The Question Now

The question the Lord is asking each and everyone of us today is; Is it a light thing that He has called us into such a Ministry – to bring sinners again to Him and to be a means of salvation unto the ends of the earth (Isaiah. 49:5-6).

It must be noted that God directly quoted this scripture to His servant – the General Watchman, sometime ago, after a unique evangelistic outreach.


Those who regard it a light thing join hands with the mixed multitudes who do not know where they are and what the ministry  is all about, to give themselves over to grumbling, murmuring and going about copying, and wanting the ministry to copy from those it is  meant to correct (Exodus. 12:37-38).


It is those who regard it a light thing that allow themselves to remain half-baked (Hosea. 7:8). Those who regard it a great thing hallow it and guard it jealously.  They don’t allow it to be contaminated or blamed through them (cp. 2 Corinthians. 6:3-10).  They are highly appreciative to God and go about whatsoever is committed into their hands in order to prosecute it, jealously, conscientiously and fearfully?  They take all aspects of it seriously – whether it is intercession, evangelism, financial contributions or whatsoever (Isaiah. 62:1-2).


Those who are new should also be appreciative and grateful to God for bringing them into such a place of rare truth and vision; give their lives wholly to Christ and join in the great assignment.  And those who do, the blessings of watchmen will definitely not elude them (cp. Numbers. 10:29, 32).

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