Today, we shall be looking at an incomparable and irreplaceable vehicle of the kingdom called faith (Heb.11:6).

Isa.40:28-31; Rom.10:17; Heb.10:35-38

Life can be described as a walk (2Cor.5:7), or race (1Cor.9:24-26), or likened to a flight (Isa.40:37). Everyone’s life in the kingdom is a function of the faith at work in him; for it is through faith that the kingdom principles are activated and sustained (Habk.2:4b;               Heb.10:38).


Faith (Gk – Pistis) means persuasion or credence with the idea of trust in God or His Christ. It is an art whose skill is honed/built to deliver (Heb.11:1; Rom.4:17-21; 1Sam.17:32-37). Capacity is built through hearing (information/revelation) and hearing (understanding) the word of God (Rom.10:17; 2Tim.4:13).


Faith demands that the thought be disciplined to avoid the truncation of its delivery (Pro.4:23; 23:7). Faith also demands discipline in the word (Pro.18:21; Matt.24:34) and in action (1Sam.1: 7-:10, 13-18; 2:3). Contrary actions do cancel out the effect of faith.


Fasting and Praying the Word in confidence increase/improve capacity (Mk.9:23, 29; 1Jn.5:14), but the skill is developed through training (practice)


Developed capacity enhances the level of command (Heb.5:13,14). Confession is a unit course in the programmes of faith (Rom.10:10).


Faith is a master key to GREATNESS (flight) in the kingdom (Heb.6:10,11; 10:23; 11:1-35). Because David had killed the lion and the bear, he did not hesitate to take on the giant (1Sam.17:32,36-37). It is imperative to note that if one loves the Lord and belongs to this ministry, all things have been designed to serve his betterment (Rom.8:28). Therefore, all that want to travel far and fly high should have faith.


Prayer Points:
1. Deut. 1:14, 4:1-2 – Let’s repent of our previous expressions of fear and doubt in life
2. Jas. 1:22 – Thank God for the truth received and pledge to be a doer of the word.
3. Ezek.37:1-10 – Exercise your faith by speaking to dry bones of your life
4. Mk.11:23 – Command mountain of life to move.

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