The Banner Of God Must Fly And Reasons

For any youth to fly God’s banner, such youth must be born again because God do not use unclean vessels (Psa 66: 18; 1: 4 – 6).

They must be youths who are grounded in the word of God and are determined to maintain the old landmark of God’s truth and his righteousness (Prov 23: 10, 26; 22: 28).


Examples of youths that were determined that God’s banner must fly and reasons:

  1. Phinehas – Num 25: 7 – 8, to stop God’s pending judgment on Israel.
  2. David – 1sam 16: 12 – 13; 17: 8,10, 45, to stop the defiling of God’s name and refusing for his name to be rubbished by Goliath.
  3. Daniel – Daniel 6: 3, 5, 10 – 11, to ensure that the banner of prayer fly above the decree of man.
  4. The Three Hebrew Children – Daniel 3: 13 – 18, they refuse to bow down to baal despite the threat by the King thereby making God’s banner to fly.


  1. Elijah – 1kings 18: 21 – 22, 30 -39, to destroy the belief and altar of baal thereby raising God’s banner of His mighty works.
  2. Hezekiah – 2kings 18: 1 – 7, he raised God’s altar thereby destroying other altars.
    • God is looking for young youths who will be like the Daniel and Phinehas to take their stand and defeat the banners and altars of unrighteousness in the various schools thereby with determination that God’s banner must fly in prayers, evangelism, living a holy life and walking in the right paths.

You can be used by the Lord as a great vessel.

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