The Ministry Of The Watchman Today

Any person that is spiritually alert and observant, would not need a prophecy to be convinced that there is urgent need for watchmen for today’s world and Church (cp. Ezekiel. 22:26-30).

Little wonder then God raised the ministry and gave it the name “Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement”. It is to be noted that this name came out of God’s leading after over two years of continual seeking of God’s face.  And anyone who knows God’s ways knows that the names God gives usually have associated implications.  For example, He changed Abram’s name to Abraham, meaning father of many nations (Genesis. 17:4,5).  Also He changed Sarai to Sarah, meaning a princess or mother of many nations (Genesis. 17:15,16).  When Jesus found Simon, He renamed him Cephas or Peter, which means a stone, in keeping with his bold and rugged nature, and the type of role he was to play in the body of Christ (cp. John. 1:42; Matthew. 16:13-19). Therefore, for God to give the Movement the name – Watchman, He means that it should fulfill the role of the Watchman in the present day.  Is it any wonder then that the Movement is charged with the 5-fold objectives, namely:-

To be:

  1. a means of light and salvation to the multitude of  unregenerated folks in the various dead  Christian religious congregations all over the world (cp. Isaiah. 62:6,7).
  2. a means of salvation to all other sinners both religious and non-religious (Luke. 2:32; Acts 26:17,18).
  3. an instrument of restoration and unification of the body of Christ (cp. Luke. 2:32; John. 17:21; Ephesis. 4:13).
  4. an instrument of healing to the sick and deliverance to the possessed and oppressed of the devils (Matthew. 4:23,24).
  5. an instrument of warning to the adamant (cp. Ezekiel. 3:7-11).

It is this same 5-fold objectives that He later, in view of its urgency, rephrased and compressed into what we now know as The Lord’s 3-Fold End-Time Project, thus:


  1. To raise a great army of many Christians over the world for an imminent great harvest of souls.
  2. To bring about a great harvest of souls and the revival of the entire Church.
  3. To fulfill what He termed the pre-rapture necessity (cp. Eph. 4:11-13; 5:26,27).

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