Reasons You Must Ensure to Please the Lord

Pleasing the Lord entails living a life worthy of the confession you have made about your Lord and Saviour and doing things that satisfy Him, that is constituting a pleasure and joy to Him (Rev.4:11). This can only be when one realizes that for this purpose  one is created and that if God is seen as one’s Lord, then one owes Him the duty of living to please Him (Rm.6:12, 16). Let’s see some of the things that every young person must ensure so as to please the Lord.           


When you do the things that please God, you will be able to remain and live as a child of God and also be able to stand against the plans of the enemy (Eph.6:10-13, 16). God will inturn stand by you and grant you victory (Jn.8:29). You will not be carried away by the ungodly trends of these last days and every wind blowing against the youths because, God will make you like a house built on the rock (Matt.7:21). Heaven will be yours at last (cons. Jn.14:1-3).

Note:   If you do not do the things that please God at all time, you will have the troubles of these last days to contend with and risk seeing God and being cast into hell (Matt.7:21-30). So escape while you may.

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