November 15, 2018


Passage: Matthew 5:8
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Bible Text: Matthew 5:8Series: CHRIST’S SERMON ON THE MOUNT (PART 6)



INTRODUCTION: We have so far in this series titled “Christ’s Sermon On The Mount” considered, The Blessedness of: The Poor In Spirit, They That Mourn, The Meek, They That Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness and The Merciful.  Today’s Bible Study is bringing us to what may be viewed as the most comprehensive of all the Beatitudes, where holiness and happiness are put together, namely: “Blessed Are The Pure In Heart”.  The topic is broken into these three sub-headings for easy assimilation and better appreciation of the lessons intended:  The Pure In Heart, The Possibility Of Receiving and Retaining A Pure Heart and The Perfect Blessedness of The Pure In Heart


The Pure In Heart (Matt. 5:8). The word rendered pure in English is the Greek word katharos, meaning clean, pure, clear, in a natural sense (cons. Matt. 27:59; Jn. 13:10; Rev. 15:6; 22:1).  In a spiritual sense, it also means clean or pure from pollution and guilt of sin (Matt. 5:8; Jn. 13:10; 15:3).  It means free from stain or soiling (cp. 1Tim. 1:5; 3:9).


The pure in heart are those who have not only received forgiveness of their sins and the earnest of the Spirit of Christ (cp. Eph. 1:7, 13-14), but also had their hearts cleansed of every form of Adamic nature and inward defilement; those whose hearts have been purged of all motions and tendencies of sin (Rm. 6:6; 1Thess. 5:23).  The pure in heart are those who have been cleansed of all fleshly and worldly lusts, unchaste thoughts as well as all covetousness which is termed filthy lucre (cp. 1Tim. 3:3,8;Titus 2:12; 3:3; 1Pet. 2:11).  Pure heart is a heart that has been completely circumcised and filled with perfect love for God and man (Deut. 30:6).  It is a heart that has been made pure, like unmixed wine and unmuddied water (Isa. 1:22; Heb. 10:22).


The Possibility Of Receiving and Retaining A Pure Heart (Ps. 51:7-10; Ezk. 36:25-26). Pure heart cannot be had any other way than receiving it as a gift from God, like forgiveness of sin (Ps. 51:10; Ezk. 36:25-26).  Having a heart made pure and free from all impurities, ulterior motives, insincerity, covetousness, self-centredness, etc, is very possible, as with God all things are possible (cp. Matt. 19:26).  Having a pure heart is God’s will for all His children, and He has provided and paid for it in His Son Jesus Christ (cp. 1Thess 4:3, 7; Heb. 13:12).  Faithful is He who promised it and who will do and has been doing it (Deut. 30:6; 1Thess 5:24).  Note, it will be unrighteous of God to demand the impossible from His children, seeing that without a pure heart, no one can see Him (Matt. 5:8; Heb. 12:14; Rev. 21:27).




Receiving a pure heart is possible for those believers who, after realizing their guilt, take a step further to consecrate their all to God (cp. Lk. 9:23-25; 14:26, 33), and cry out in hearty prayers of faith (cp. Ps. 51:7-10; Rm. 10:13).  Those who, on daily basis, lay their all on the altar of consecration, constantly feeding on the pure word and being watchful in prayer, are able to maintain their heart in a pure state (cp. Matt. 26:44; Eph. 6:13-18; 1Thess. 5:17).  Note, true Christianity lies in purity of heart.  We must lift up to God not only clean hands but also pure hearts (cp. Ps. 24:4,5; 1Tim. 1:5).


The Perfect Blessedness of The Pure In Heart (Matt. 5:8). The perfection of the soul’s happiness is in seeing God face to face, and not as in a dark glass (1Cor. 13:12; 1Jn. 3:2).  To see Him forever and never to lose sight of Him, is the fullness of heaven’s happiness.


This perfect happiness of seeing God as He is, is promised to those and only those who are pure in heart. The impure cannot see Him.  As God cannot endure to look upon their impurity, so they cannot endure to look upon His purity, nor any unclean thing enter into the new Jerusalem (Habk. 1:13; Heb. 12:14; Rev. 21:1-3, 27).  Seeing God as we may by faith, in the present state, is a heaven upon earth, and seeing Him as we shall in the future state, is the heaven of heaven (cp. 1Cor. 13:12; Heb. 11:27; 1Jn. 3:2).


Besides, it is the pure in heart that can live right before God.  And great blessings also await such on the earth (cp. Job. 22:21-29; 8:5-7; Pro. 14:34).


Rise and let us pray.


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