April 7, 2024

Transcribed Message: God sent His son by Pastor Bede Ogu

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Easter Retreat 2024

I welcome every one of us once again to this special Easter retreat of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Ritual Movement worldwide.


This retreat promises to be a time of personal and deep encounters with the Spirit of Grace, the one sent from above to help our infirmities and inabilities in our struggle through life. He is the one sent by our loving and merciful Father to open our eyes and to grant us awareness, grant us deep insight into the things the Lord has freely given unto us.


This day and throughout this retreat, the faithful Father whose good pleasure it is to give us the kingdom will grant us enablement to switch camps. He will come over even at the point of our needs and cause us to come over to his side to partake in and be in possession of those things he has freely given unto us.


The man of God, the servant of the Lord in our midst has opened our eyes to understand that two kingdoms are at work, each one laboring to get our attention and cooperation to establish their base in our lives and to use us as a launching pad and their kingdom. In this retreat, the Lord, the head of the kingdom of light and life, urges us to make good consideration and good judgments and switch camps to ensure that we are on his side and firmly rooted in his kingdom.


His good consideration and good judgments stem from the fact that God will never hold or withhold his inexhaustible resources in these last days of grievous lacks in the lives of multitudes. In these days of great needs and horrible challenges facing our generation, his understanding will be prominent in all the messages the Lord is bringing our way. This is the retreat.


We need to open our hearts and receive and benefit from everything that the Lord has in stock for us. I would like every one of us to stand on his or her feet and open our hymn books to hymn number 206. Let us sing and defy our hearts and prepare to receive from the table of the Lord.


Selected hymns and songs for Christian Fellowship number 206. ♪


God is here, and that to bless us.
With the Spirit’s quickening power;
See the cloud already bending,
Waits to drop the graceful shower.

Let it come, O Lord, we pray Thee,
Let the shower of blessing fall;
We are waiting, we are waiting,
Oh, revive the hearts of all.

God is here! We feel his presence
In this consecrated place;
But we need the soul refreshing
Of His free unbounded grace.
God is here! Oh, then, believing,
Bring to Him our one desire;
That His love may now be kindled,
Till its flame each heart inspire.
Saviour, grant the prayer we offer,
While in simple faith we bow,
From the windows of Thy mercy
Pour us out a blessing now.



Lift up the name of Jesus Above every situation and circumstance In and around our lives

We lift up the name of Jesus Above every gang up From the kingdom of darkness Against our lives Against the provisions of God For our souls

Lift up the name of Jesus The name above every name Name of the mention of which every knee bows

We lift up that name right now Above every situation in every heart Every frustration and every confusion

Lord, we ask that the power that is in this name Will tear apart every veil that has hitherto covered the eye That has hitherto covered the heart That hath made the person not to profit from the reign of God’s word.

Dependable Father, I ask that your right hand of power will move And will dismantle every opposition to your word in our lives And cause this world to give the desired dividend That every one of us will have a testimony at the end of this time And will be a part of that kingdom for which Jesus died.

Thank you very, very much Glory and honor and power and dominion be unto You, everlasting King And let your grace shine into the depths of our hearts To bring us into that for which you called us And let us be brought into it without measure Glory be to your holy name In Jesus’ victorious name we pray And amen.



The message before us titled God sent his son, a prince of life, to bless you God sent his son, a prince of life, to bless you It is a heartwarming and gladdening information That the almighty God, the creator of the ends of the earth Sent his son, the one in whom is life The one that is the word of God personified He sent him into this world to bless you.

When I mean you, I mean you personally Yes, the singular purpose of Jesus leaving the glories of heaven And coming down to this earth That is filled with gross darkness and troubles Is simply to bless you.


Let us look at our lead scripture in Acts of the Apostles Chapter 3, reading from verse 1

Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer in the ninth hour And a certain man lame from his birth was carried Whom they led daily at the gate of the temple which is called beautiful To ask alms of them that entered into the temple Who, seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple, asked an alms And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something from them Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none But such as I have, give I to thee In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk And he took him by the right hand and lifted him up And immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength And he, leaping up, stood and walked and entered with them into the temple Walking and leaping and praising God And all the people saw him walking and praising God And they knew that it was he who sought for alms at the beautiful gate of the temple And they were filled with wonder and amazement At that which had happened unto him And as the lame man who was healed held Peter and John All the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon’s porch Greatly wondering And when Peter saw it, he answered the people Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? Or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness We have made this man whole, this man walk? The God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob, the God of our fathers Have glorified his son Jesus Whom ye delivered up and denied in the presence of Pilate When he was determined to let him go For you denied the Holy One and the just And desired a murderer to be granted unto you And killed the Prince of Life Whom God had raised from the dead Of which we are witnesses And his name, through faith in His name Has made this man strong, whom you see and know Yea, a faith which is by him Hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all And now brethren, I know that through ignorance you did it As did also your rulers But those things which God before had shown by the mouth of all his prophets That Christ should suffer, he has so fulfilled Repent therefore and be converted That your sins may be blotted out When the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord And he shall send Jesus Christ, who before was preached unto you Whom the heavens must receive Until the time of restitution of all things Which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the ages began For Moses truly said unto the fathers A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren like unto me Him shall you hear in all things Whatsoever he shall say unto you And it shall come to pass That every soul who will not hear that prophet Shall be destroyed from among his people From among the people And all the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after As many as have spoken Have likewise foretold of these days.

Verse 25: You are the sons of the prophets And of the covenant which God made with our fathers Saying unto Abraham And in thy seed Shall all the kindred of the earth rest Unto you first God having raised his son Jesus Christ sent him to bless you In turning away Every one of you From his iniquity Prior to the coming of the son of God The prince of life The Lord Jesus Christ into this world Our lives were alienated from God Our lives were completely separated And alienated by reason of rebellion and sin Man was under the unfettered influence and dominion of the devil And man’s life was at the devil’s whims and caprices It was whatever he chose to plant, he planted it Whatever he chose to accomplish, he accomplished He had unfettered influence He had unfettered dominion When the man and his wife were cast out of the garden And into the realm of this world Where the devil had already been cast down to And then an angel and the flaming sword Were put at the entrance of that garden So that the man should not return He should go out there under the influence of his new master And will be able to know the difference By the experience he would pass through Under this satanic influence and interaction The wickedness of man became great in the earth And every imagination of the thoughts of his heart Became only evil and dark continually We see this in



Genesis chapter 6 and verse 5 This situation is regrettable And very painful in God’s heart Because of the love in his heart for man He had created man He had longed for children that are image And after his likeness He had angels, innumerable company of them He had created every other thing, living and non-living But then he needed somebody that was like him He needed children And so he said, let us make man our image After our likeness So he went ahead and created man And man became the center of God’s love He loved him because it was part of him It was not long, the devil came around And lured the man into rebellion The devil had rebelled earlier And had been cast out of God’s presence, out of heaven And cast into this realm of the earth And so when he deceived the man and his wife Into rebelling against God, like he did Passed through the woman and got the man God had to cast them out Now, after casting man out God could not contemplate losing the man of his love forever He could not contemplate losing his children And going childless How would he lose man forever To share the fate of Satan Who had earlier rebelled and had been cast out How would he lose man and send him to hell A horribly unimaginable place of torment That was specially made For the devil and the rebellious angels with him And now man has obtained the same fate By getting into the same rebellion That these angels had gotten into Their fate had become hell Their place of punishment had become hell Because the same rebellion that took Satan to hell Took the angels that rebelled against him to hell The same rebellion that made God to create hell in the first place Was the same rebellion they entered into And so the righteous God would not condone such evil But then, being the object of his love We’ll find in Matthew 25 verse 41 That hell was originally created for Satan And for the angels that rebelled with him But then, by reason of the same rebellion Man was destined to be there Being the object of God’s love The Lord planned not only to rescue man from this self-dictated jeopardy and trauma But also to restore him to the original glory and blessings Prepared for him before he was created To achieve this, God transformed his world into a human being With the purpose of, number one Representing man and taking his place To bear the punishment of death The result of man’s sin of rebellion The Bible has stated and that in numerous places That the wages of sin is death And in Genesis chapter 2 verse 15 to 17 God had spoken concerning man He said, don’t eat a fruit of this tree And freely eat every other one But the one that is in the midst of this garden Don’t eat its fruit In Genesis 2 verse 15 And the Lord took man And put him into the garden of Eden To till it and to keep it And the Lord God commanded the man saying Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil Thou shalt not eat of it For in the day that thou eatest thereof Thou shalt surely die That was the commandment of God to the man To keep him in submission To make him responsible and submissive to him Gave him that rule, that law But it was not long The devil came along in Genesis chapter 3 And told the woman, wife of the man That doing that which God had forbidden them to do Was not going to bring the result that God promised it would Originally woman and her husband Had been created like God They were already like God And the devil deceived them Into looking away from their present position Into seeking that which they already had To develop a covetous mind For that which God had already provided them He said if you disobey God If you rebel against him If you cast his commandment over your head And refuse to obey it You will become like God You will not die The consequences he told you is not there Is not possible And they obeyed the devil by choice They obeyed God They chose to trust the devil And distrust God And the moment that happened They died Here we are cut off from the source of life Here we are cut off from God That had been ministering life The life of God had been flowing in their lives So when God came The sin of rebellion The sin of disobedience Had made them naked Whenever any person commits sin Comes naked Dark naked It is your relationship with God Your submission to God Your obedience to God Your living according to what God has demanded That brings the clothing of God’s glory upon your life But the moment somebody rebels And sins against God That glory departs from them That clothing removed And he becomes naked The people that are in the occult The people that have known the depth of Satan And the people whose eyes God can open from time to time They can recognize somebody that is in church Somebody that is physically clothed like a Christian Like a child of God But who is living in sin A way to identify that person spiritually Either by the enablement of devils Or by the opening of the eye of the individual By the spirit of God A way to know it The person will appear naked Spiritual realm They are naked That was why when Adam and Eve sinned against God As God, they had the voice of God in the garden They saw that they were naked And they ran And the moment they told God We were naked And we had to run to hide He said, what? Being naked That means you have done the thing I asked you not to do You have eaten of that fruit So it can only be rebellion It can only be disobedience to God’s law That can strip somebody naked spiritually In the day that the children of Israel Committed idolatry in the wilderness When they were dancing around the molten calf And Moses came down And discovered that what God told him in the mount Was exactly what happened People were in sin They were in rebellion Approached Aaron And he asked Aaron He said, Aaron What did these people do against you? What evil did they commit against you That you should make them naked? Moses, having the insight of God Had seen that the multitude The generality of the children of Israel Were standing stark naked spiritually And it was confirmation That God had told him these people Have committed sin And he asked Aaron, why? Why did you make these people naked? So God, before he pronounced punishment On the people that partook in that rebellion First the devil, then man and the woman He made a promise of remedy He said unto Satan Serpent I will put enmity between you and the woman In your seed and her seed Her seed will crush your head But you will bruise his heels That was mentioned made of A vision of Jesus Christ on earth So, at the time appointed The word of God became flesh So we can call him the word made man Jesus Christ, the righteous He came into the earth And he took the penalty of death The result of man’s sin of rebellion against God Took it upon himself Ezekiel chapter 18 verse 4 says The wages of sin is death In verse 20 of the same Ezekiel chapter 18 The word of God reiterates The wages of sin is death Death exists in three forms And so when Jesus came To stand in as a representative man Just like Adam was a representative man In the fall at the garden of Eden So death that came unto Adam Passed to all men For that all have sinned Jesus the second Adam When he came as a representative man The word of God that became flesh He came to Take upon himself a death penalty That was already gazetted against man For his rebellion That is social justice That is representative social justice When he came to die The three forms of death Are visited upon him Death exists in three forms One, spiritual death Spiritual death simply means Being cut off or separated from God So that day when Jesus was hanging on the cross And the Bible says that All of our sins Your sins and my sins Of the whole world Came upon him Was put upon him He became sin for us So that we can Brought to be The righteousness of God in him The moment he became sin for us A thing that connected him to God We recall that earlier Jesus had as it were Bragged to his disciples When he let them know That many of them would be offended Him that night And many of them would forsake him And go their way and run away But he reiterated his conviction Understanding the knowledge that he has That father who sent him Would not leave him Even though all of them But his father would not leave him alone Because that he Jesus The son would always do the things That pleased the father But on that particular hour When the sin of the whole world Was imputed on him When he became sin The father who he had bragged to Forsook him Cut off from him He died spiritually He became separated from God That was why he cried Couldn’t bear it The physical pain, the torture Could not make him cry But when the father cut off from him When the father forsook him He cried, my father, my father Why has thou forsaken me? So he died spiritually And that also exists In the physical There is spiritual death There is physical death Physical death is the separation of the spirit and the soul From the body It is the spirit and the soul That give the body The strength to respond To stimulate The strength to talk about To talk, to hear, to do all the things It is the spirit and the soul That give the organs of the body A quickening to function The moment the spirit Which possesses the soul Departs from the body That body becomes lifeless The body without the spirit is dead So after that Jesus had died in the spiritual Was cut off from God Then it wasn’t long Bible says Yielded up The spirit departed from his physical body And that physical body died Again, the third aspect of death Is death in hell Where there is punishment Where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth The word of God tells us in Ephesians chapter 4 That Jesus who ascended into heaven First of all descended into the lower parts of the earth He went to heaven So in Hebrews chapter 2 verse 9 We see the record of scriptures Concerning this point I’ve made Hebrews chapter 2 verse 9 But we see Jesus Who was made a little lower than the angels For the suffering of death Crowned with glory and honor That he by the grace of God To test death for every man Jesus was made a little lower than the angels When he took the form of human beings When he took flesh And in that form He suffered death For every man He is God man Jesus Christ Also came to present himself a model He not only came to die And pay for our sin of rebellion and disobedience To satisfy the demands of the law So that man could return to God Not only did that God also sent him into this world To be presented before Human beings That have been reconciled to God A sample or an example Of how the reconciled man Should relate with his God And walk with him Jesus was given the assignment To present himself as a model As an example As a sample Of how the reconciled man Should relate and walk with his God The Almighty As a second reason or purpose Jesus coming into this world Thirdly, the third reason is That this God man Jesus Christ Has been ordained by the Father To repackage the original glory and blessings Meant for man Before the fall Even before the creation God had pronounced A very Unique place for man All of his glory He had made man the head He had made man to have dominion Over everything that he had created He had packaged a lot of blessings For man For these things were lost At the starting of Eden At the fall But when Jesus came And recovered man By paying for his debt He paid for the things that man Should have been punished with And paid the debt that man owed God A debt that man owed God Was the debt of obedience Which obedience man could not pay At the rebellion and at the fall The obligation to obey God was broken But when Jesus came And made up his mind He said, in that body that you have prepared for me I make up my mind To your will, O God And when he came into this world He went strictly that commitment And from the beginning of his walk on earth To the time he departed from here There was no guile found in his heart There was no sin He was pleasing to the Lord He lived and everything about him Was a pleasure At the time of baptism The Lord confirmed saying This is my beloved son In whom I am well pleased At the mount of transfiguration The father reiterated saying This is my beloved son In whom I am well pleased Using the mount of the demoniac At Gadara The devils also testified saying What have we to do with you The holy one of God The devils testified But not only God that gave the testimony Even the devils testified That Jesus Christ was the holy one of God Meaning this one Holiness is the absence of sin And then human beings Represented by Pilate the king Examined him very very scrupulously Examined him in detail When they brought several charges against him And discovered and proclaimed Not less than three times publicly To the entire world Saying I find in this man No fault at all So God gave testimony concerning him That he was sinless Was pleasant to the Lord The devils gave testimony concerning him That he was the holy one of God Human beings represented by Pilate Gave testimony concerning him After thorough examination That in him was found no fault at all So This man that was a representative man This God man That was a representative man Now was ordained to Repackage the original blessing The original glory That God had made for man The object of his love And release the same onto man His blessings include Deliverance from all that sin Has brought in his life All the bondage of ill health Sicknesses, diseases, infirmities All manner of health challenges That people suffer from today The places are filled with A lot of pestilences The Lord Jesus came To recover the health of man To heal him and grant him health Originally All the goodies of God That were in the garden Were given to man to access And in 1 Timothy chapter 6 The word of God says God had packaged all things Every blessing richly For us to enjoy But that very provision was lost At Eden by reason of sin Jesus Christ was mandated To return man his original blessings And glory So that we will be able To enjoy the benefits Of the provisions of God The relationship that should exist Between man and man Between man and God Was a glorious one Was a wonderful one And it was like that before the fall It was so glorious It was so healthy But after the fall The moment sin entered Their relationship with God became odious They began to run away from God But Jesus Christ now came To bring back that glorious relationship So that a man can relate with his God And be happy And relate with fellow men Fellow women And be happy Such glorious relationship The Lord Jesus came to restore So that in places In families Between husband and wife Between parents and children Between children and children Where there are toxic relationships In church Where there are toxic relationships Where people’s heart Jump into their stomach The moment they see their fellow brother Or fellow sister Because of toxic relationship Where people suffer from ulcer And related diseases By reason of unhealthy and toxic relationship By the time Jesus brings back What he has been packaged to do In the lives of the people All such things will be Of the past He’s a packaged blessing Comprising all the resources of heaven That are available to man He’s rooted One major blessing Blessings that the Lord has Packaged And empowered Jesus By reason of the redemption He accomplished at Calvary The blessings that he had empowered him To return unto us To make us to enjoy They are rooted In one major blessing And that is As stated in our lead scripture In Acts of the Apostles Chapter three verse twenty-six Let’s see Unto you first God, having raised up his son Jesus Has sent him to bless you By what means? In running away Every one of you From his iniquities God has empowered Jesus He raised him up from the dead And sent him to bless you You as an individual You as a member of the church You as a visitor that has come To this Easter retreat You as an invitee You that may be in your house And you are listening To what the Lord is saying You are the object You are the person That he is directing the information to He said he has sent his son Jesus To bless you By turning you away From your iniquities That is a major blessing That draws all other blessings Turn somebody away From his iniquities His foundational blessing Is the root of every other blessing From God And so All you are getting In all the blessings That you can testify about Talk about how God has prospered you How he has seen you through In your academic work How you made first class How you are now a Ph.D. holder How you are now a professor How you are now A very successful businessman And your business is flourishing How the Lord has given you A wonderful husband A wonderful wife Wonderful children And they are all doing well How that the Lord has healed you And all the trauma of the past They are gone and gone forever Since the time you had that Healing experience The symptoms have not returned And they will never return Now There is one blessing That is the father or the mother Of these other blessings In Psalm 32 Psalm 32 Let’s see verse 1 And verse 2 Psalm 32 Verse 1 Blessed is he Whose transgression is forgiven Whose sin is covered Blessed is the man Unto whom the Lord Imputed not iniquity And in whose spirit There is no more guile That person is blessed In Romans chapter 4 And verse 7 This is the mother of all blessings Turning you away From your iniquity Separating you From your sins Sending the sins away And you Being apart From those sins Chapter 4 verse 7 Okay, let’s read from verse 6 Even as David also Described the blessedness of the man Unto whom God imputed Righteousness apart from works Saying, blessed are they Whose iniquities are forgiven And whose sins are Covered. Blessed is the man To whom the Lord will not impute Sin The word of God In 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 Makes it clear from verse 18 that God No longer counting your sin Against you He knows that All have fallen short of Victory and have sinned But He has provided a solution That solution is Jesus Christ the righteous That solution if any person Takes on that solution In question He will Overcome it He will be victorious over sin But if somebody neglects That solution Then that person will Receive the punishment Originally meant For the sin that The father had been paid for That punishment Because the solution Provided by the father Who is the judge Was spurned, was neglected Was rejected The way You want to understand this situation Is that a man Gave instruction to his children And said This new garment I am giving All of you This is rainy season Don’t go out Don’t let the rains be Don’t soil the dress We are going somewhere I am going to Get some things ready And we will all go To a very important Ceremony Don’t let any person And if any person soils his own dress He will not Go with me To that place And he gives the instruction And As he goes out One person among them Went out under the rain And slippery ground Slipped him up and he fell down And rolled his garment In the mire and his garment Became badly soiled And then Shortly the father returned And behold This one has soiled his garment And They are about to move Said I told you You can’t go with me And the child was crying And saying daddy please I want to go with you But I told you, you can’t go In this state As he cried and cried And the love of the father now Aroused, compassion aroused in them Now said okay Goes inside Brings out a bucket of water Puts some detergent in it Brings out a dryer And said now my son I don’t intend to Really miss you I want you to Go to the back, take the water I have Has an agent inside it that can Remove all the dirt from it I’ve also put a dryer There, by the time you Finish with it, put it on The other machine and it will dry Then you can wear it And come and join us, we are moving quickly And the boy Says daddy please I will not be able to Do that Go and Wash, go and dry And present your Garment again Good, to go with me Otherwise you will not go with me And the boy Refuses that Solution that his father Brought Finally, father Kicks and leaves him behind and goes Now the question is What was it That made the boy to Miss the journey Was it because he Soiled his garment? No Because his garment Had been soiled but solution was Provided and he neglected The solution That is why the word of God says In John chapter 3 verse 16 He says God sent his Son Into this world Because he so loved the world Sent his son That if any Person believes in him He should not perish but have Everlasting life But He said again He that believeth on him should not perish But the person that believeth not What happens to him? Was it because The boy could not Obey the father Initially and Keep his garment spotless Or was it because He spurned the solution provided by His father Obviously It was not the first Because he spurned the solution But the father has already Looked away from The first mistake Giving him opportunity Amen But the boy spurned the solution That is the reason He missed the journey That’s why in the book of John gospel chapter 3 Verse 15 The word of God says For God so loved the world That he gave his only begotten son That whosoever believeth in him Should not perish but have everlasting life For God Sent not his son into the world To condemn the world but that the world Through him might be saved He that Believeth on him is not Condemned But he that believeth not is Condemned already Because he has not believed on the name Of the only begotten Son of God And this is a condemnation That light is come Solution is come The panacea For the trouble has been provided Light is come But men Loved darkness Rather than light Because their deeds were evil In Romans chapter 1 Romans chapter 1 And verse 18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven Against all ungodliness And unrighteousness of men Who resist The truth In unrighteousness The reason The wrath of God is come upon them Is because they truth Came Light came Solution was provided And they resisted it By reason of their Unrighteousness Today I want to ask you Are you among those Who are in church Or Who are still struggling with sin And you are Overcome by it I want to tell you What God says In Jeremiah chapter 5 Verse 23 Jeremiah 5 23 Listen to what you have done To yourself From verse 25 Your iniquities Have turned Away these things And your sins Have withheld good things From you Now look at From verse 23 For these people have a revolting And a rebellious heart They have revolted and gone Neither say they in their heart Let us now fear the Lord Our God Who giveth rain both the former and the later In each season He reserveth unto us The appointed Weeks of the harvest He said God has reserved the blessings That he has gazetted of who He has reserved them for us He has made them available Unto us In spite of The wickedness of our lives But He has demanded That we should return We should No more be rebellious We should come back to him In repentance And receive forgiveness of sins So that the original blessings He has prepared He will pour them out upon us But these people Refuse they say we will not do that And the conclusion In verse 25 says Your iniquities Have actually turned away these good things From you And your sins have withheld These wonderful resources And provisions That the Lord has Made available They are the things that Have jeopardized Blessings You are hearing the word of God But sin is still having Dominion over you Your life is still Odious and repulsive to God And Many men and women Are practically avoiding you Either you’ve been coming to church You’ve been an old timer Or You have come to church And got tired of All the rebukes of the word of God That will always fall to you And you have stopped coming But today you have the opportunity of hearing What God is saying God is Admonishing He is commanding He is persuading That you do something today Unfeelingly When your Attitude is so repugnant And you have Very poisonous and heart piercing Words The people that hear you Get pained because You are reviling is horrible The things you say Are very damaging To the heart It is necessary that you recognize That those things are there That have withheld good things From you Unless you don’t want to prosper By God Unless you want to cut corners You want to climb in through the window To go through some other means Unless you want to Ride at the back of the devil To go Obtain the things That are freely made available To you by God almighty In spite of your age In spite of your position In church In spite of your past testimonies And experiences that people Around you used to talk about What is your state And standing before God today Is your heart right With God Or are you presently Burning with lust in your heart Lust for money Money By all means Perveciousness Is creeping your heart Greed and avarice These things have That have swept men Off the course of God’s righteousness And drowned them With many sorrows That is what You are caught in That is what you are Embracing You want to go the way that have drowned many In 1 Timothy Chapter 6 Listen to what the Lord Has to say concerning That kind of life you want to go You want to grab money You want to get it In a big way That is what has saturated your heart And you are pursuing it By all means 1 Timothy chapter 6 From Verse 7 For we brought nothing into this world And it is certain that we carry Nothing out of it And having food and raiment Let us be there with content For they that Must be rich Fall into temptation and they snare And into many foolish And hurtful lusts Which drown men In destruction and Perdition For the love of money is the root Of all evil Which while some coveted after They have erred from the faith And pierced themselves through With many sorrows For thou, O man of God Plead these things and follow after Righteousness, godliness, faith Love, patience, meekness Fight the good Fight of faith They hold on Eternal life Unto which thou art also called And have professed a good profession Before many Witnesses A time past of your life has been glorious Has been good But in recent times you have derailed Your heart is filled With a lot of Covetous practices It is necessary that you should Recognize That The loss of the flesh Has made our society today Terribly sexualized Terribly From The head To the soles Of the feet A man Very responsible Occupying a high position In society To the person that is In the ghetto Everyone Young and old, little children Little boys and little girls Grey haired men People that are bending over By reason of age Are pursuing after Most of them Pursuing after Immorality A society, entire world Has been terribly sexualized And everything Now Is Reduced to talk about Sex, about sex, about sex About immorality, everywhere You open the television You open the internet Everything has been Zeroed to sex Are you in church? And you are plagued with This drive to gratify the flesh And You are just like other men And other women Who know not God You want to be acceptable In the midst of enemies of the cross And so You dress and appear like them You speak like them, you dance like them You extort others Like they do For you, this is business Take church out of it This is business That’s the language of those who want to perish Right from the church Go to hell Right from hearing The word of truth As is given From the pulpit of many colors They say this is business Take church out of it And by that To enter into sharp practices They begin to do things That are not acceptable To the Lord They begin to extort others Like the people of the world You identify with God And his church And that is why You are here now Listening to me But you give bribe To get a job Get employment To get a contract A favor you are not qualified for And you call it PR Yes, you call it PR You can bring down Others with your mouth and actions In order to take their positions And you are in a church like ours Where righteousness and holiness Are not compromised Yet The reason your life is Deteriorating by the day Maybe because You have many more pastors Than those behind the pulpit Of many colors You are listening to other preachers In the internet and everywhere Who make a mess Of the grace of God Who tell you that grace Has taken care of everything Since Jesus has been punished For our sins So you can sleep with men You can sleep with women Whether you are married or not One preacher I stumbled At in the net Was very busy And very very powerfully Frantically saying Let no man judge you Because you have sex Whether you are married or not Let no man judge you Because Jesus has taken care of it The death of Jesus has removed Every sin And he quoted scripture So whether you are married or not And you have sex with anybody Whether that person is married or not Is not a sin You don’t have to bother yourself about that Jesus has taken care of it He has taken away Our sins He said he is the Lamb of God That takes away the sins of the whole world So whatever you commit As sin don’t just let your heart Condemn you and don’t let others Condemn you Jesus has taken care of it There is nothing that can be So toxic So repugnant to God Nothing that can be So wicked And this kind Of doctrine And people who have overcome by sin Try to justify Their evil by Now making A doctrine out of it They make a mess Of the grace of God And It is important That we should understand That All those teachings Are delusions That are coming from False apostles The word of God calls them Deceitful workers Who are parading themselves As apostles of Christ 2 Corinthians chapter 11 From verse 13 to 15 For such are false apostles Deceitful workers Transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ And don’t marvel For Satan himself is transformed Into an angel of light Therefore it is not a big deal Not a great thing If his ministers also be transformed As the ministers of righteousness They wear the color They call themselves bishops They call themselves apostles To see them decently dressed And you call them man of God Man of God, evangelist, bishop For the word of God says Their end shall be According to their works Let it sink Into your heart God has sent his son The prince of life Whom he raised from the dead To bless you Acts 3 chapter 3 And verse 26 says The focal point Of the blessing The foundational point of the blessing Is by turning You away From your iniquities That is the foremost blessing That is the foundational blessing Every other blessing in your life Is built upon this Blessing Blessing that comes From God Make no mistake about it Sin is a reproach To any person Don’t let Any person Teach you in any way To begin to meddle with sin Sin destroys both in time And in eternity If only you acknowledge your sins That they are hurtful And hurtful to God If only you recognize that To destroy The effect of sin The punishment in hell That to destroy the power of sin And the crushing guilt of it Jesus came And died He has borne all our sins Away and we don’t have to Carry them along any longer In the days Of ignorance however God has Overlooked for today He is commanding every person Everywhere to repent And enter into God’s blessedness Of being forgiven And cleansed There are two aspects of this Walk of grace In man’s life The first is Your recognition of The evil of your doing The sins that have plagued your life When you acknowledge them When you recognize them And you understand that these evils You have Made a habit of That has somersaulted you over the period Have been very very Grievous A tantamount to Crucifying Jesus Christ Again Even in your life When you recognize that And you become Sorrowful That you have been a source of Sorrow and disgrace unto God To return to him To ask for mercy To ask for forgiveness The Lord by raising up the Blood of Jesus Christ At the cross of Calvary Will forgive you He will cleanse you of all Your sins And All of the punishment That should have been yours Taken away All of the burden And the crushing guilt of sin In your heart and conscience Will be taken away And you now are a brand New person But as long as you Have time to live In this world There is still temptation There are still troubles There are still things that can shake that reality In your life That is why God does not stop there He makes sure That from the place Sin has been driven out From the place The mystery of iniquity Has been overthrown From the place that the Demons that have been Projecting and Pushing you Into sin From the place they have been driven out It is necessary that somebody Greater Replace it It is dangerous to live it It is dangerous to have a vacuum Because Jesus says When the evil spirit Is driven out of a man He goes about and seeking rest Finding none He will return to the place from where he was driven out Saying let me go and see Whether there is still space there And if he comes and finds That the place is empty Garnished and swept What will he do? He said he will go And get seven other demons More wicked than him And they will return And occupy that place And the last state of the man will be worse Than at the beginning That is what is happening to many people They come to church They hear preaching They hear the word of God like this They are convicted, they cry, they ask God for forgiveness But they stop there They don’t understand That there is need For Jesus Christ to Come into their lives Occupy the space Of their souls Unite with their spirits And then form A new creation So that when the devil comes He is no longer seeing the place empty Jesus will have occupied it So you need to embrace Jesus To invite him into your heart And let him come in Unite with your spirit And form a new creation 1 Corinthians 6 verse 17 He says He that is joined unto the Lord Is one spirit with the Lord That being the case You have accommodated In your heart, you have invited In your heart, you have received Into your spirit A power of God To overcome sin Because Jesus the Bible says Is the power of God You have accommodated and accepted Into your life The very Life of God Because Jesus Says I come That they may have Zuhi God’s own life That they may have it more abundantly Jesus is the Life of God In 1 John chapter 5 from verse 11 The Bible says There is a witness A testimony that God has Given concerning Death and concerning his son He has given To all of us Eternal life But the secret Of this eternal life Zuhi Is that this life Is in his son Whosoever Therefore receives this son Has received this life And any person that Spawns the son, ejects The son, does not Completely surrender unto him Does not allow him To come and unite with his Spirit, then that person Will not have the life Because the life God has Given is the life to Live like God To love like God, of your enemies To hate sin Like God hates sin To hate every Iniquity and to Love righteousness In Psalm 45 it says The Lord Was anointed with The oil of gladness above His fellows because he loved Righteousness and hates Iniquity In the same way, when that same person The Lord of the heavens and the earth Enters into your life And unites with your spirit He will bring in that quality Of God’s life which he possesses That you will hate iniquity And you will love righteousness So It is important That if any person Has to live in righteousness Even as Jesus Christ Is righteous, he has to have Jesus, the righteousness of God In him, he has to have the wisdom Of God, even Jesus He has to pass through The remaining time of his Sojourning here on earth With Jesus Christ, united With his spirit and he will Be able To please the Lord and overcome every Contrary situation, every Trial and every temptation Brethren, it is possible To live above sin It is possible to Live above The temptations that flood Other people’s lives every day It only takes a Decision to cling Unto Christ, to hold Unto the word of God, to unite With him In your spirit and He will come in with Every provision that God has Made that you should Be victorious In this life When this happens You will see that You will pass the remaining Time of your sojourning here on earth Pleasing the Lord You will pass the remaining time That you have on earth, you know Overcoming every temptation And every trial This is what grace is All about This is what being born again Is all about This is what being regenerated Being a child of God This is what it’s all about, being a Christian Otherwise It’s fake Otherwise it’s a delusion And a counterfeit It is time to switch camps brethren It is time to come over To the Lord’s side God is making abundantly Available Every needed grace Every needed Enabling resources to Transform your life and to change Your destiny The time Is now You don’t procrastinate You don’t wait and say by tomorrow I will think about it No The people that told Paul You come next time, I will go and think about it They never, never thought about It again They never got the opportunity To embrace life again And such kings And such princes Are languishing in hell Right now You have the opportunity with you You can come over to the Lord’s side You can switch camps today You are born in the camp of Those that have been coming to church And at the same time living in sin You can switch camps And come over to the Lord’s side We are people By the grace of God Above sin and above the Tumors of this life There is no position You will occupy in church Or in any Relationship that will give Immunity against trials Against temptations There is no level you will reach And then the devil will be afraid of you And will not come near you anymore If he was not afraid of the son of God Jesus Christ the righteous If you looked at him face to face and said You bow down and worship me And I will give you all the things that you see In this world There is no single person that he cannot Come to To try to floor him To try to pull him down From the grace of life The time to act Now You need to take advantage Of the resources God who sent his son In Romans chapter 8 He sent his son to die for you He sent him To pay the Maximum the ultimate Prize for you How Do you think that now You are in need of eternal life Now you are in need of Of being saved You are in need of Being born again You have made several attempts You have tried but it’s not working And so you give up You are looking for a particular Kind of experience Because you had the testimonies of people This one said when he was When he had the word of God That Jesus appeared unto him And spoke to him Yes I have heard me testify like that And it is true Very real I can still remember the experience But There are diversities of operations Of the spirit of God He is not Bottled in one way that he must deal with you As he dealt with me But the important thing is Is there hunger in your heart Are you interested in a new life In Christ Jesus Are you interested that sin should no more have Dominion over you Are you interested to Break off from sin From all the things that somersault you Over the period You are born in church You are born in one ministry Or the other in church But you know before you as you sit down Before you as you are there Listening from your home Or anywhere you are Or later you are taking this thing From the YouTube or any other place And you are listening But you know that sin Is alive Your wife may not know Your husband may not know Your parents may not know Your children may not know But you know it You know that you have been camouflaging over the period You have been making up Showing yourself as a child of God But something is thinking In your life This day is a day of truth It is a day that you tell yourself the home truth And say Lord I have actually Saved myself I have actually Done evil to myself Today I open up to you To know my life and I know it My life is sinking Help me I am sinking, help me, deliver me Like Peter cried out on that day When he looked away from Jesus And began to look at the storm The Bible says he began to sink But I thank God for his humility I thank God for his forthrightness I thank God for his openness He cried, he said Lord save me Today I perish And the Lord responded The Lord will respond to you today If only you open yourself And tell the truth And say Lord this has been my life I have not really been a child of God I have not really been Victorious over sin But I acknowledge the power of God To keep above sin Titles 2.16 says The grace of God that brings salvation Has appeared unto all men Has appeared unto you right now It is there with you And what is it teaching? It is teaching, it is working out That we Denying ungodliness Rejecting ungodliness And every worldly lust We should Begin to live soberly We should begin to live righteously We should begin to live holy In this present life And it is only At such Testimony that we can begin To look for the Appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ To take us away If you are not in that experience I am sorry To not be able to At the trumpet sound When the Archangel will shout When the dead In Christ will rise And the people that are alive Will be changed To meet the Lord in the air It is a pity You may not be You will not be there Because you must have overcome sin Sin shall not Have dominion over you That is the word of God Therefore today The grace of God is available To change your life To transform your life To change your destiny To make The sentence of death Upon your life To be taken away To make the burden And the crushing guilt of sin Upon your conscience To be taken away And to make the power of sin That has really Somersaulted you Now and again in your experience To take it away Because the power of God that overcomes That is available to you Jesus entering your life Will unite with your spirit Make you Rise on your feet And let us pray You need to take This opportunity As we sing You need to take this opportunity Start your life You need to call upon The Lord And tell the Lord Speak the truth In your inward path Don’t let anything deceive you Let the God of heaven In hymn number 74 Let the choir sing While we Touch through our hearts And get ready To talk to the Lord Just as I am Without one plea O Lamb of God Just as I am And waiting not To read My song Of wonder Glorious To thee Whose blood Conquers This world O Lamb of God I come Just as I am Don’t toss About With many Conflicts Many doubts My tears And fears Within Without O Lamb of God I come Just as I am Poor Angel blind Sight Pleases me Lead not The mind Give all My living Beats To find O Lamb of God I come Just as I am Thou wilt Receive Which work of My God is Really Because Thy promise I will Keep O Lamb Of God I come Just as I am Thy love Unknown Has broken Every barrier Down Now to Me thy Head I O Lord O Lamb of God I Come Just as I am Hold As free love The breath In me And rise To prove Give all As easy Give O Lamb Of God I come Just as I am Thou wilt Receive Which work of My I will I will Give all Give all As easy Give all Give all As easy Give all Give all As easy Give all As easy Give all As easy Give all As easy As easy As Easy Give all As easy As easy in charge in the lives of the children of disobedience.


Even the prince of the power of the air, his power, his influence over our life today shall be broken. You need to take your decision now. You need to move, take a step out before the Lord and surrender and say, Lord, I come unto you without any plea, without any excuse.


It is evident that you are alive. Your blood was shed for me. I want to take advantage of the shed blood.


I want to have my heart cleansed. I want to have the record of my life in your book. The record is condemning me.


I want to have it cleared. I want to have a new life. Today is the day of salvation.


This time is the appointed time. You need to come forward and call upon the name of the Lord. Tell the Lord, I surrender unto you.


I surrender, this is a practical thing. It’s a practical experience. This is something that you cannot be told about.


An experience that you enter into and you know that you have had that experience. Several years ago, I had the word as you had it now and I took a decision. Some things cropped up that very night.


That very night, I remember in the very hall where I was at that time, in the very hall where the word of God flew like arrows into my heart and I made up my mind that I am done with sin. I am done with whatsoever it is. I remember that very night.


I can never forget it. I remember what cropped up to want to stop that my decision. I remember the very girl I had a relationship with and we had engaged to marry.


I remember her coming up in a trance as I wanted to come out to go and give my life to Christ, was asking me, where do you want to go? You want to leave me? You want to go to where? And as I was looking at her, the conviction began to wear. The conviction began to dwindle and I was almost coming down flat and in the process, Jesus appeared by my right side and told me, forget about that girl. Give that girl, come and serve me.


And I want to tell you, the interest that Jesus showed in my life that made me recover my conviction and run out to give my life to Christ and the change occurred in my life. An experience that I can never regret of. Experience I can never forget.


Changed my life. Jesus Christ changed my life and he put a hatred in my heart against sin and he has been with me till today and I can never regret it. That same experience can be yours because he’s not partial.


All good and perfect gifts come from above, from the father of life. For between there is no variableness, neither shadow of cunning. Therefore, the almighty God is available.


Jesus Christ, the one that died on the cross, he is right by your side. If you see him as I saw him that day, good and well. If you don’t see him, he is there with you.


He is a spirit and though that worship God should worship him in spirit and in truth, he is there with you. He is longing to receive you. He is longing to cleanse your life up.


He is longing to set you free from the bondage of sin and satan. Open your mouth and call upon the name of the Lord. Let the power of his name break the yoke of sin.


The power of his blood, let it break the yoke of sin. Let the power of his word break the yoke of sin in your life. That is the foundational blessing, the foundational miracle, the foundational release of the resources of heaven into your life.


Sincerity is the key. Openness is the key. Open your heart to the Lord.


Be sincere. Don’t let any person around you distract you. Focus on the Lord and tell him how it is in your life, how sin has somersaulted you, made you odious, how it has made you a piece of bread.


Call upon the Lord. Ask him to bring the change. His power is available.


In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Heavenly Father, I present all that have presented themselves before you. I present them before your throne of mercy.


And I am asking and praying, everlasting Jehovah, you know their struggles. You know the traumas of their experiences. You know the somersault they have experienced at the hand of the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is at work in the children of disobedience.


You know how he has pinned them down and how he has not allowed them any breathing space. But this day, blessed redeemer, I am asking that you knock him out of their lives. I am asking that as they invite you, Jehovah El Shaddai, knock the prince of the power of the air out of their lives.


Let his grip over their spirits be broken and let these ones go free. In the name of Jesus Christ, let the grace of God that bring us salvation now walk out in them to reject ungodliness, to reject worldly loss, to reject everything that is contrary to righteousness and to begin to live soberly, to begin to live righteously. Let this grace walk out in them to begin to live holily in this present wicked and adulterous generation, in this present terrible world, sexualized world, a world filled with violence and a world filled with a lot of trauma, a lot of pestilences.


Blessed redeemer, let there be, oh God, a new level of freedom found by these ones that have come unto you, that they may know that there is a God in heaven, the almighty, that has a deep interest in your well-being, that they may know that Jesus Christ came into this world to save sinners, that they may know it by experience and they can begin to testify that Jesus saved me from sin. From this day, blessed redeemer, let the power of grace walk out in them, the ability to live above sin. In the name of Jesus Christ, I bless your name because I know you’ve answered.


Lord, as this foundational blessing takes hold of their lives, let all the other ones, let all the other blessings, let the abundant resources from heaven be their portion and their testimony according to that which is written. In Jesus’ mighty name, we pray. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Thank you, heavenly Father, for answering our prayers. In Jesus’ victorious name, we pray. Let us pray and Amen.


♪ I am glad that He told Thy love to me ♪ ♪ That I love to rise in the hands of faith ♪ ♪ And be close adjoined to Thee ♪ Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord, to the cross where Thou hast died. Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer, blessed Lord, to Thy precious bleeding side.


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