What Confession Does

confirms your acceptance of God’s offer for salvation

– confirms your rejection of Satan and all his evil works

– confirms God’s acceptance of you into the kingdom of Christ.


You must also understand that conviction and faith in the heart is what produces confession. As you come to Jesus to be accepted and adopted into sonship, you need to:-


  1. confess your wrongs before Him (repenting) and confessing never to return to them again (Mk.1:5; 1Jn.1:9; Acts 19:18).
  2. confess your rejection of sin and Satan, and confess your acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary, His resurrection and Lordship over you. (Rom.10:9-10).


The moment you make these confessions and mean them in your heart, God automatically accepts you as His child.

Please note that you don’t need to see any sign, vision, powerful effect, fall or feel anything special. You just believe! So long as you are serious and mean those confessions with all your heart, you are  forgiven, cleansed and accepted by God (Rm.10:6-7). Yes! it is as simple as that!


The moment you repent, and confess it all as stated above, God’s automated faithfulness gets activated and you become accepted (1Jn.1:9; Rm.10:10b). Your faith in this is what builds the assurance of salvation in your heart and works out further confirmation of joy, peace, etc as you grow (or go further) in your relationship with God.

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