We are continuing with an intercession titled “Why Rage The Heathen?”

Ps.2:1-5, 8-11; Acts 4:23-31


An intercessor is one that impinges on God until his request is granted (Isa.59:15,16; Ezek.22:30). He does not accept “no” for an answer until it is over (Gen.18:23-33). He bears the burden of the afflicted by mentally feeling their pains – empathy.


Our texts pertain to a Messianic psalm written by David relaying the opposition that the Messiah will face from people that are alienated to God. The word ‘heathen’ refers to a people or nation usually with overtones of territorial or governmental unity or identity.


So, Peter under inspiration wielded the scripture against the Jewish government gang up against the Lord (Acts.4:8).


The government of the world masterminded by the god of the age, will not cease to resist the church-body of Christ. And the church is expected to deploy the unfailing strategy that the early church employed – prayer. The joyous thing about it is that the Lord sitting in the place of power will ridicule them (Ps.2:11) and torment or vex them (Ps.2:5).


There are nations whose activities are directly or indirectly raging against the Lord. In short, anything that is standing against the church is standing against the Lord (Acts 9:5; 26:14).  Let’s rise to subject them to God’s jealousy.

Prayer Points:
1. Ps. – Bless the Lord for His protection, preservation and provision. Thank Him for the great life of the GS and his family, and for the Watchman vision. Appreciate Him for the Diocesan pastor and all under pastors.
2. Lam.1:1-6 – Ask the Lord to speedily judge all the people that have squandered and wrecked the economy of this nation; for they are enemies of the church.
3. Gen.11:1-8 – There are people that sit together and make plans against the church of Christ; releasing polies in states and at national level to prevent the church from having a grip in the country. Let the Lord vex them.
4. Ps.2:1 – There are those that use weapons to kill Christian in various parts of the country, to prevent the gospel from reaching the reached. Let the Lord contend with them: Boko-Haram, Herdsmen, Islamic State, etc.
5. Judg.1:4-7 – There are the people that sponsor the militants financially and morally. All of them are murderers, let the Lord handle them according to His word.
6. Isa.8:9:10 – There are government of Satan that are making incantations to desensitize people in the country, so that nobody will be aware of any unholy agenda being perpetrated. Let’s pray that the Lord will turn their counsel backward and frustrate them.

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