April 4, 2019


Passage: 1:13-16; 6:6-10; Micah 7:7-11
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Bible Text: 1:13-16; 6:6-10; Micah 7:7-11Series: FIRST FRUIT FAST – APRIL 1ST – 7TH | INTRODUCTION:

When surrounded by a morally sick and spiritually lost society, the Prophet put his faith in God and trusted Him to fulfill His promises. The Prophet having sadly complained of the wickedness of the times he lived in, here fastens upon some considerations for the comfort of himself and his friends in reference there unto. The case is bad but it is not desperate, now there is hope in Israel concerning this thing (Micah 7:7-9).u and the brethren to enable you fit into the new Watchman.

Prophet Micah showed great faith in God as he proclaimed that he would wait upon God who hears and saves when help is needed. He has the confidence that God would bring him and the people through when times are tough, he will be patient knowing that the enemies cannot prevail. Though enemies triumph and insult now, they shall be silenced and put to shame.

How proudly the enemies of God’s people trample upon them in their distress, they are saying “where is the Lord their God”. As if because they were afflicted God had forsaken them, and they knew not where to find Him with their prayers and fasting. In their reproach they see the people of God as abandoned people and they reflect on their God as unkind and unfaithful one.

There is a message of hope coming to God’s people as the Prophet was informed “in the day that thy walls are to be built, in that day shall the decree be far removed” (Micah 7:11). The decree shall be far removed – God’s decree concerning the captivity and Nebuchadnezzar’s decree concerning the perpetuality of it, his resolution never to release them, these shall be set aside and revoked, the yokes upon their necks shall be broken. After these, then their wall shall be built (salvation, deliverance, defense, favour, prosperity, good health etc) (Isa.43:19-20). The Watchmen have received a lot of information that should serve as boosters, propellers in their earthly pilgrimage. The man of God informed us recently that “the Jordan must give way “and in our Sunday light message, we saw that “the lines have fallen for us in pleasant places”. (Ps.16:6)


Prayer Points

HSCF 1, 2, 144 – Appreciate God for His grace upon your life and other brethren during this fasting exercise. Also let us appreciate Him for the testimonies that are already abounding.
Job 42:1-2, Lk.1:37 – Many are boasting themselves to be in-charge and must rule others at all cost, but our God is the final umpire who decides the judgment of every man.
Tell God to prove that the Heavens do rule in Nigeria by disgracing those that believed they were born to rule whether they are qualified or not.
Ps.22:28 – All the nations are under the rulership of the Almighty God, so Nigeria is like a drop of a bucket before Him. Let’s tell God to show His power/might in this country so that the people will fear Him (Ps.83:13-18).
Ps.86:8-9 – Ask God to cause the promised end-time revival by visiting all the nations of the world and granting the Watchman and other living Churches open doors.
Eccl.7:12, 10:19 – The project of the Watchman is capital intensive and enormous. We need money to execute the project, therefore tell God to supply the financial resources to the Watchman brethren and make them financial pillars.
Ps.32:8; Gen.26:13 – The man of God needs our prayers seriously and on daily basis. Tell God to instruct His servant concerning the Watchman and her programmes.
 Let God teach him the way he should pirate the movement and give him people that understand his mindset.
Pray against every opposition that is facing the Diocesan Pastor and the Lagos Diocese. Let God take them out of the way so that the ministry and the Diocese will move forward.
Ps.108:11 – Pray and tell God to teach you His ways and direct your heart to fear Him in this new Watchman, so that you may not loose your ministry.
 Ask God to renovate you and the brethren to enable you fit into the new Watchman.


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