February 19, 2019


Passage: Tit.1:1-3; Heb.6:13-18
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Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                                                GOD THAT CANNOT LIE!

Texts:                                                Tit.1:1-3; Heb.6:13-18


Many see God as they see men who capitulate on pressure and rescind their decisions. This lack of knowledge of who God is makes people including believers attend to Him and His word with lethargy; but God is unique and cannot be taken as a man. (Num.23:19).

Whatever God has promised (whether by revelation, prophesy or written word - the scriptures), must surely come to fulfillment irrespective of the passage of time (Habk.2:2-3).  Therefore, we must always, approach Him on the basis of the awareness that whatever He has promised, He will perform. (Isa.43:11-13; Josh.21:43-45; 1Kgs.8:56)

The message shall be considered under the following points: (1) The Personality Behind the Word (2) The Promise of a Great Personality (3) The Partakers of The Promises

  • The Personality Behind the Word (Mal.3:6; Micah 5:8-9; Exod.3:13-14).

The seriousness of every word or promise made to people, is always dependent on the estimation of the personality that made the statement or promise. The Lord God, and Jesus needed to introduce Themselves to our fathers in the faith because of this reason, so that they may have unwavering confidence in their Maker. (Gen.15: 1-6; 17: 1-3; Exod.3:13-15; 6:1-7; Deut.32:4; 1Sam.2:6-9; Rev.1:8,18) Therefore, we can say that God because of who He is cannot lie or fail in His promises, judgments/works because He has no challenger and not accountable to any (Rom.11:33-36). The heavens and the earth belong to Him; He formed all things by the word of His mouth and know the end from the beginning. (Psa.24:1; 145:13, Isa.46:9,10)


  • The Promise of a Great Personality (Heb.6:13-18).

Every word of God is yea and amen in Christ Jesus, therefore the promises of God to His people cannot fail. His promises (or word) to Abraham came to pass (Vs 14). The veracity  (truthfulness) of God’s word does not only hold when it pertains to Abraham, but at all times. His word revealed in all scriptures is perfectly true and His promises are trust worthy. (2Tim.3:16-17)

At such a time as ours, the Lord has a word of promise to His own elect because He knows what they are going through. (Ps.46:1-3; Isa.43:1-4; 46:3-4; 54:1-5; 14-17; 60: 1-7; Ps.91:1-16; Jer.33:10-11; Ps.11:5-7; Gen.15:1; Phil.4:19)


  • The Partakers of The Promises (Ps.50:14-23; Matt.7:6).

The faithful believers are invited by the Lord to call upon Him in times of need and trouble. God desires to hear our prayers, to help us and have His name exalted as the One who rescues His people. The promises of God are for those who trust and keep His commandments because He cannot give His holy promises to dogs.


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