rebel Shall be devoured With a sword for the mouth Of the Lord that spoke on it Now this was Isaiah After he had pointed out The bad situation Of God’s people How they were Degenerated How they got into rottenness How evil Overwhelmed them He pointed this out and then Offered them opportunity To make correction And then I said if they be willing They will eat the good of the land For those who will continue In their rebellion To them that they will be devoured And so It follows that The God of heaven They want every one of us According to our category As a pastor look at how you have Done the work And as any person In the church take time To examine your relationship With God and God’s instruction concerning You your person And office you are occupying Now In the days of Lord Lord was commanded to get out Of Sodom and Gomorrah But he lingered Because of some reasons However He was forced out of the city By the angels of God May we not linger May we not delay Unfortunately on the way To the city appointed For escape The wife decided to look back For reasons known to her And she became a pillar Of salt These days there are many people That have left Sodom But they are looking back to Sodom They have left evil But they have been enticed They have left the world and say I am a child of God I have embraced Christianity But they are still The interest in the world is still there They are gradually looking Back Now when Lord And his family left Sodom It is a picture Of a Christian leaving the world So after you have left the world And you are still looking back To the world You want to copy the world in the things we do You need to go to Visit our marriage Marriages this day You need to go to attend to watch man weddings And see the style of dancing And see the movement of legs And see what people do And what people wear And you will be asking Is this still the watchman we know Or is it another place That is because We are gradually looking back We are gradually Returning to our And the world is Forcefully coming in To drive the church Many many years ago A writer spoke One of the ministers spoke And was saying He sought for the world And found the world inside the church And he sought for the church And found the church Inside the world That is where we are now And I want to let you know Many places have been conquered The eyes of Satan And his cohorts are on the watchman And it looks like We are trying to bow But I pray That this period Will be a period of Our coming to our senses Our coming to ourselves This journey is a journey That will end in eternity Soon and very soon Many will go into eternity There are some people that Were in December retreat And who attended even pastor’s meeting But now they have gone into eternity They have gone into eternity and once you enter into eternity, there will be no opportunity to make amends. So then, the world and our things may be what the problem is now.


You have to be deliberate in separating from the world. You have to be deliberate in dealing with the world. In 3 John chapter 2, John said, love not the world.


The enemy loves the world. The love of the father is not in him. All that is in the world, the loss of the flesh, the loss of the eyes, the pride of life is not of the father, but is of the world.


And the world passeth away, and the lost are off. For he that doeth the will of God are by death forever. And so, you need to be deliberate.


You need to make up your mind. And James chapter 4, verse 4, tells us that friendship with the world is enmity with God. And 1 Corinthians chapter 7, 29 to 34, makes it clear that those of us that have the things of the world, we should not live as if we have them.


And in John chapter 17, Jesus clearly stated that I am not of the world, and you are not of the world. We should check each, every one of us. Gradually, love of things of this life, love of money, can enter into the church, and even church authority.


We can live pursuit of souls, and live pursuit of salvation of men, into pursuit of things that do not count. It is time that every one of us should awake, because we are dealing with somebody that is subtle. If you read 2 Timothy, the third chapter, you will see what the Bible says.


Please know also that in the last days, for men shall be lovers of themselves. The next thing after that is what? Courageous. What is courageousness? A quest to get money.


A quest for things of this life. And so, it follows that God will have you to look at what he wants you to come out. It could be friendship.


It could be fellowship. It could be a fellow that God is asking you to separate from, because that fellowship, that friendship, that fellow, is not adding value to your life of holiness, your life of devotion, your life of commitment. It is not helping you.


Rather than helping you, you find that it is making you to go down each time you talk with that brother. Your mind will be biased each time you spoke with that sister. You find that you will be filled with immorality.


Each time you come close to that person, that pastor, it doesn’t matter. It could be a pastor. You find out that you are filled with lust as a young lady or as a young man.


Go to pastor’s work or any person and you find out that rather than being defied, some untoward interest, some ugly thing is growing in your heart. It is time to get out of that relationship. It’s time to draw a gap.


It’s time to take a stand. And that brings us to the next point. Haven’t seen the call of God to every one of us, according to our categories, that you find out where God is saying that you get out.


Easiness as a pastor, it could be whatsoever. Now, the next point is the blessed promises of the faithful God for the obedience. In Genesis chapter 12, God said unto Abraham, let’s read.


Chapter 12 of Genesis and verse 1. And the Lord has said unto Abraham, get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father’s house unto a land I will show thee. And it is as you get out, I will show thee a land. There is a getting out before God will show.


There are many people that are expecting God to show his blessings, show his goodness. God cannot show you his goodness while you are living on your own. I will make of thee a great nation.


I will bless thee and make your name great and thou shalt be a blessing. And I will bless them that bless thee and cause him that causes thee and indeed shall all the families of the earth be blessed. I want you to take note that we are dealing with God who is faithful.


God is a faithful God. If he says you take a stand and you move out of a relationship, you move out of something that is untoward and promises you of something you will do, he remains committed to that which has promised. In 1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 9, Paul made the Corinthians to know that they are dealing with God that is faithful.


And in 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 24, the faithful is he that called you will also do it. Let’s look at 1 Thessalonians 5 24. Faithful is he that calleth you who also will do it.


You need to understand that the God we are dealing with, the God who is our God. Faithful is not only faithful, he is able. It is this understanding that helped Abraham to trust in him.


It is this understanding that helped Abraham to obey God when he instructed. And so Abraham and others all had testimony to confirm about God’s faithfulness. Abraham had testimony to confirm that God is faithful.


And what then are the promises of God which he made unto Abraham? And what are the promises of God that he’s making to you? He said unto Abraham that he will show him the land until you and I separate from the things that God has been asking us to separate from. The mountain, the other blessings of God, the other things of God you are seeking for and you have been fasting for and you have been believing God for. Faith does not take the place of obedience.


Faith does not, fasting does not take the place of obeying God. There is no substitute to obeying God. There is no substitute to following instructions of God.


Unfortunately many people in church have substituted obeying God, absolute submission, absolute obedience to God which which one and or the other but let it be very clear to us that until we are ready to obey we should forget that Lord doing his own part. In Genesis chapter 13 it was after Abraham had separated from Lord that God said unto Abraham lift up your eyes and he lifted up his eyes and he saw that land that God promised. He saw it in Genesis chapter 13 and let us look at verse 14 and the Lord said unto Abraham after Lord was separated from him lift up now your eyes and look from the place where thou art northward and southward and eastward and westward all the land which thou seest to thee will I give it and to your seed forever there was a separation before this occurred.


As long as Jonah was in the ship that was heading to Tarshish, that ship continued to have storm. It was when Jonah was removed. There are some people that you must remove yourself from.


There are some people that no matter how close they are to you that closeness have not helped you. That closeness I’m talking about people that are in church. That closeness have been responsible for the way your life have been, the way your Christian life has been epileptic.


There are people that their Christian life is like a Nigerian nepa that is on and off, on and off. Five minutes like they do these days. They bring light and then five minutes are taking it.


Another 30 minutes they bring it after they take it. There are people that are like that. They are epileptic in their relationship with God.


You want to have a stable relationship with God. You want to have a stable assurance. Then sit down and look into your life and see what must be taken away.


You must not continue to be your friend and when you do then you are set for God’s visitation. You are set for the promises of the faithful God to his obedient one. Now in Acts of Apostles chapter 2, something was done by the apostles before the Pentecost, before the Holy Ghost came upon them and so the Holy Ghost came upon them when they sat down and addressed what they’re supposed to address and Joshua chapter 7. Joshua had been having victories but then an action came into the camp.


Now that man that came into the camp, came into the camp and then brought in an accostant. Accostant must be removed if there must be progress. So look at your life.


What are the forbidden things that have come into your life? Can we ask, can we see your phone? Can we see your phone and have a look at your conversation? Can we see your phone and have a look at the things you are looking at? Now until you get yourself off and out of those things and and call it quit from all those things, your Christian life will never be stable. You will not have assurance. Even to receive from God will be very difficult.


God cannot make you anything big. God cannot make you anything great until you have come out of sin. In first Peter chapter 2 verse 9, the believers are called out of darkness into the marvelous light.


So and in Ezekiel 36, God promises to bless the people, to multiply them and shower his blessings upon them. But that is after they have been taken out of uncleanness. After they are taken out of those things that God abhors.


Those things that God frowns at. And the disciples of Jesus were made fishers of men. But that was after they have come out of catching fish.


And when Peter eventually went back to the profession that Jesus pulled him out of. You know that Jesus was very very offended with that. There are some of us that have returned to what God had taken us out of.


What God took you out of many years ago. I’ve gone back into it and you want to convince me that God is happy? No. And so you need to check out what you have left before that now you have returned to.


God cannot make you as long as you are still entangled by one thing or the other. Every now and then we come to this point. We are talking about entanglement.


It is time that you make up your mind to disentangle yourself from those entanglements. Entanglement can be anything. Entanglement can be anything.


God wants you to get disentangled from those things that are infecting you. After disentanglement then you can now allow the world. If the world has not been affecting you it must be because of the entanglement.


Now the further promise to Abraham is that God will bless him and we turn him to become a blessing. God wants you and I to not only be blessed but we become blessings. He’s a faithful God.


If we disentangle ourselves we will experience the blessings of God and in turn we’ll become a blessing to others. Yes many of us are ministering. We want to minister health with entanglement.


We want to minister blessing. We want to see the move of God’s power. We want to see people delivered at your hand and we’re engaging in fasting, engaging in all night prayers and the marathon fasting but inside your life and you are into some questionable relationships.


God will want you to get out of until you deal with these things. All those efforts will not yield any result. It was after Abraham now separated and moved out that he turned out to become a blessing to others and blessing to himself.


We can see that in Galatians chapter 3 and verse 8 to verse 14. Jesus Christ is of the seed of Abraham and a blessing to the world and so when we change our camp, when we change our relationship, God will begin to change everything about us as in the case of Abraham. Abraham’s patterns change.


Abraham everything about him change as change from the camp. God becomes your God when you change. He said in 2nd Corinthians chapter 6, when you separate, then I will be your God.


I will be your God. I will be your father. Let no person deceive himself.


He that sinneth committed sin is of the devil. There are two fathers. Number one is God.


The other is Satan. The other one is Satan. Who is your God? Depends on the life you are living.


Depends on your response to God’s word. In 1st John chapter 3 and verse 8, he and she that commit sin is of the devil. For the devil sinned from the beginning.


For this purpose, the son of God was manifested. I might destroy the works of the devil. Whosoever is born of God, do not commit sin.


For his seed remaineth in him. And he cannot sin because he is born of God. Tell us you are born again.


You are being born again is singing, praying, speaking in tongue is not a sign that you are born again. There is one thing that will authenticate you are being born again. It is when you are freed from sin.


Until you are freed from sin, any claim of being born of God is a false claim. Get it clear. My being a child of God is not because I’m preaching.


You can preach more than any person. But it is your life. A personal relationship is what God looks at.


Now, verse 9, whosoever is born of God, do not commit sin. For his seed remaineth in him, he cannot sin because he is born of God. In this, the children of God are manifest.


The children of the devil, whosoever do not righteousness is not of God. Neither he that loveth not his brother. Verse 9 said, whosoever is born again, do not commit sin.


For the seed remaineth in him. He cannot sin because he is born of God. And in this, you know the children of God, and in this, you know the children of the devil.


So you can now decide whose child you are. And let no person be presumptuous. Let no person live in deceit.


Let no person allow anybody to deceive her. And let no person deceive herself. Now, when Jacob obeyed God, when he gave him instruction to get out of where he was and go up to Bethel, there was the terror of God that came upon all the people surrounding.


Because he took step, he was out of evil, out of sin, and he made a change. Genesis chapter 35, you can see a detailed work he did. You could see how he made sure that everything that connected him to unrighteousness was taken away.


In Genesis 35, quickly, Genesis 35, and God said unto Jacob, arise, go up, in other words, get out of where you are, go to Bethel, and dwell there, and make dear an altar unto God that appeared unto thee when thou fleddest from the face of Israel, saw your brother. Then Jacob said unto his household, and to all that were with him, put away the strange guts that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments. Let us arise and go up.


Let’s arise and get out, and go out of this place, and I will make dear an altar unto God. I’ll make an altar unto God who answered me in the day of my distress, and I was with me the way which I went, and they gave unto Jacob all the strange guts which were in their land, their hand, rather, and all their earrings which were in their ears, and Jacob hid them under the oak which was by Shechem. It is time to take away all those attachments, all those attachments, many young ladies in church have returned to make up.


They want to make up because God did not make them well, but since God didn’t make them well, they want to make up. Some have now begun to put official attachments to elongate, to make their hair long, and all that. They are telling God, you made a mistake.


These are strange things that have come in into the church, which when we came in into the faith, we were taught to drop these things. We were careful, and everybody that we met, any person that has confessed that he or she is a child of God, ensured that all those things were dropped. When I came in, I came in with long beard, but as they began to teach me that Christianity is associated with cleanness and neatness, I saw a reason to drop that.


For these days, we find even people mounting up our puppets and wearing this and giving one excuse or the other as if we started our Christian life when we were old. I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 20. That was the first time and then later, I lost experience and gave it back at the age of 22.


Now, you could understand at the age of 22, my body was delicate and all that, but I needed to keep clean. I needed to do that because my faith, my new faith that I came in requires that I should be different from others and I obeyed. Today, excuses and flimsy things, people say things that don’t hold water.


However, God will have us to think again. What then are the hindrances to obedience and compliance? Samuel told Saul that to obey is better than sacrifice. When he was sent to destroy the Amalekites and he did otherwise, when we listen to the wrong persons and read wrong books, then we will begin to have problem with obeying and complying with God’s instruction.


Listening and reading wrong books and following wrong persons instead of following right people that you know their foundation. You know what they believe. You know what they hold.


You know the testimony of their lives. May we inform you that some of us came into this movement and we saw the foundation. We were there when the foundation was led and we cannot find anything incriminating.


We cannot find anything ungodly, but then and we came close to our father in the and we observed him and everybody was growing and we were calling him brother, brother. We will call him by his first name, answer him and we were all interacting and we all grew up to a point that we now begin to understand that is we begin to understand the dictates of the Bible and start following and therefore you better follow those who know the way. Better follow those who have genuine experience.


Better follow those who came into the faith with all sincerity, who came into the faith looking for eternal life and not for anything else. But when you read books and follow those that you don’t know their foundation, you know we have problem with obedience and compliance with what you are being taught now. When we become sentimental, it can lead us to disobedience.


Yes, Saul was sentimental. He was sentimental. In 1 Samuel chapter 13, you will see the sentiments that he showed and then when the world, when the world and the things of the world are allowed to control us, then we will not comply.


In Luke chapter 17, 26 to 36, the story of the generation of Noah and generation of Lot that perished and then which Jesus Christ referred that is going to be with this generation the same shows that it was the eating and drinking. It was the building houses and merchandising that made them not to take seriously what we are told. So when we begin to allow the world and the things of the world to have influence over us, there is tendency of looking behind.


The people of Sodom and Gomorrah and the generation of Noah were heard by their fleshly desires from obeying and complying with God’s instruction in their day and the same remains the problem of today. Now Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt and we asked and we were asked to remember her, remember her. Only God knew what made the woman to look behind and I can tell you that it could be because of what they have left behind, could be because of material things, could be because of the worldly things and she looked behind and lost her life and lost the material things and then I lost the opportunity that God gave to her.


So what you think and who you think you are and equally also become a problem of responding to and complying with God’s word. When you look at the contribution you have made as regarding God’s work or even consider your personality and the position you occupy, they can hinder you from yielding totally to God’s call of separation. The Pharisees were victims of what they knew, they were victims of what they thought they were.


So you must not allow what you think you are, what you think you know, who you think you are to hinder you from doing the right thing. Isaiah did not allow that and Abraham did not allow that. When God gave him opportunity to correct his life, he yielded not minding the years he had worked with God.


The same thing with Isaiah and finally what are the consequences of non-compliance and consequences of disobedience. You don’t need to go far, look at what happened to the wife of the Lord, to see that. Look at the experience of Adam and Eve and look at the experience of Judas.


So from there you will discover that not complying to God’s instruction carries heavy consequences. So what cost the life of the lost wife was because of not complying to the instruction of God and this also led to the destruction of the generation of Noah except Noah and his family. They did not comply, they did not listen to God’s word.


Now the angels, even angels that did not comply with God’s instruction were also kept in darkness. So it follows that God is calling every one of us, not minding your status, not minding your contribution, not minding who you are, not minding your personality, to think and sit down and examine yourself and find where you need to come out from because God is not a respecter of any person. That thing you are doing, if God wants you to get out of it, please get out of it until you get out of that thing you are doing.


Do not expect that God will be happy with you until you do exactly what God wants you to do in a particular matter. You cannot please God. Do what you like to please God.


If God wants you to do restitution and you are running around and around and around because somebody wanted to tell the person has said so much evil about you and you call the person and you begin to tell story until you hit the nail at the head, get to nowhere. I should be very clear to you, this is time that every one of us should call a spade a spade for himself as you relate with God because time is running out. Time is running out.


We are nearer to our grave, we are nearer to our departure, we are nearer to heaven, we are nearer to hell, we are nearer to eternity than we were when those years we met ourselves. 30 years ago, 20 years ago, we were farer to hell and to eternity than we are now. And so now that we are we are closer to eternity, closer to heaven, closer to rapture, should we be should we be loose? Should we hold the things we’re holding loosely and lightly? This is the time to tighten up.


This is the time to tighten up all the loose corners of your life and as you do, you are getting set for the Lord Jesus to take you and when he comes and remember that he that is often reproved for hurting at his heart, there is one thing waiting for the person and that is what destruction without remedy. And so what have you learned? What has God spoken to you? Think of Samson, he refused to comply with the order and requirement for his ministry and for his calling and he cost him his ministry and cost him his life. Think about the man of God from Judah, what a costume to listen to wrong person.


Think of Solomon also who did not listen to his destruction and then I multiplied wives, what a costume. Everyone that has refused and rejected the call of God, an instruction of God, paid, paid grievous, made grievous payment for that and therefore it is time that you look into your life and see what you have discovered that is not what it’s supposed to be. What you have discovered that you should come out of and then and promise God, I’m going to come out of it.


Now God said to Abraham, get out because he knew that Abraham can get out of it. Don’t tell the Lord, take me out. Tell the Lord, I’m ready to come out of this relationship.


I’m ready to come out of sin. I’m ready to come out of these things, just give me grace and the reason he is on such a riches, his riches and resources are unsearchable, is inexhaustible. Therefore, any person that can come to him and say, Lord, this is what I want, he will make the grace available and we can bow down, heads, we can stand up, we can sit down, we can kneel down, let us pray to the Lord as we as we listen to the music ministry while they are ministering, I want you to be talking to the Lord and take a decision for yourself.


Time is running out. You are in this retreat. How sure are you that you will be in December retreat? Those who were in December retreat, even from Abuja church, but now they are out of their way, they have entered into eternity and there’s nothing anybody can do about that.


If there is any matter that God wanted them to get out of and they’re dying inside that matter, there is nobody that can help them. Let’s listen to the music ministry while we pray and meditate on what we have heard. In the heavenly way, Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee.


Through Him whom Thy word hath foretold, The Saviour and Morning Star, Salvation and peace have been poured To those who have strayed afar. Thy word abideth in my heart, That I might not sin against Thee. That I might not sin, That I might not sin, you.


The pastor should take it up will turn out to be means of salvation or the means of judgment for us. Thank you. Because I know once other prayers.


In Jesus’ name we have prayed. Amen.


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