March 28, 2019


Passage: Ps.55:1-23
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Bible Text: Ps.55:1-23 | Introduction:

When the Almighty God is solidly behind a group of people, no power or individual can successfully hinder them.


The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement is a group raised by God with the mandate of bringing back the church, and being a means of salvation to the entire world (Isa.49:5-6). Therefore the Lord is solidly behind her and her programmes. Therefore any person or situation that goes against the ministry is indirectly going against the God of heaven and earth (Ex.23:20-22).  It is necessary to note that no kingdom or power has ever succeeded in fighting against God and His people (Ex.6:1-3; 7:1-5; 2Chro.20:1-4, 14-17). And so the enemy’s bombardment from all directions against the Movement shall not last. It is just for a while.


Today, the Lord expects all the Watchmen to go out of their comfort zone and spread their hands unto Him, so that storms, thunder and obstacles will give way (Ex.9:29; Col.4:2).


Prayers Points:


Ps.31:7-8, 19-24 – Let’s appreciate and praise God for all His mercies, goodness, provisions, protection in our lives. HSCF 2,3


The Lord granted us salvation through His Son Jesus Christ and called us into the ministry, As a result, we must thank Him for our salvation and that of our beloved ones. (1Cor.1:26-29).
God raised a man after His own heart to lead us through this journey from earth to heaven. So let appreciate Him for the Man of God and his entire family.


1Sam.2:9-10 – Let’s pray and tell God to keep His servant, the family and his ministry; giving him the strength to run the Movement. Let all the enemies of the Man of God (i.e. God’s adversaries) be broken into piece, so that the work of God will prosper at our hands.


Col.4:3-4 – We owe our pastors prayers if we must benefit from their ministry because of the challenges around them.



Let’s pray for the Diocesan Pastor, the wife and children, asking God to keep and preserve them. Also that every kind of distraction on his way should be taken away so that his mission in this Diocese shall be accomplished.
For the District and Parish Pastors with other ministers, the Lord should strengthen, help and guide them so that they will serve God without distraction. (Rm.15:30-31).


Haggai 2:7-9 – The Lord has brought up Enugu on the Hill proper. As a result, we must pray that –



The human, material and financial resources to continue in the execution of this programme be supplied by the Lord.


Joel 2:28-30 – Ask God to pour fresh anointing and unction upon our GS for the next phase of the programme.


Joel 2:25-27 – At this time of recommencement in the Watchman, the Lord should restore to us all that the enemies had devastated in our spiritual, physical and material lives.


1Cor.5:3-7 – Let us pray that the Lord will expose the secret sinners and corrupters of the Watchman assemblies, so that there will be purging of the church.


Ps.121:1-3 – Let’s pray for our individual needs and that of our family that our help will come from God at such a time like this.

HSCF: 230, 231

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