This programme of losing weight to gain weight has been a wonderful time; and coming to the house of God in the evening period for the corporate exercise has been exhilarating as it was with David (Ps.122:1). So far, we have shown that Jehovah is provoked to jealousy; and that we should stay perfectly clean to minister unto Him; live in great awareness for optimal performance; employ the first fruit principle and deploy faith to fly high and far.


Today, we shall be considering a factor that makes prayers very sure or productive: praying in plurality (state of being plural or more than one).


Prayer is simply having communion or fellowship or interaction with God (1Cor.14:2). It was commanded all disciples to practice as Jesus Himself did (Mk.1:35, Lk.18:1; 1Thess.5:17). It delivers transformation and growth of spiritual life (Lk.9:28-29; 1Cor.14:4). Prayer is a practice that involves skills and capacity. It goes with faith (Mk.11:23,24; Matt.6:7-8) and without faith, it is futile (Jas.1:5-7)


The effectiveness of prayer is potentiated by plurality (involvement of partners) who are in agreement (Amos3:3; Matt.18:19; Est. 4:16; 8:1-15). The increase in intensity following increase in number of participants is of geometric proportion (cons.Lev.26:7-8; Eccl.4:9-12).


Remember, the people that the Lord Jesus spoke to on the issue were His disciples. So, the business of praying in plurality is for true children of God. The devils know about the insurmountable power of praying as a team and so do everything possible to prevent it. Satan does not fear anointing but dreads people united in a course of prayers.


As we agree in prayers, no force is capable of stopping us. Remember that we are sitted in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus and so stand above principalities and powers in authority (Eph.2:6).


Let’s rise to agree in prayers


Prayer Points:
1. Ps.105:15 – Bless the Lord for the man of God whom He used to bring us together bearing with us as we grew in the church. Thank God for the vision of Watchman
2. Matt.18:19 – Let’s present the items of the LEAP Declaration unto the Lord requesting Him to hasten His word to perform (Jer.1:12)
3. Lk.5:1-4 – Personal petition.

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