February 21, 2019


Passage: Micah 4:8-13
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(Prayer Meeting – 21/02/19)
Text: Micah 4:8-13
The Prophet foresaw the restoration of badly damaged and diminished Judah. The people of Jerusalem cried out aloud that all her neighbours may take notice of her grief. Instead of ruling the nations as she did when she sat a queen, she was being ruled by them and has become a captive. Her counselors have perished; she was given to the will of her enemies and was governed by their counselors. “Pangs had taken her”, she was exposed to all manner of inconveniences, being in misery and pain waiting to be delivered like a woman in travail.
But God’s promises came to her with a big question, “Why dost thou cry out aloud?” The Prophet was made to know that the grief and fears will be silenced, for though things were bad with them, they will end well; their pangs were not as dying agonies, but as travailing throes, which after a while will be forgotten, for the joy. (Micah 4:9-10)
Today, the Church of the living God is facing stiff oppositions in the world because of the activities of the wicked ones as predicted by the Lord (Matt.24:4-12; 2Tim.3:1-4). The Lord has a programme with the Watchman because of her mandate (Isa.49:5-6), therefore we must comfort ourselves with this, “Whatever straits we may be reduced to, the Church must continue until the coming of the Messiah”. (Micah 3:12; Ps.33:10-11). The gathering together of the wicked ones against the Church of Christ shall be the occasion of their ruin. So let us ponder anew on what God can do and anchor anew in the New Watchman and God’s programme. (Matt.16:18-19; Isa.8:8-10).
Prayer Points.
(1) Let’s appreciate God by ministering to Him through hymns and praises – HSCF 1, 2, 20.
(2) Isaiah 8:8-10 – Because God is with us, there is no cause for alarm.
 Tell the Lord to scatter and break to pieces all that have ganged up in this nation to rig election, cause mayhem or war in any parts of the state/country
 Let God disappoint every person that has an evil agenda against the Church of the living God, let such suffer a colossal loss (Isa.44:24-26; 1Sam.2:10).
(3) Amos 5:8 – Let the evil men and women in this land who have seen themselves as gods be disgraced by the Lord, and be visited with the reward of their evil doings.
(4) Matt.16:18 – Let us bind all activities of the people who are sponsoring, encouraging and executing any form of evil/wickedness in this nation.
(5) Isa. 43:19, 65:13,18 – Let’s call upon God to give us a country where no man is oppressed – the New Nigeria.
(6) Pass a decree that it is only God’s counsel that will stand in this forth coming election no matter what anybody may do (Isa.54:15; Ps.33:10-11).
(7) Pray for the GS and his family: ask God to bring to manifestation all His promises concerning His servant (Ps. 21:1-13).
(8) The Diocesan Pastor and family must be preserved and guided by the Lord (1Sam.2:9).
(9) Pray for yourself and others in the Church, let the heart desire of the righteous be granted (Matt.7:7).

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