May 1, 2019


Passage: Joshua 8:14-26
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As we commence the monthly prayer and fasting exercise that prepares us for the month, it is imperative to remind all that (i) such exercises are highly profitable and recommended to the believer (Gal.6:7-8; Mt.6:16; 7:24 ). (ii) the apparent “delay” in the realization of an expectation is not an indication to stop that exercise (Habk2:2-3). (iii) indifference or withdrawal from such enriching exercises because of suspected non-profitability smacks of impatience, ignorance and weakness (Pro.24:10; Hos.6:4; cp. 1Sam.13:4-11).


The believer must always remember that often a time, God operates at the speed of growth, and so patience must be exercised to inherit divine promises (Habk2:1-3; Heb.6:12).            It is only when the cloud is saturated that it releases the rain (Eccl.11:3).


No one can win a battle just by withdrawing or retreating from the battle front. Life is full of challenges that must be faced squarely if one must succeed or reach his desired destination. Joshua as Israel’s new leader functioned as a military commander in taking the land of Canaan, and as an administrator in allotting the land (Josh.1:2-9). He was faced with a lot of battles that he must win if he must achieve God’s given assignment. The maxim that says, “quitters never win and winners never quit”, was applied by Joshua applied this by stretching his sword as God commanded him, without drawing back his hands until he utterly destroyed his enemies (Josh.8:18, 26).


Every believer is born into a warfare against the powers of darkness who oppose the programmes of God and His people (2Cor.10:3-6; Eph.6:11-12). The Watchman has been specially ordained and given the mandate by the Lord to bring back Jacob and be a means of salvation to the entire world which Satan and his cohorts are deceiving (Isa.49:5-6). Recently, the Man of God informed that God revealed to him how Satan is busy raising his agents to rubbish the work and children of God, in order to take multitudes to hell. But that He God is raising His men angels who will march these evil ones “action for action” with the power and word of God in order to liberate the sons of men, preparing them for rapture.

The Watchmen at this time must rise to the occasion, and stretch out their spear (the word of God/prayers) until the enemies of God and their people are destroyed. The month of May is a special month with some significance – It is the fifth month in the calendar and number five signifies “open heavens”. (Ps.132:1-4).

The heavens shall open for you, and the resources in God’s store house shall be poured out unto you, in Jesus’ name.





Prayer Points

116:12-13 – As we ponder anew on the Person of God and all His benefits towards us as individuals and as a congregation, we have every cause to worship, praise and thank Him for the Man of God and his family.

Appreciate God for the Diocesan Pastor and all the Ministers of the Watchman including the entire Watchmen as a movement. Also thank God for the success of the Easter Retreat and the messages that we received. HSCF – 1, 3, 4, 10.

15:30-32; 1:11 – Let us call upon God concerning our father in the faith (Our GS) that –

He will be comforted and strengthened in the body, so that the Church will enjoy the treasures God has deposited in his life.
God should remove every distraction on his way so that he will be available to the Church.
Tell God to keep our Mummy GS and the children in health, strength and prosperity. (Ps.71:21).

41:10-13 – The Lord has promised to be with the Diocesan Pastor. Tell God to uphold and strengthen/keep His servant as He has said. Let God’s grace continue to help him as he discharges his duties, and also fight all his battles and keep the entire family so that His servant will not be distracted.
4:35 – The Lord Jesus instructed that we should pass over to the other side of (Christian) life because the King is coming.

12:1 – Pray for yourself, your family and all the Watchman youths/congregation that God will open our eyes to see and deal with every weight that has hindered and still hindering us from passing over to the other side where Christ is (2Cor.13:5; Ps.26:2).

10:3-6 – Let us pull down every strong holds in our lives and that of the brethren; ask God to have His way in our lives and places so that the work of God may prosper.
29:7, 11-12 – For God’s thought (plan/programme) to be fulfilled in our lives and nation we must seek and pray for the peace of the land because if there is war the vision cannot be accomplished.

Let us pray that God will take over this nation especially at this time of transition.
Ask God to frustrate every evil plan/agenda of the wicked to cause mayhem in this nation.
Ask God to use His instrument of justice/judgment (Deut.32:4), to deal with the wicked that go about shedding blood and causing unrest to the entire nation (Num.35:30-33).
Let all that have hijacked the nation as though it is their personal property, and see themselves as untouchable be disgraced/disappointed this time so that the nation will move forward (Lam.3:35-37).

Ask God to open the heavens this month for you and your family, so that you will serve God without distraction (1Cor.7:35).


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