May 21, 2019

Then, The Rain From The LORD Fell

Passage: 1Kgs.18:1-6, 36-45; James 5:17-18
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During Ahab and Jezebel’s reign, the Almighty God withdrew rain for three and half years and during a contest, stopped Baal from kindling fire to rubbish their trust in the gods that could neither give rain nor kindle fire ( 1Kgs.16:28-33; 17:1;18:24,27-29). After shaming Baal, He both kindled the fire that consumed the wet sacrifice and by extension Baal’s prophets, and brought down the rain that alleviated the people’s sufferings (1Kgs.18:36-40,41-45; James 5:17-18). This was after Elijah had repaired the LORD’S altar with twelve stones representing the whole tribes of Israel. (1Kgs.18:36-45).


Having enjoyed the fire of the LORD that fell at last week’s Charismatic Hour and consumed all that were presented to it, we should be set to be drenched with the rain from the LORD that is bound to fall from heaven today. The cloud is already thick for the imminent heavy rain of blessings of the Almighty God as promised by the LORD (Joel 2:21-32). Praise, the LORD!. We shall consider today’s message in two sub-sections: (1) The Rain From Heaven Withdrawn (2) The Rain From Heaven Released


  • The Rain From Heaven Withdrawn( 1Kgs.16:29-33; 17:1,7;18:5)

God has ever been angered by sin, whether it was committed by angels or men. His beloved who toyed with sin turned to His abhorred. His chosen and blessed who turn to sin were to be rejected and cursed. Multitudes: angels, men and nations have suffered as they allowed themselves to be drawn into the sin (Gen.3:14-19,23-24; Deut.28:15-68; Ezek.28:11-29).


This was the case of Israel when they allowed themselves to be drawn into the sins of King Ahab and his wife, Jezebel. The Almighty God was angered, and Israel was abhorred, abandoned, and denied rain. Grasses, animals and men suffered.  A terrible famine that resulted to untold sufferings and deaths became the lot of mankind and beasts. (1Kgs16:29-33; 17:7; 18:5-6).


Today, iniquity has filled the society. The few that claim to be children of God have allowed themselves to be drawn into the evil trends of the time. They have broken down the altar of the LORD and grieved the Holy Spirit by their idolatries and unbelief.  The whole earth is dry. Rain from heaven has been withdrawn. Men are famished as the Real and True Water that quenches thirst and satisfies all needs has become precious.  Men in Church, (including servants of God) neither enjoy the fruit nor the gifts nor the acts of the Holy Ghost (Matt.24:12; 1Jn.5:19; 2Tim.4:3,4)


(2) The Rain From Heaven Released (1Kgs.18:1,17-45)

In the days of King Ahab, Elijah had to repair the altar of the LORD that was broken down, turned the hearts of the people back to the Almighty God, moved them to destroy their idols with their prophets before and earnestly prayed for the release of the promised rain from Heaven. On the part of Israel, when Elijah prayed and the fire fell from Heaven, they rejoiced, praised and served God for it,  yet they never indicated their yearning for their real need-The  rain from Heaven.


Today, the LORD demands from us that we repair His altars that have broken down (if any), turn our hearts to Him, destroy all the idols in our lives and, rejoice, praise and decide to serve God  for  the fire from heaven that fell down at last week’s Charismatic Hour and  earnestly request for the rain from Heaven ( 1Kgs.18;30-42). When we do this, earnest prayers by the Elijahs will get us wet and soaked with the latter rain today in Jesus’ name, Every dryness will disappear. All the famished and withered will flourish and blossom again in Jesus’ name (Joel 2:21-32).

Rise up to repair the altar by confessing of your sins: non-performance, lukewarmness, neglect of God’s work, etc, reject the idols (mundane things) that have taken your heart captive and pledge to serve God better. Then expect the rain from heaven.    HSCF: 202




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