It can only be at creation by the word of God that ocean suddenly came to be. Otherwise other gatherings of water (large or small) is continual droppings or gatherings from a particular source. We can say that there is no ‘ocean’, river, pond, etc without a source


No one ever comes to physical maturity at once or even at birth. One has to go through the process of growth for years. In like way, owning a legitimate fat bank account can hardly come suddenly unless by continual drops of funds into that account. We want to discuss on the possibility of a youth making an ocean in this area through little drops (savings).


What You Must Understand

  • Savings is an ancient practice that has been a ‘saviour’ of nations, states, institutions, families and individuals. If you don’t save your cash today, you will spend the whole of your life struggling to survive (for lack of cash).
  • Saving for us as students or youths is that money you put by, that you do not need to spend. Many times youths think that they do not earn income and so do not have money to spend yet they receive money one way or the other every day as gifts, pocket money, snacks money, etc. They should begin to see this as their income and decide not to squander it all at once.  They will constitute the little drops being discussed today.



Critically looking at the text, you’ll discover that Egypt was saved from the famine/hunger because they saved. Any nation that does not save will serve hard. You don’t have to earn or have access to too much money before you save. Savings is like the ground to germinate. Every income you have, as gifts, salary/wages, etc has a portion that is not consumable – it is the seed/savings. If you consume it, you are not hoping to be happy tomorrow.


However little it may look, save it! It does not mater how often you receive the gift of cash, just save. The mighty floods you see sweeping gigantic edifices away did not emerge suddenly, it came rather by the continual dropping of rain.


Warran Buffet, a one time world richest man, started this practice at about age 11, until he financially exploded to rank the world’s richest man.

When you save, you are simply;

  • S – Separating yourself from the poverty class
  • A – Adding value to your life, don’t consume your value
  • V – voting poverty out of your future
  • E – Emancipating your future from financial servitude and slavery.

While this is a practise of the self-discipline and principled youths. Have a personal savings plan (PSP). Explore the insurance savings option.


Note: Take note that most of the snacks students consume doing break and after school hours are just junks destroying their health and future. Avoid them and save such money.  You can gradually save for your education.  Start today.

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