Before Moses died, he needed to remind them of all that the Lord did for them. He counseled  them to choose to follow the Lord (Deut. 30:19,20).


It is necessary that you remember what the Lord has done for you (your family, academic, work, spiritual life, His provisions, preservation and protection, etc). Today, you are in a new class, you have climbed to another level, many have also added a new year to their age, etc. This is God’s mercy.  If you look around, not every one of your peer has this testimony. Why not count your blessing today and see what the Lord has done, then you will see reasons to praise Him (Ps.103:1-5).


As you consider this, you must take note of God’s mind for doing all these (Rom.2:4). It is time to get committed and rededicated unto God this session. It is time to know Him more and more, serve and live for Him (cons. Phil.3:10). He, God, will in turn satisfy your longing soul.

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