The sights and sound of the present day in our nation is that of dread, terror, bloodletting, ambushment, kidnapping, robberies, etc. And this is apparently because “the proverbial rat is having the field day as the cat went on a journey”. The True Church (spiritual prosecutors) have relaxed, so the criminal elements are having the field day. We need not wait for the sign of ‘Prophet Elisha’s experience’ before we act.(2Kgs.6)


The foundations (purposes, basis of being set up) are being destroyed (Ps.11:3) and the God endowed resources of the land meant for the kingdom work are being channeled to waste lands.


Politicians are generally after filling their pockets with the national cake and not bothered about the well being of the populace. All arms of the government have shown their gross limitation in managing the nation.


Therefore, the only way out is some divine intervention, and this can only come when people that have access to heaven SPEAK.


Joshua came to a point where he couldn’t risk delaying the conquest through accepting a national time rhythm. The divine mantle upon him spurred him to step into the divine regulation territory and adjust time rhythm to suit his purpose. He suspended the rotation of the planet earth for some hours until his desire was accomplished (Josh.10:12-14).


Samuel brought down rain at an odd season to make a statement to the erring Israelites (1Sam.12:16-19). Elijah spoke and fire came down from the sky and consumed the arrogant (2Kgs.1:5-14). Elisha prayed and disillusioned the soldiers that came to arrest him (2Kgs.6:12-22). The Lord Jesus stilled the storm with the word of His mouth. We are better placed than all the old Testament saints.


We have the Spirit of Christ, we can still every storm, and suspend every undesired circumstance. We have the power of life and death in our tongue (Pro.18:21) and we can move a mountain by faith. We can terminate, paralyze, suspend or fertilize any event.


Prayer Point: –

Ps.101:1 – Let’s appreciate God for His mercies upon us and the entire true Church of God. And for the grace that flows in the ministry.
1. Ps.52:1-9; Pro.1127,28 – (a) Let us tell the Lord that all sponsors of violence and blood letting are mischief makers and so should be judged as such. Let the Lord cripple their source of power and boasting. (b) Job 18:5-21 – Let us command misunderstanding between the sponsors and the militants/bandits/murderers/terrorists.
2. Judg.5:28-31 (a) Let us tell the Lord to arrest  the captain of the ravaging blood-shedding experience. Let us command the spirits behind their operations to be still.
3. 2Cor.10:1-5 – We have weapons capable of engagement in diverse fronts at the same time, for our God is not limited. We want to tackle all kidnapping, rings and ritualists. Let the Lord God make them naked and neutralize them and their businesses.
4. Gal.6:7 – Pray that the Lord will righteously judge all the people that have wrecked this nation through corruption.
5. Isa.53:4,5; Ps.91:3,6,9-10; Exo.8:23; 11:6,7 – Let us pray for a wall of protection around all brethren in places where there are viral plagues (coronavirus, lassa fever) if any is contaminated, let such be healed. Let us command the power/virulence of the germs to wither and let the plague stop.
6. Isa.54:15-17 – Talk to the Lord concerning the storms of your life, then proceed to command them to cease

f your life, then proceed to command them to cease

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