October 29, 2019

He Is Still In Full Control

Passage: Dan.2:20-22; Matt.28:18; Eph.1:20-22; Heb.13:7-8
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Bible Text: Dan.2:20-22; Matt.28:18; Eph.1:20-22; Heb.13:7-8 | Charismatic Hour (29/10/19)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                                He Is Still In Full Control

Texts:                       Dan.2:20-22; Matt.28:18; Eph.1:20-22; Heb.13:7-8

When the Lord God begins an operation, He cannot be stopped by any creature until He has made an end. He that changes the times and seasons, removes kings and sets up kings; possesses all power in heaven and on earth; created all things and equally controls them, has announced that this is His day proper. The Almighty God Himself has begun to empower the watchmen and none can stop or hinder Him from continuing His good works towards us.

It is a season of divine empowerment, judging the works of the kingdom of darkness, delivering those in the region and shadow of death, and doing great exploits. As the challenge and demolition of the works and kingdom of darkness are going on, there may be counter attack. But fear not, for He that saw His people of old through all such challenges is still in full control. Hold firm your faith and waver not, no matter the gravity of the threat of the adversaries. The LORD is set to use your case to confirm the declarations of His servant of His empowerment provision for you. This massive earth is earth foot stool as your adversaries are smaller than the grain of sand before Him and will be consumed like stubble by His fire.

Is your case like that of the Israelites just before the birth of Moses? When that envious king of Egypt made evil decrees, and mustered his subjects to ensure that the Israelites were stopped from prospering. Hear this: the LORD who came down and prospered/economically empowered them because it was their time to realize their dreams is still in full control to make you prosper notwithstanding all evil counsels, decrees and wicked confederacies against you. He has told us that it is His day proper. Make a move now and He will confirm His words in your favour, in Jesus name (cons. Ex.1:8-12).

Maybe your case is like that of Elijah who came under the threat of that wicked Jezebel after God used him to deliver those who were in darkness, and in the region and shadow of death (even Jezebel=s bondage)? Or you are among those who have been delivered from darkness and the region and shadow of death and there is now the threat of the wicked one on you? Hear also that He that calmed Elijah and sustained his ministry is saying to you, fear not, for you will accomplish your days and ministry in Jesus name (1Kgs.19:1-3,15-18). Don=t go back or surrender to their threats. They will do nothing (Ps.21:11). The LORD will see you through in Jesus name.

Are the threat signals already coming to you from the Herods (the murderer of little children, the killer of Christ=s forerunner)? Deliver yourself now by seeing such as a fox and calling him so (before the Lord), for it is impossible for you to perish because the Almighty God is still in full control (Lk.13:31-32).

Are you already threatened with persecutions from any quarter because of this faith, and you are feeling that your dreams are being threatened? Fear not for great power, grace and favour will come your way as you rise now to pray, for He is still in full control (Acts 4:1-3, 31-35).

Whatever be the need in your life, present such to the Controller of the universe.

HSCF: 248 

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