November 13, 2018

God Is Not A Man   

Passage: Num.23:19, 20-24; Is.54:11-17
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At all times and in all seasons, God expects those who come to Him to bear in mind that  He does not/cannot fail in any of His promises. He wants man to have implicit faith and hope in what He has said, because there is no reason why He should fail in redeeming all He has promised. So today, He wants the statement, “God Is Not a Man” explained. Too, He wants us to draw from all He has said in our favour. So, let’s draw faith that yields miracles from the following points: (1) God Is Not A Man Explained (2) Drawing From What God Has Said.                  


(1)    God Is Not A Man Explained (Num. 23:19)

A very good, trustworthy, rich, and liberal man can give somebody a promise but not fulfill it just because he is mortal and limited. He may turn out to be a liar indeliberately and have cause to unavoidably change his promise. But God, who is absolutely (without measure) good, faithful, rich and liberal is also immortal and unlimited. He knows what everyone qualifies for or will qualify for. All He needs to fulfill His promises are at His disposal at all times. Therefore, He can neither lie nor change deliberately or indeliberately. So, has He made you any promise? He wants you to rejoice. They are as sure as death, for nothing can stop Him from bringing them to pass in your life in Jesus name.


(2)    Drawing From What God Has Said (Isa. 54:11-17; Num. 23:20-24)

To the afflicted, tossed with tempest and not comforted, the LORD says that He will lay your stones with fair colours and your foundation with sapphires, make your windows of agates, your gates of carbuncles, and your borders of pleasant stone. Simply put, He has promised to make you blossom, strong and beautiful. Don’t imagine how He will do this. His Spirit is still moving everywhere, His angels are still at His disposal as well as other creatures of His that can bring them to pass. Just believe and begin to thank Him for doing just that.


He has also promised that your children shall be taught of the LORD and that great peace shall be their lot. He further has promised you freedom from oppression and terror, victory over all your opposers and their oppositions (even stiff ones). Protection and a tongue that will condemn your enemies are among these promises. He has equally declared irreversible blessings, His ever presence and the shout of a King among you. He declares that you have been brought out already from the land of darkness, lifted and raised as a great lion.


As you soak your thoughts with these pronouncements/promises, confess and claim them with thanksgiving before His presence, you will observe immediate changes in your state in Jesus name. Their manifestations can never fail as you do this, for God cannot be hindered or prevented from fulfilling His promises.


You can rise up now with praises to the LORD and declare yourself blessed, beautified, protected, saved, raised/lifted up,  strong, victorious, etc. The stiff and longtime oppositions are over in Jesus Name. You can now remind the LORD of all He has said in your favour.


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