February 12, 2019


Passage: Daniel 3:10-17, 20-25, 27-30
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Bible Text: Daniel 3:10-17, 20-25, 27-30Series: 21 DAYS FAST AND PRAY 2019 | INTRODUCTION:

The knowledge of who God is will help us to successfully navigate the storms of this life, making us stand tall in the midst of oppositions to the amazement of others. In our text, the three Hebrew children were able to survive Nebuchadnezzar’s unrighteous decree and fiery furnace. Instead of being consumed, they came out with promotion, their God being exalted by the King.

As the Watchmen ponder anew what the Almighty can do and what He has done in time past, their faith will arise to face every situation/challenge on their ways. The God whom we serve is still the same God of the Hebrew children, even the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Daniel, Mordecai and Esther (Isa.45:19, Mal.3:6, Num.23:19). As we maintain cordial relationship with Him through a life of holiness (and obedience to His commandments), He will fight our battles anytime, and anywhere. Therefore. let no man’s heart fail him (Exod.14:14, 1Sam.17:32).


Prayer Points

HSCF 10, 20 – The One that exists by Himself and has no beginning or end, should be worshipped with all our heart/soul for calling us into the ministry (1Cor.1:27).
43:1-7 – There can never be two that answer Jehovah, therefore no matter the voice or threat of the enemy, God still remains who He is.

Pray and ask God to help you realize His will for your life.
Ask God to open your eyes to know Him better and increase your faith in Him (Phil.3:10).

43:2 – Tell yourself that no fire of affliction, no water/river of problems will be able to swallow you in this your heavenly journey.
28:1 – As a Watchman, ask that the Spirit of God be released afresh upon your life so that the boldness of the lion of Judah will be in you to preach and face challenges as they come (Acts 4:23-24, 29).
Acts 4:30-31 – Pray that uncommon miracles that cannot be duplicated by Satan will begin to manifest in the Watchman locations at the hands of our G.S and his lieutenants (Watchman Pastors).
63:1-2 – Ask God for His encounter in your life and ministry, so that His name will be exalted everywhere as in the days of the three Hebrew children and Daniel.
Ps.102:13, 17-20 – Pick up somebody in the church that is undergoing some traumatic or reproachful experience and ask that the Lord shows His power to him/her.

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