An adverse weather condition in the spiritual, physical, material, financial, etc, that poses a danger to our lives and faith is termed a ‘storm’.

This could also be some sinful habits that are about destroying your life and rubbishing your faith.


It could equally be that there is a development that is shaking your trust in the LORD and you are becoming confused as to whether the LORD is still with you or not. That’s a storm in your life.


  • Has a situation of discouragement arisen in your life? That’s a storm in your life.
  • Are you misunderstood, misinterpreted or misrepresented by the people that should be an encouragement and motivation to you? That’s a storm in your life.
  • Are you so scared with developments around you or within you that you are saying LORD “I am finished”? That’s a storm in your life.
  • Think of any adverse condition that wants to swallow you up or sweep you away spiritually, physically, materially, financially, ministerially, etc. That’s a storm in your life. Mk. 4:38-39


Today, all the storms in your life will be stilled in Jesus Name. Call on Him to speak to all that trouble you. Awake Him with a patos and serious plea and He will still all the tempest in your life in Jesus Name.


Adverse weather conditions that threaten our lives and faith in God abound, but those who put their trust in the LORD always see the storms stilled. They are never swallowed up or swept away by such negative developments.


As you put your trust in Him today, the storms in your life will be over in Jesus Name (cons. Matt. 7:24-25; Mk.4:37-39).


Miracles that will stun your life and boost your faith in God will accrue to you in Jesus Name

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