October 30, 2018


Passage:  Jn. 21:1-14
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Bible Text:  Jn. 21:1-14


The LORD Jesus Christ, the Supplier of our needs, and the Bishop and Shepherd of our souls is here again to lighten our burdens and give us rest. He has seen our toilings that seem not to be fruitful. He is announcing His presence in our midst once again. And as many as will recognize His presence, answer His simple question, understand and obey His clear instructions to the watchmen now will  enjoy  miracles from their direct labours,  divine provisions as well as full restoration in ministry in Jesus name. To realize these,   we shall consider this message in two sub-sections: (1) Jesus, Declaring His Presence By A Simple Question (2) Jesus, Declaring His Presence By Divine Instructions.


(1)       Jesus, Declaring His Presence By A Simple Question (John 21:5)

As Apostle Peter and six others went a fishing, trusting in their ability and experiences, they toiled all night but caught nothing. The LORD Jesus Christ, having been monitoring them as the Bishop and the Shepherd of their souls came to their rescue having seen their frustration, weariness and discouragement. He asked them a simple question, “Children, have you any meat?”  describing their action of abandoning His great  project for fishing as childish and fruitless.  They answered Him, “No”.


Today, many of us,  trusting in our abilities and experiences, have toiled in vain to get saved, sanctified, baptized, healed, delivered, prospered; break ancestral yokes and yokes of barrenness; become able ministers of the new testament, etc. Our LORD Jesus Christ, having been monitoring us as the Bishop and Shepherd of our souls has come to our rescue, having seen our frustrations, weariness and discouragements. Describing those actions as being childish and fruitless, He asks us the same question, “Children, have you any meat?” Today, as many as will humbly and sincerely answer this question shall get the LORD’s instructions which will usher them into realization of their expectations in Jesus name.


(2)       Jesus, Declaring His Presence By Divine Instructions  (John 21:6,7-9,10,11,12,13-14,15-19)

With the honest answer to His question, the LORD instructed them on what to do to realize their dream. As they did exactly that, they caught more than they expected. While they were joyfully drawing the multitude of fishes, their eyes were opened to see that it was the LORD. Peter quickly covered his nakedness (which was also symbolic of their backslidden state), and dived into the sea, and soon they were at the shore to meet Jesus. After they obeyed His directions, He then called them for dinner. After dining, He instructed them (indirectly) to return to His business.


As you tell yourself the truth of the childishness and fruitlessness of your approach to realize your dreams through carnal efforts and experiences, and receive the LORD’S divine instructions in faith,  you will get  more than you have desired in Jesus name. Are you a sinner or a backslider, see His instructions in: Prov.28:13; Acts 2:38-40; Jer.3:12-15. Are you desirous of sanctification, consider 1Thess.5:23; Ezek.36:25-27. Are you wanting Holy Ghost Baptism, see Jn.7:37-38.  Do you want to be healed or delivered, break ancestral yokes loosed, become an able minister of the New Testament, see the following instructions: 1Pet.2:24; Is.49:24-26; Mal.3:10-12; Prov.3:9-10; Lk.6:38; Matt.7:7-12. As you obey these Divine instructions in faith, you will have more than your expectations; your eyes will be divinely opened to more blessings the LORD has for you. These blessings will lead you unto perfection, kindle Divine fire that will enable you dine in His word, fellowship with the brethren and have more Divine provisions.


The LORD would have you reach out to others with the testimonies of His doings in your life. As you obey this and return fully to His service with your material, physical, financial and spiritual resources, He will make you an able minister of the New Testament in Jesus name (con. Matt.4:19; Acts 5:12-16). Let us rise up and embrace the LORD.


HSCF: 25; 31


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