The Purpose And Benefits of Resource centres

Resource centres serve the purpose of doing research, reading, easy access to information and providing the extra academic support to a student who may need further help after lectures where he was not able to understand a concept, skill or topic in class.  Students and teachers in any education sector can take advantage of this to improve and advance their learning process.

Using resource centres this way helps build confidence in your ability to work independently.  Such students climb the success ladder fast and excel more their contemporaries and even teachers (Psalm 119:99-100).


You have the privilege of  learning at your pace and choosing what to study and how to do so (2Tim. 2:15).


Some centres have instructors or specialists on ground to assist students in learning and use of  hardware and software.


There are also Community learning centers where students can go for help during non-school hours.  Such visits (to off-school resource centers) go a long way to ensure their success in the classroom.


Sowing your spare time in these resource centers yields dividends of a glorious future and a reign with kings (Ps. 126:5-6; Prov.22:29; cons. Gal.6:7). A studious pupil will eventually become a blessing to himself, family, country and the world at large.


Discover the nearest resource centre or library close to you and utilize its facilities and do not depend only on class work.

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