October 1, 2019


Passage: Ezekiel 12:21-28
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DAY 1 - 01/10/2019





TEXT:                                                Ezekiel 12:21-28



INTRODUCTION: No pronouncement or spoken word of God from His approved servants goes unfulfilled. However, one can delay the realization of the promise but cannot hasten it (Num.23:19). Having entered into the second phase of the ministry and approaching the terminus of the Church age, no genuine Watchman should be ignorant of the growing activities of the power of darkness. Their agenda is to frustrate the genuine children of God and if possible hinder the God given vision of “Bringing back Jacob and being a means of salvation to the gentiles” (Isa.49:5-6).


The Watchmen must be aware that this time calls for serious prayers/watching without further delay lest the promises and declarations by the Man of God during the LEAP programme will be a mirage (Ezek.36:37; Matt.26:40-41; 1Tim.2:1-3). The Leaders of the people should now organize brethren and lead them into prayers, families should rise up to the occasion to repair the family altars where they will meet with God regularly. This is the time to take the battle to the gate of the enemy until we see the visions/promises made coming to fulfillment in our lives and upon the enemies of the Church.

None can afford to be weak or make excuses (Esth.4:13-16; Joel 3:9-10; 2:15-17). Remember, no jot of God’s word shall go unfulfilled.

Prayer Points

  1. 99:5-9 – The God whom we serve is the great and terrible One, therefore let us exalt and worship Him.
  • Let’s thank God for our General Superintendent, whom He has called for this great mandate (Isa.49:5-6). Also thank God for his health and God’s preservation/protection and that of his entire household.
  • We have every reason to praise and worship God for the life of our Diocesan Pastor and his family, for all our pastors and the entire congregation of the Watchman (Lam.3:21-23).
  1. 89:20-29 – God made this promise and covenant with His servant David because of His programme with him. In the same way, our General Superintendent has received a mandate from the Lord, therefore let’s pray –
  • That God will establish/strengthen him.
  • That the enemy shall not exact upon him, nor son of wickedness afflict him anymore. Let God beat down all his foes before his face, and plague all that hate the Man of God.
  1. 7:1-11; 5:23-29 – We know that Jacob has backslidden, a lot of compromise has entered into the Church as a result, she can no longer stand before her enemies.
  • As individuals and congregations, let’s look inward and examine ourselves to see where we have deviated, loss of first love, commitment and consecration. Tell the Lord to revive us again so that the people will not ask where is our God (Habk.3:1-2; Ps.8).






  1. Let’s pray that all the false prophets/preachers be exposed and disgraced by the Lord, because He will not share His glory with any man (2Tim.2:8; Micah 3:5-7)
  2. 5:26-31 – Looking at the state of the nation, one will agree with the prophet that outrageously horrible things are being committed in this country (activities of the Boko-Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Kidnappers, Ritual Murderers, Corruption/Injustice etc) and the people that should stop these have turned deaf ears.
  • 8:9,10 - Let us lift up our lamentation unto our God against the wicked/evil people in this nation. Let us also ask the Lord to neutralize the invocations of evil men that are making the people in this nation to remain daft to the evils being perpetrated like the agenda of Islamization. Let their incantations rather provoke the Lord (1Kgs.20:28).
  1. 1:32; Gal.6:7 – Let God expose/judge all those who sponsor and support these wicked men including those who are in position to stop them but are keeping quiet over the matter.
  2. 3:16 – Tell God to grant you strength in the inner man in order that you may be able to stand in these evil times.
  3. Let us pray for our youths and children including the single brothers and sisters that God’s grace will uphold them against all evil influences.

HSCF: 248




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