There are no comics, comedies, jokes and unseriousnes with God or even Satan. There is no levity (lightness or light-mindedness) at all. You say it and believe it, then  you have it or lose it, just as you confess. Rom.10:6-11


Confessions are very serious and powerful, by it you are taken serious and can be held liable  for what you say.  Spirits and some spiritual men understand this and so capitalize on what we confess to affect us either  positively or negatively. Focusing on the issue of accepting Jesus and being free from the shackles of sin and Satan, confession is very vital and powerful that God and Satan are seriously waiting to hear what you confess. Especially when the confession comes from the depths of your soul.


In the matter of salvation and eternity, you need to understand the meaning, place,  and impact of confession so as to make full use of it.

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