February 25, 2020


Passage:   Ezk. 28:1-2; Jer. 10:10-11
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Bible Text:   Ezk. 28:1-2; Jer. 10:10-11 | CHARISMATIC HOUR (25/02/20)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                            THEY ARE NOT GOD

Texts:                             Ezk. 28:1-2; Jer. 10:10-11


In today=s Charismatic Hour, the LORD will have us take a stand on how we must go this year. To this end, HE has given us His Word and Spirit. These two gifts of the LORD are all we need to succeed and survive this terribly wicked world.


As we adjust our minds to walk with God this year, HE wants us to realise that HE is the only God who has power and authority. All other powers and forces that want to force their way into our lives must be resisted.


Today, we shall consider (i) The Enemy’s Plans, and (ii) The Lord’s Desire.


THE ENEMY’S PLANS (Isa. 14:12-14)

The Devil and his agents want to prove that they have power and authority to rule our live. They do this by manipulating our finances, businesses, families, academics, prayer life, etc. They want the husbands to fall out with the wives, children to quarrel with parents, teachers to hate the students and vise versa, pastors to disagree with the flock etc.


These devils want us to accord them some honour as though they are God. They want the government to play gods to us, and the other forces of wickedness to force us to give up our faith and allow our lives and wellbeing to depend on them (cons. Jn. 19:8-10). They want to force us to accept that our lives are in their hands.



The LORD wants us to enter into a Saviour-and-saved relationship with Him, by turning our lives entirely over to Him. HE wants us to realise that HE alone is the God that made the heavens and the earth. HE wants us to receive Him and relate with Him as our Maker and our God. HE also wants us to realise that our destiny and that of those who have constituted themselves as Gods are all in His hands.


Being entirely turned to Him and fully on His side, HE wants us to look at those forces and powers in the faces and tell them that they are not God, therefore they must perish. And since they have made themselves God, they will surely perish like Herod (Acts 12:20-23).


Therefore, today and throughout this year, we will tell those teachers, government officials, armed robbers, police, custom, etc that have decided to make themselves gods over our lives that they are not God, but man. The evil spirits already know that they are not God, therefore both them and those that consult them shall be taken out of the way.


This mind will grant us the needed boldness to excel this year in Jesus Name!


Let us rise now to tell them to their faces that they can’t continue in their wickedness, because they are not God.

HSCF: 135

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