November 1, 2018


Passage: Ps.119:126; Joel 1:13-15, 2:15-17
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                 DAY 1   01/11/2018





As we approach the end of the year (2018), the activities of the powers of darkness have continued to accelerate; targeted at frustrating and destabilizing the pilgrim on his way to heaven. (Matt.24:4-13, 20-22; 2Tim.3:1-5).


The time in which we are calls for serious prayers as there is progressive degeneration of all facets of life. We must therefore arise to pray without ceasing  that we might not fall into temptation (Matt.26:40-41; 1Tim2:1-3). The church must take her position to control the affairs of mankind, lest Prophet Elisha’s experience in Samaria will become a regular occurrence (cons. 2Kgs.6:24-33, 7:1-2). It is time to tell the Lord to work and change the situations in the nation and around us.


Prayer Points


  1. Ps.99:5-9 - The God whom we serve is a great and terrible Being, therefore let’s exalt and worship Him in the beauty of holiness.

∙         Let’s thank God for our General Superintendent, whom He has called for a great assignment (Isa.49:5-6). Also pray for his health and God’s preservation/protection, and that of his entire household.

∙         We have every reason to praise and worship God for the life of our Diocesan Pastor and his family and also for all our pastors and the entire congregation of the Watchman. (Lam.3:21-23).


  1. Ps.89:20-29, Heb.11:12 - God made this promise and covenant with His servant David because of His programme with him. In the same way, the Man of God has received a mandate from the Lord, there fore let’s pray: -

∙         That God will anoint him with fresh oil and establish/strengthen him in the work.

∙         That the enemy will not exact upon him, nor the son of wickedness afflict him anymore. Let God beat down all his foes before his face, and plague all that hate him (General Superintendent).

∙         That God’s faithfulness and mercy shall keep our General Superintendent and his family, let his horn be exalted; that as promised,  God should give him his heart desires.

∙         That his biological children should be kept and preserved, and that God should cause them to walk in His fear,  and they should be established.



  1. Jer.7:1-11, 5:23-29 - The church of the living God has backslidden, a lot of compromise has entered into the church, and truth is being watered down.

∙         As individuals and congregations, we must look inward and examine ourselves to see where we have gone astray, loosing our first love, commitment and consecration. Tell the Lord to revive us again . (Habk.3:1-2)

∙         Let’s pray that all the false prophets/preachers  be exposed and disgraced by the Lord (2Tim.2:8; Micah 3:5-7).


  1. Jer.5:26-31 - Looking at the state of the nation, one will agree with the prophet that horrible things are being done in this country, consider the activities of the Boko-Haram (BH), Fulani Herdsmen (FH), Kidnappers, and unfortunately the people that should stop these have turned deaf ears, or are rather assisting them.

∙         Let us lift up our lamentation unto our God against these wicked/evil people in this nation.

∙         Gen.9:6; Pro.28:17; 29:10a - Let Him arise and pour His wrath and His judgment upon those who go about shedding the blood of the innocent people in this country for ritual purposes: money and political power.

∙         Let the blood of the slain begin to speak against them until God’s judgment  severely falls upon them.

∙         Judg.5:19-20 - Let us call upon the heavens and earth with all the creation of God to rise and fight against them.

∙         Rom.1:32; Gal.6:7- Let’s pray that God will expose/judge all those who sponsor and support these evil men including those who are in position to stop them but kept aloof.


  1. Eph.3:16 - Tell God to grant you strength in the inner man so that you can stand in this evil times

∙         Exo.10:8-9, 24-26 - that God will save the entire members of our household and grant us resources and wherewithal to serve Him.

∙         Let us pray for our youths and children including the single brothers and sisters, that God’s grace will continue to guide and uphold them in this evil generation.


  1. Personal requests (Ps.20:1-4)


HSCF: 248, 251












Texts:            Ps.119:126; 83:1-18



The battle between the kingdom of darkness and that of light instigated by the Devil who had eternally lost his place before God, is not abating. The battle with man who was favoured by the Lord, which  started at the garden of Eden is still raging till now; but praise God for light remains a winner over darkness at all times (Matt.16:18-19; Rom.8:37-39).


As warriors at the war front, we must remember that, the hosts of darkness have laid a siege against the armies of the living God, using socio-economic, political and religious crises in an effort to strangulate the elect unto submission. Take a look at the events in the nation: drums of war are beating from the political arena; assassinations and kidnappings, terrorist activities everywhere; and no place seems secure as elections draw near.


We must therefore awake from our slumber and neutralize the activities of these enemies before it becomes too late. We must cry out saying, Lord, it is time for thee to work!”




  1. Ps.66:8-13, 19-20 - We have every cause to thank and praise this God Who has not allowed our enemies to overcome us.


  1. 1Sam.2:9-10 - The servant of God in our midst (the GS) who is the angel of this church is one of God’s saints therefore we must tell God...

*        To keep the feet of his servant at this end time so that nothing will distract him.

*        Let the adversaries of the Lord and His servant be broken in pieces;  ask God to thunder out of heaven upon them so that the wicked may be silent in darkness.

*        Tell God to endue His servant (our GS) with physical and spiritual strength:  exalt his horn and enable him carry out the assignment of bringing back Jacob to the Lord.


  1. Jer.4:31, 5:26-29 - Our land has been defiled by the incessant slaughtering of innocent and hapless people (Num.35:29-34).


*        Pray that all the murderers in this nation including their sponsors will receive their reward at the hand of God of justice and equity.

*        That all those who kidnap for money or ritual purposes would face the wrath of God. Let the Lord locate them and their customers and reward them accordingly. (Isa.26:9).

*        Ps.35:1-7 - Let the angel of God  go after those who massacre others to grab their lands, or rob others inorder to enrich themselves.


  1. Ps.83:1-4, 13-18 - All the secret agenda against the Church and those who are master minding them in this nation be exposed and neutralized by the God of heaven.

*        Let God persecute them with horrible tempest and make them afraid with His storm, let them be confounded and troubled for ever.


  1. Isa.59:14-16 - There is a lot of injustice and corruption in this nation; a nation where the offenders walk freely while the innocent/righteous suffer or get punished.

*        Let’s tell God to sanitize this nation in the way that He (God) seems best.

*        Pray that God will terrify those who have made themselves untouchable and above the law. Let all those who oppress and suppress the poor, fatherless, widows, pensioners, common man, etc get their reward from the righteous God (Gal.6:7).


  1. Isa.10:1-3 - Pray that those who make unrighteous decrees and write grievousness which they have prescribed (against the brethren and their business, the Church of the living God/the faith of the brethren) will not live to execute them.

*        Let God’s instrument of terror pursue them, and peace and joy should be far from them, and let noise be heard in their houses.


  1. Let’s pray for the Diocesan Pastor and the family that God will prosper his ministry and grant them good health, protection and deliverance in every area of their lives (Ps.44:1-6).

*        Also let us pray for all the ministers of the watchman (those in the mission field, districts and parish pastors) and their families that God will keep and guide them as they work in His vineyard.


  1. Pray for your personal needs (Jer.30:16-17).


HSCF: 234, 237, 238


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