July 23, 2019

The Appointed Time Has Come

Passage: Gen.18:10,14; Exo.3:7-8; Matt.11;28-29; 1Sam.2:1-10; Is.43:13; 45:5-23; Dan.2:19-22; Rev.1:17-18
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Bible Text: Gen.18:10,14; Exo.3:7-8; Matt.11;28-29; 1Sam.2:1-10; Is.43:13; 45:5-23; Dan.2:19-22; Rev.1:17-18 | Charismatic Hour 23/07/19

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Lagos


Topic:                            The Appointed Time Has Come

Texts:  Gen.18:10,14; Exo.3:7-8; Matt.11;28-29; 1Sam.2:1-10;  Is.43:13; 45:5-23; Dan.2:19-22; Rev.1:17-18.


From time immemorial, the Master knows and declares that He has his fixed time for all situations and circumstances in the spirit and physical world. No matter how out of hand a situation may be, He knows and declares that there is no cause for alarm. There is nothing like this matter has gone beyond what God can reverse or change (Isa.43:13). Consider Him that knows the end from the beginning, Who knows the time of the power of darkness (Lk.22:47-53). He told Abram that of surety his seed shall be strangers in a land that is not theirs and shall serve for a particular period of time, then His time will come for judgment; and He will judge every one according to his work. (Gen15:13-14). He uses every situation and circumstance to work out good for His own. Therefore, His day to do good as promised has surely come (Jer.29:11). Not as though He was dethroned, because there is time for everything. He is set to use you to show forth His praise. Be ready to publish your testimonies until all men will be asking you to take them to the Master that is in full control.


This message shall be consider under three sub-sections to achieve what God has appointed it for: (1) The Previous Time (2) The Master’s Profile (3) He Is In Charge.


The Previous Time (Job 1:6-12)

The Devil and his agents – the likes of Pharaoh, the Nebuchadnerzars, the Belshazars, the Herods that behaved as if there is no God (Exo.5:1-2,9; Dan.3:14-15;; Acts 12:1-2; 19-21). The man of God has declared to the church of the voice of an angel saying “WELCOME TO THE HUMILIATION PERIOD OF THE ALMIGHTY, AS IT WAS OF OLD”.


The Master=s Profile (Pro.21:30; Is.43:9-13; 45:5-10, 16-19,23; 1Sam.2: 2-10; Dan.2:19-22; Rev.1:5-8,17-18).

The Master=s profile is such that no being or thing can say no when He says yes or vice versa. Once one has gotten Him on his side, the matter is settled. After He has ruled on a matter, the case is closed. You don=t refer to whatever any other being or thing is saying or doing no matter the signs following the sayings or deeds.


He Is In Charge (Job 42:1-2,10; Ps.102:13; Jn.16:33; Is.45:22; 1Pet.5:7; Mt,11:28-29; Jn.8:36; 1Sam.2:1-10; Dan.2:19-22)

Rejoice O ye afflicted and all that are in sorrow for your time of freedom and comfort has come (Ps.18:3). Therefore, bring all your needs to Him in full assurance that there is no alternative to Him. Look away from all that are drawing your attention from focussing on Him alone; because He cannot share His glory with another (Is.48:11; 42:8). Go to Him for all your needs.


Let us rise and pray.



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