Today, we are drawing from an event that transpired in the ministry of the Master when a second-touch was needed to bring a situation to perfection.


The Lord Jesus being the express Image of God had the Spirit in fulness – without measure (Heb.1:3; Jn.14:8,9; Jn.3:34) Naturally, it would be expected that since He had the power of God in His fulness, a single touch or word or prayer will immediately bring a perfect end to the challenge. But in this case, it was not so: He needed to give a second-touch before the man could see clearly.


There is a place for re-ordering of a command or veritable repetition of a prayer to intensify the passion of the request, as the Lord did at Gethsemane (Mk.8:33-35; Matt.26:39-44).


It should be noted that sometimes, the Lord delays in granting petitions in order to develop the believer’s capacity to pray, and also assess/build his integrity (Cons.Deut.8:1-4; Lk.18:1-8; Rom.5:3-5). Therefore, when men appear as trees walking, pray.


When the desired is not fully realized, be importunate; pray again until your desire is met.


Prayer Points

1. Ps.107:1-2 – Let’s give thanks to the Lord for all His mercies that we enjoy in this ministry. Let’s thank the Lord for the GS and all his under pastors and for the era that the Lord has brought us to.
2. Jer.23:1-4 – Let’s ask the Lord to expose and neutralize those false pastors holding people to ransom, deceiving many into believing their false teachings and magics. These are ministers that make people see men as trees, walking. These are the con-men in sheep’s clothing and the sinner-ministers with false anointing doing havoc to the church.
3. Ps.83:1-5,11-18 – Let’s remind the Lord that callous men and their empire ought to go the way of their predecessor – Adonibezek (Judg1:5-7). Let the Lord extinguish them from the face of the earth. Their activities are causing people to lose confidence in this country.
4. Gen.11:1-9; Ps.86:6-14 – The infamous herdsmen have their unholy agenda of taking over the lands of indigenes through violence. Let the righteous God give them confusion so that their project may be terminated. Let the Lord frustrate all that are aiding their project and take them out of the way.
5. Ps.91:1-6 – (a) Let’s call upon the Lord to form a wall of protection around all His Churches in China and in the places where the Corona-Virus is breeding.
• Let’s command the termination of the progress of that plague
• Let’s command the powers behind the virus to wane and disappear within 3 weeks (instead of minimum of 90 days targeted by the medical experts in China).
• Let’s command the immediate termination of the plague of Lassa fever in Nigeria
• Exo.8:22,23 – Let’s decree divine hedge/protection to be formed around God’s Children at the places of pestilence as in GOSHEN.
6. Isa.22:1-5 – What aileth thee? Present the matters that don’t seem to be yielding, unto the
7. Thank the Lord for answer to prayer.

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